WW2: Tinian, Mariana Islands (July 1944) Part 2 of 2

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The footage shows the last Japanese resistance on Tinian in the Mariana Island chain

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French tank crew removing bodes of dead soldiers from tank and laying one on blanket in Sees, France. Knocked out German 88mm gun in Sees, France. French 2nd Armored Division tank crew removing body of dead soldiers from tank and laying one on blanket
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OSS Weapons Film – Caccolube - Gritty Material That Ruins Insides Of Internal Combustion Engines Through Oil Intake
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Freely downloadable at the Internet Archive, where I first uploaded it. United States Naval Photographic Center film # 5131. National Archives description "A to A Attacking Japanese single-engine fighter.A to A LS Japanese single-engine fighter flying over water.A to A Japanese plane doing aerobatics in flight.A to A Shooting at Japanese float plane which is attempting aerobatics to escape attack; float plane is peppered by tracers (very good).AV Strafing Japanese tanker.AV Strafing Japanese warship.CHICHI JIMAAV SA Japanese cargo ships tied up near cliff.AV Bomb explosions near ships, which are anchored in cove (shot from rear seat).AV Strafing cargo ship in small cove.AV Strafing runs on Japanese DD underway at high speed (SV).AV Vertical strafing attack on Japanese DD.GUAMAV Strafing runs on grounded Japanese cargo ship.AV Strafing island installations; bomb explosions.AV Bomb explosions on small island (SV).A to A Combat in the air between Japanese and American plane (SV).A to A Japanese plane explodes and burns.AV Strafing runs on installations (SV).AV Strafing Japanese cargo vessel.A to A Firing tracers at Japanese plane; Japanese plane starts trailing smoke.RAIDS ON PALAUAV Strafing Japanese airstrips and runways.AV Strafing parked Japanese twin-engined bombers on airstrip.AV Firing at Japanese plane, which is flying at low altitude.A to A Firing at Japanese single-engine plane; Japanese plane is returning fire as it starts burning.AV High altitude attacks on Japanese plane which attempts aerobatics to elude attack; explosion.AV Strafing Japanese cruiser.AV Strafing runs on Japanese seaplane base.AIRFIELDS, INSTALLATIONS, & VEHICLES STRAFEDAV Strafing vehicles on paved road.AV From back seat: Bomb explosions on paved runway.AV Strafing installations and barracks (SV).AV Strafing vehicles on the roads.QUALITY: FAIR TO GOOD" National Archives Identifier: 7736
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Photo 1: Four American soldiers lie dead along a Belgian road during the Battle of the Bulge - December 1944. Photo 2: Austrian women committed suicide out of fear of the advancing Red Army, April 1945 Photo 3: The last seconds of life of the six crewmen of the USAAF’s Glenn Martin B-26C Marauder Photo 4: Freed from Japanese Captivity Photo 5: Allied vessel sinking Photo 6: Dead Japanese soldiers and wrecked Daihatsu-class landing craft on Buna beach, New Guinea, 1943 Photo 7: As this Russian tank drove onto a mine, one of its crew member got under it, 1941 Photo 8: Dachau, Germany, American soldiers posing in front of bodies of dead German soldiers. Photo 9: Finnish soldiers lie dead in a trench. Karelian Isthmus, June 10, 1944. Photo 10: Mocking the dead Photo 11: Frans Ziereis, commander of the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp killed by inmates Photo 12: SS soldier stoned to death Photo 13: A freed prisoner fights a German soldier at the dachau concentration camp Photo 14: The last cigarette before being executed Photo 15: Soviet soldier frozen corpse used as road sign Photo 16: Console Francisci, commander of Legione Tagliamento, giving the last salute to some Black Shirts of his unit. Eastern front Photo 17: The pilot of a German fighter Bf-109 bails out as his aircraft was crucially hit by an enemy aircraft Photo 18: While attacking a group of US bombers this German fighter Focke-Wulf FW 190 D-9 almost clashes with the bomb drop of an enemy aircraft. Over Germany, 1944/45. Photo 19: Wounded infant found by US troops in Saipan mountains Photo 20: Winter clad Soviets take a German position, winter, late war Photo 21: Somewhere on the Eastern Front,Russian family murdered by retreating German soldiers,with a dagger left behind to mark their kill Photo 22: As early as 1941, cannabalism was present in German camps Photo 23: Russian child next to her mother who was killed in the Ozarichi concentration camp Photo 24: This Japanese soldier refused to come out of his bunker for 10 minutes.Unfortunately, he decided to surrender just as a Marine flame thrower was turned on the bunker Photo 25: Chinese civilians to be buried alive by Japanese soldiers for most likely no reason at all Photo 26: Dutch soldier killed in his dug-out,may 1940.Grebbeberg Battle,The Netherlands Photo 27: Photograph of a Luftwaffe pilot jumping from his damaged plane was made by Maj. James Dalgish, Rome, N.Y., a U.S. 9th AF fighter-bomber pilot, during a air battle over the Belgian Bulge Photo 28: Japanese soldiers and P.O.Ws forcefully look on as one of the Chinese comrades is executed Photo 29: Chinese P.O.W. executed Photo 30: Dead GI ,Worms/Germany, late March 1945 Photo 31: Upper photo: Villagers of Kantomary waiting to be executed. The Fallschirmjägger executed in groups of eight at each time. Waiting for the shoot time was a cruel mental torture.Down photo: Kantomaryans being fired at. Notice at the low left a man trying to protect a person (seems to be a woman) with his own body. Photo 32: Two soviet soldiers have been frozen to death Photo 33: Last moments of a B 26 Marauder Photo 34: Soviet partisans hanged Photo 35: New Mexico hit by a Kamikaze attack aircraft at dusk off of Okinawa, 12 May 1945. Photo taken from the cruiser Wichita Photo 36: Japanese Zero kamikaze fighter, burning from anti-aircraft fire diving at the U.S. cruiser Columbia during the Lingayen Gulf operations, Jan 6 1945 Photo 37: A DUKW heading towards a beach on Iwo Jima. Feb-19-1945 Photo 38: B-17 with wing blown off by an Me-262 over Crantenburg, Germany 1944-45 Photo 39: A B-17 going down in Flames Photo 40: Italian partisans display the mutilated bodies of Mussolini and his mistress, Clara Petacci Photo 41: Sailor killed at Kanoehe Bay during raid on Pearl Harbor Photo 42: GI's treating a wounded German soldier Photo 43: The severed head of a napalmed Japanese soldier is propped up below the gun turret of a disabled Japanese tank in the Solomon Islands in 1943. Photo 44: Chinese soldier shot by Japanese sniper Photo 45: Dead Soviet soldier got caught by the tracks of his own tank Photo 46: German dead at Stalingrad Photo 47: A camp prisoner who tried to escape under a door, some of over 150 burned alive by the Nazis in a warehouse 4 days before the camp liberation. Gardelegen, Germany Photo 48: AA gun shoots a paratrooper plane Photo 49: USA bomber hit in near France by German anti air craft gun Photo 50: Ustashi men smiling while be-heading a victim Photo 51: Execution in the Eastern front Photo 52: A heavy US bomber B-24 "Liberator" took a direct hit of German flak and breaks apart Photo 53: Mass execution Kraigonev, USSR, summer 1941. Photo 54: This German soldier has been hit by the enemy fire while attacking the 10th Russian Army (Central Sector), circa 1941 Photo 55: The last seconds before a execution Photo 56: Members of an Einsatzkommando firing at a group of men standing at the bottom of a trench. Circa : 1941-1942 Photo 57: This Russian tanksoldier made it out of the debris of his destroyed tank but then died of his injuries. Photo 58: This boy's dead body, aflame, bears ghastly witness of the horror of the damage done by V-2 on main intersection in Antwerp on main supply line to Holland. Belgium, ca. November 27, 1944 Photo 59: An American soldier looks at a very young German soldier's injury while awaiting the arrival of a medic. September 6, 1944 Photo 60: Russian slave laborer among prisoners liberated by 3rd Armored Division points out fromer Nazi guard who brutally beat prisoners. Germany, April 14, 1945. Read more at
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