View Full Version : Canada to make new armoured vehicle

07-14-2009, 11:26 PM
The Close Combat Vehicle (CCV) will provide the Canadian Forces with a medium-weight infantry fighting vehicle that is both highly protected and tactically mobile.

Unlike the other vehicles in the Family of Land Combat Vehicles, the CCV is not replacing a vehicle in the current Canadian Forces fleet. Instead, the CCV will bridge the gap between light armoured vehicles (five to 20 tonnes) and heavy armoured vehicles (more than 45 tonnes), coming in between 25 and 45 tonnes.

The CCV will allow infantry to operate in intimate support of the Leopard 2 tanks, providing the Army with a more balanced and integrated fleet. This vehicle’s reliable protection and enhanced mobility and firepower will improve our troops’ combat effectiveness on the battlefield of today and tomorrow.

The CCV project will involve the procurement and fielding of the armoured vehicles as well as the development and implementation of a through-life in-service support contract.

The Canadian Forces will acquire 108 vehicles with an option for up to 30 more. The contract is scheduled to be awarded by summer 2011 with initial operational capability (IOC) declared one year later in July 2012. The CCV is expected to reach full operational capability by July 2015.

The procurement process will be a competitive military off-the-shelf approach. A letter of interest and price and availability (LOI/P&A) will be issued shortly. The project’s definition phase will include a solicitation of interest and qualifications (SOIQ) and a request for proposals (RFP).

The Government of Canada’s Industrial and Regional Benefits policy applies to this project, meaning that the winning company must generate economic activity in Canada, dollar for dollar equal to the contract value.