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  1. New Ammo Slashes Machine Gun Weight
  2. Scorpion helmet technology for F-16 and A-10 pilots wins Air Force contract
  3. 'Watchkeeper' drone can detect footprints from above clouds
  4. (‘TiGER’),Another system unveiled by MBDA
  5. Marines test sea-based artillery at RIMPAC
  6. U.S. Army Studies Options for Future Force
  7. Squadron provides 'electronic armor' to global warfighters
  8. New Stryker production, testing OK’d
  9. A new one to me
  10. LAPD trains Marines, preps them for Taliban
  11. USS Gravely,57th ship of the Arleigh Burke class Delivered
  12. German Lawmaker Rips Condition of Afghan Gear
  13. Alternate QDR: Boost Equipment Modernization, U.S. Force Size
  14. UAV could spend up to 10 days over its target
  15. Air support could come from unmanned A-10s
  16. opinions of a H&K 416, from a Norwegian.
  17. Royal Navy's most advanced destroyer sets course into service
  18. Pentagon Starts Study of Post-Afghan Marine Corps
  19. Iran claims to have S-300 surface-to-air missiles
  20. F-35 Lightning II considerably ahead of its flight test schedule
  21. U.S. to sell Taiwan decommissioned warships
  22. China Builds First Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Base?
  23. USS Missouri Virginia-class attack submarine i Joins Commissioned Fleet
  24. Combat gear upgrade: New ruck, improved ACUs
  25. InSitu Selected for STUAS UAV Program, Potential Future Orders: Over $0.5 Billion
  26. Hellfire II Missile System
  27. TekShield provides a balanced vehicle protection from blast and ballistic threats.
  28. U.S Army Awards Enhanced NVG Contracts to ITT, DRS and L-3
  29. Better late than never
  30. Human Universal Load Carrier ready for tests
  31. Upgrades bring realism to training
  32. Science fiction concept has become a reality at the 336th Fighter Squadron.
  33. New uniform for OEF protects Soldiers, hides them better
  34. Israel Approves Buy of 20 JSFs
  35. Marines start using 3rd generation mine roller system in combat
  36. UH-72A Lakota Replaces Huey ,some Blackhawks
  37. North Korea's new main battle tank being studied in S.Korea
  38. Army to put small arms sensors on helo's to detect incoming fire
  39. Jackal keeps proving its worth in Afghanistan
  40. SEAL K9s getting a gear upgrade
  41. U.S. Navy Puts Off LCS Decision
  42. Britain forced to borrow U.S. jets to fly from our NEW aircraft carriers as cutbacks
  43. New .50 cal M3M machine gun to go on British helo's
  44. Army delays Ground Combat Vehicle
  45. Attention Squirters GBU-53/B
  46. M-4 to get complete overhaul, Army opens new rifle competion as well
  47. UK's most powerful submarine joins the Navy
  48. HD cameras on drones is closer to reality
  49. U.S. 2nd Fleet may be mothballed
  50. Exclusive: Pentagon Chooses Two Companies to Build Flying Humvee
  51. France, Britain In Talks On Warship Timeshare
  52. Sand-X Motors Introduce the Sand-X T-ATV Desert Patrol
  53. U.K.'s Mastiff-Zero fataliies in Afghanistan from enemy action
  54. U.S. vehicles destroy Afghan bombs by rolling over them
  55. MRAPs reducing IED deaths in Afghanistan saving dozens of lives per month
  56. Army to deploy 4 new Grey Eagle armed drones to Afghanistan
  57. Lockheed says aligned for "new reality"
  58. Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
  59. Israel Tal, father of the 'Merkava' tank dies
  60. Navy drone wanders into restricted D.C. airspace
  61. B-1 Carries Record Setting Missile Load
  62. To little too late, typical UK
  63. Flying without flap, now that is clever and British.
  64. Russia; Navy Successfully Tests New Bulava Missile
  65. GD Builds a Grenade Machine Gun That Fits on Your Back
  66. Darpa's Flying Humvee goes Diesel.
  67. Conversion of standard handguns and pistols into an accurate carbine.
  68. Army Service Rifles Getting Big Upgrades
  69. Japan carries out successful missile-defense test
  70. Army building smarter robots
  71. Boeing to start production of new generation of Apache
  72. US Navy wants to order 20 warships from shipyards in Wis., Ala.
  73. Military Wants More Sophisticated Drones
  74. Tank Regiment hits the ground in Helmand with the new Wolfhound vehicle
  75. USS California, new Virginia class sub joins fleet
  76. New combat helmet stopping bullets for British forces saving 3 soldiers in one week
  77. U.S.S.Jason Dunham arrives in Florida for commissioning ceremony
  78. First Production C-5M Arrives at Dover
  79. Eye in the sky ,last B-1 get's SNIPER pod for CAS missions
  80. ‘Smart’ Weapons Leave Nowhere to Hide, XM25 now in Afghaniostan with the troops
  81. How come there isn't protection for the face/neck area?
  82. M27 - The BAR Reborn - replacing the M249s
  83. a laser that can recharge batteries on UAVs
  84. "swinglet CAM" - the easy-to-use flying camera
  85. Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)
  86. BUDDY - by easy rescue
  87. Aravis Nexter - the new VBHP deployed to Afghanistan by the French Army
  88. DINGO 2 to Norwegian Army in Afghanistan
  89. New Warthog vehicle used in Afghanistan
  90. Hawkei Prototype Unveiled At Land Warfare Conference
  91. U.S. Army To Buy More Sniper-Finders From QinetiQ
  92. The Gorgon Goes To War In Afghanistan
  93. Estonian Army new SISU XA-188 Armoured Vehicles
  94. Nov. 29., 2010. - Spanish helicopter unit ready for service in western Afghanistan
  95. UK Army - Contract Signed for Foxhound New Protected Patrol Vehicle
  96. Route clearance goes high-tech (IRAQ)
  97. Indodefence 2010 - Tactical Micro & Mini-UAS solutions for military application
  98. XM2010 Kits Arrive In Time For The Holidays
  99. General Dynamics Awarded $165 million for 195 additional EAGLE vehicles for Germany
  100. Pentagon Wants to Give Troops Terminator Vision
  101. Lightning Strikes
  102. The 4-inch Taliban Sniper Spotter – The Boomerang Warrior-X
  103. Laserlyte Announces Rear Sight Laser For Taurus Slim Pistols
  104. French Army orders 10,881 MAG machine guns from FN Herstal.
  105. First delivery of the Desert Chameleon armored personnel carriers to Kuwait
  106. Chinook HC4 and HC5 – Project Julius
  107. WW II Carpet Bombing
  108. First Interception for the Trophy System
  109. Air Force accepts delivery of final MQ-1 Predator
  110. Army building first Block III Apache
  111. First F-35 JSF simulator delivered to U.S. Air Force
  112. Skynet?
  113. Great New Tech to the US Army
  114. China's First Aircraft Carrier Launches Sea Trials
  115. F-35 fleet cleared for ground operations
  116. Lockheeds New Maple Seed Sized Drone!
  117. BAE and GD Win Contract
  118. Pistols with a shot at replacing the M9
  119. Raytheon SM-3 Missile Fails to Hit Target in Pacific Test
  120. US experts in Libya amid alarms about missing arms
  121. F-35 combat capabilities research.
  122. Lasers Could Be Used to Detect Roadside Bombs
  123. MRAP training area opens at W.Va. Guard base
  124. Switchblade - the kamikaze drone
  125. The 'Ironman' a game-changer on battlefield
  126. Army rolls out new Apache Block III aircraft - Nov.02.,2011
  127. US killer spy drone controls switch to Linux
  128. Navy: We’re 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships
  129. Japan Begins Building Technology Demonstrator Fighter
  130. Eurofighter Nations Award $2.7B in Typhoon Support Contracts
  131. Army acquiring 'brown-out' assistance for helos
  132. U.S. Navy Grounds Unmanned Helicopters After Incidents
  133. Pentagon buys dual-focus contact lenses
  134. The Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet - AAT™
  135. America’s Airship Revolution
  136. JHSV 1 Spearhead
  137. Is the Navy’s Sixth-Generation F/A-XX Fighter Gaining Momentum?
  138. Latest Night-Vision Goggles
  139. New Patrol Boat Coming for U.S. Navy
  140. Live-Fire Robotic Targets
  141. Hemostatic Simulator
  142. Mexico Becomes Latest User of Damen’s 4207 StanPatrol Patrol Boat
  143. Canada Ramps Up Arctic Arsenal
  144. Shrimp Species May Hold Secrets to Better Armor
  145. New Alenia Gunship Could Fire Hellfires, PGMs
  146. DARPA Tests Gigapixel Cameras
  147. U.S. Army Seeks New Shooter Game
  148. Army Crowdsources Stability-Ops Sim
  149. New Bunker-Busting Bomb Ready To Use
  150. Maybe something will actually get done, new rifle debate.
  151. Poland To Acquire 1,000 New Tanks
  152. Army’s Immersive Training System Finally Rolls Out
  153. Navy tests ocean drones in RI's Narragansett Bay
  154. Canadian Army to Select New ISR System for Vehicles
  155. U.S. Marines Test Robot Trucks Within Manned Convoys
  156. Vehicles chosen in fight to replace Humvee
  157. Navistar withdraws JLTV protest
  158. About Time: Army tests body armor for female soldiers
  159. Iran unveils long-range drone ahead of drills
  160. The Next Wave in U.S. Robotic War: Drones on Their Own
  161. Images Provide Clues to China’s Naval Might
  162. Quantum Stealth, light bending stealth camo.
  163. Turks Might Cancel Long-Range Air Defense System
  164. Microwave Missile Test Targets Electronics, Not People
  165. Northrop Grumman Team Unveils GMV 1.1 Candidate
  166. Navy Test-Fires Missiles from Robot Boats
  167. ‘FlexFence’ Protects Against Rocket-Propelled Grenades
  168. CROWS-in-a-box
  169. China's Aircraft Carrier Hit A Huge Milestone
  170. DARPA Robot Growing Smarter, Tougher — and Preparing for RIMPAC
  171. Navy Develops LOS Software for Snipers
  172. F-35 grounded
  173. Army To Print Guns, Grenades, And More With New 3D System
  174. China’s Expansive UAV Fleet
  175. Ukrainian attack dolphins not roaming the seas for romance
  176. U.S. Army Looks to New Ground-Based Sensors
  177. Backpack creates instant maps for dangerous missions
  178. Lockheed Martin's Skunkworks to build successor to SR-71 Blackbird
  179. Apache attack helicopters can finally see in color
  180. DARPA's unmanned sub-hunter