View Full Version : Canada to upgrade LAV III's

07-14-2009, 11:24 PM
The recent experiences of the Canadian Forces and other nations in Afghanistan and other operational theatres continue to demonstrate the ongoing requirement for a highly protected, yet highly mobile Light-Armoured Vehicle. The use of mines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and anti-armour weapons has become more prevalent, posing a greater risk to personnel.

The LAV III Upgrade project will capitalize on existing and evolving technology to improve the protection, mobility and lethality of the LAV III fleet. The project will modernize a portion of the existing LAV III fleet to ensure it remains a highly protected, operationally mobile and tactically agile combat vehicle that will remain the backbone of domestic and expeditionary task forces, extending the life span of the LAV III to 2035.

The following upgrades will be performed on the LAV III:

* Upgrade of mobility systems such as powertrain, suspension, running gear and brakes;
* Upgrade of the weapon system; and
* Installation of additional armour, heightening its protection against increased threats.

The LAV III Upgrade project will upgrade 550 vehicles with an option for an additional 80. Initial operational capability is scheduled for 2012.

The project will now enter the definition phase to determine the scope of the work to be done. General Dynamics Land Systems–Canada (GDLS-C), the original equipment manufacturer, will be awarded a contract to conduct this definition work and will also be selected to implement the upgrades.