View Full Version : Chavez will send troops to the Colombian border

07-24-2009, 10:20 PM
Chavez will send troops to the Colombian border

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez announced on Thursday that he will send military personnel and equipment to the border with Colombia in reaction to Colombian plans to allow the U.S. to use bases within its territory for anti-narcotics operations.
The Venezuelan Head of State said he would double the number of tanks as part of the "necessary increase of defense force" in response to the constant "imperialist threat" to "invade" Venezuela.

According to Chavez, Colombia's decision to allow the U.S. to "install four Yankee military bases" is part of a Washington plan to invade Venezuela and control its oil.

"We will take various tank battalions ... at least double ... the infantry, the artillery," Chavez told the Venezuelan public during a broadcast of his 'Alo Presidente' television program.

Chavez said he will talk to Russia, one of the country's main weapons suppliers, to seek support for his self-proclaimed fight against U.S. imperialism.

Earlier, Chavez said that he hopes there will be no war, but that he will take part in one if he has to. "God liberate us from war ... but this does not depend on us ... We are ready to die, but Venezuela never ever will be a U.S. colony or a colony of anyone again."

The U.S. and Colombia are working on an agreement to allow the U.S. to use Colombian air bases for it's 'war on drugs' in the Caribbean and Atlantic. The U.S. were conducting operations from an airbase in Ecuador, but have been told this contract will expire in November.