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09-08-2009, 06:18 PM
New Israeli Mortar Shell to Be Used by US Military
01 September 2009 , 13:57

The shell, which is equipped with GPS technology to direct it precisely to its target, is expected to be used by battalions of the US military in Afghanistan

Nir Kosti, Bamahane

In the last few weeks, a new mortar shell was successfully tested by the Raytheon Company. The mortar shell is part of the Guided Accuracy system, which is produced by the Israel Military Industries (IMI). The system is directed by GPS and has new abilities considered very accurate. The modern technology allows soldiers to navigate the course of the mortar shell to the target through a GPS system, up to a distance of ten meters from the launching point.

The mortar shell is expected to be used by battalions of the US military, among other things in the framework of the military operations in Afghanistan. “This is the only mortar shell worldwide that reaches such high accuracy,” Bill Peterson, the director of the project at Raytheon pointed out. “The mortar shell has the ability to cope in an advanced way with wind and stormy weather in the mountains. We are ready to quickly deliver the system to be used by the forces in the Afghan mountains,” he added. A member of the IMI claims that the system could also be used by the IDF, and according to him, the IDF might purchase it within the next few years.

The system was tested by the US military throughout the last few weeks. During the tests, the shells were fired at a variety of targets in mountainous areas. The shells were fired under conditions similar to battle, including extreme temperatures, and the mortar shell hit precisely seven out of eight times.

IMI chairman Avner Raz is satisfied with the results of the tests and explains that the development of new technology for combat soldiers has become a supreme objective of the strategic program of IMI. The CEO of IMI, Avi Felder, concluded that the success of Raytheon’s demonstration helps both companies.

09-08-2009, 10:35 PM
WTF happened to adapting the excalibur arty round to a mortar round.....thats my 2 cents.