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07-19-2009, 11:16 PM
SA delivering target binoculars to US Special Forces
Written by Leon Engelbrecht
FRIDAY, 17 JULY 2009
Carl Zeiss Optronics of South Africa is in the process of delivering 50 handheld target acquisition binoculars to the US Special Forces Command after winning a $1 million deal in a tough competition.

The TLS 40 is a combined long-range laser rangefinder, observation binoculars, GPS, digital compass, digital camera and digital voice recorder integrated into a compact lightweight (less than 2kg) package.

Carl Zeiss SA Marketing and Sales executive manager Gilbert do Nascimento says he expects further orders for the binocular.

The company says the system’s Class 1 eyesafe laser rangefinder can effectively measure ranges in excess of 20 km. Its single-pulse laser technology also increases the probability of ranging to distant targets without the need for tripod stabilisation.

“The rangefinder will detect and display up to three multiple targets at any range and enables user-adjustable minimum range gate,” a company brochure adds, noting that the observation capability offered by the 7 x 42 binoculars “eliminates the need to carry in-service binoculars, reducing the impact of any additional mass.

The high-resolution data display is projected in the lower section of the field of view, enabling unobscured vision of the target observation area.

The aiming graticule automatically illuminates in low-light operating conditions.

The TLS 40 will acquire and display the target range, bearing, elevation, own and target GPS locations at the press of a button. “If required by the user, an image of the target and voice description may also be recorded. Real-time composite video output (NTSC and PAL) is also available for live viewing or recording of the image being viewed.

TLS 40 is equipped with a high-speed external interface to enable effective transfer of target information to digital mapping systems or mission command. The target image and voice description facilitates target verification and mission planning, thereby reducing the risk of collateral damage,” the brochure adds.

“TLS 40 features a fall-of-shot function, which provides fire correction data for artillery and mortar forward observer applications. A survey function enables the user to determine the distance between two objects. The system is compatible with a wide range of external GPS systems including, PLGR I, PLG RI+96, PLGRII and Garmin.

“Today’s crises often require forces to be deployed quickly and into unpredictable situations and conditions. Increasingly, they need equipment and forms of communication that can be operated autonomously. It also needs to be easily transportable and must perform well under adverse battlefield conditions”, adds Kobus Viljoen, Managing Director of Carl Zeiss Optronics (Pty) Ltd.


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Damn. That's a nice piece of kit.