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  1. Submarine Virginia begins 1st full deployment
  2. Soldiers test Army's newest parachute in preparation for Army-wide fielding
  3. Spotlight ON HMS Ocean
  4. Marine Corps- MEU'S being re-invented
  5. Ospreys headed to Afghanistan in coming weeks
  6. MRAPs modified to deflect RKG-3 anti-tank grenades
  7. Royal Navy's Defender sails for the first time
  8. Littoral Combat Ship reaches 52 mph in water
  9. F-16 forced to jettison bombs on Hill AFB, blows up shack, knocks out power to base
  10. U.K. to get new, Hi Tech equipment for troops
  11. Strykers Going Tan for Desert Look
  12. Russia unhappy with Quality of Weapons
  13. Two Worlds of a Drone Pilot
  14. Japan intercepts missile in Hawaii test
  15. PEO Soldier Unveils New Equipment
  16. 'Mini Herc' Set to Join Air Force Fleet
  17. Green Hornet - F-18 fuel to be made from a weed to go green
  18. Manned, unmanned spy planes crucial
  19. CH-47's deploying are to be armed with lasers to redirect missles fired at them
  20. AF announces potential F-35 bases
  21. 1st Tanks rolls through largest Steel Knight
  22. ODIN Alerts Assault Teams To Hidden Dangers
  23. Pentagon Touts New, Lighter Vehicle for Afghanistan
  24. Army Develops 'Ghost' Imaging
  25. Upgrades save Chinook hit by RPG in Afghanistan
  26. New robots do combat jobs with little human direction
  27. Navy Commissions USS New York in Big Apple
  28. AF Announces Candidate Bases for F-35
  29. MV-22B's Ospreys Join the Afghan War
  30. UK 'considering extra Chinooks'
  31. New Camo Arrives in Afghanistan
  32. Army testing XM-25 'smart' high-explosive weapon for Soldiers
  33. Extra bunker-buster missiles for Afghan front line
  34. Army orders 2,500 Taser guns
  35. High-tech WWII Japanese Subs Found
  36. U.K.'s New sub, Astute most technologically advanced of the Royal Navy
  37. Joint Strike Fighter lands closer to Corps’ air arsenal
  38. Marines Quiet About Brutal New Weapon
  39. Directed energy and Hypersonic weapons may soon join the Military
  40. Warthog vehicle arrives in UK for Afghan modifications
  41. Army Announces Independent Body Armor Review
  42. Progress Continues for Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
  43. Predator crashes over Afghanistan
  44. All-female RAF Merlin crew ready for Afghanistan
  45. AAV upgrades may serve as EFV backup plan
  46. Experimental UAV sets endurance record
  47. Corps chooses H&K to make SAW replacement
  48. Navy OKs increased production of Growler
  49. 2nd Cav tries out new Mobile Gun System
  50. M113 on last patrol in East Timor
  51. Boeing Tests IED Blasting Laser
  52. The Osprey Goes to War
  53. Navy to Christen Submarine Missouri
  54. Driving ambulances in Helmand
  55. IED school updating programs
  56. S. Korea May Lease U.S. MRAPs for Afghan Mission
  57. Walter Reed Patients Test Next-generation Prosthesis
  58. Marines Blast Through Now Zad With Assault Breacher Vehicles
  59. Practice makes perfect for EOD
  60. Army testing new camouflage
  61. Ac-130
  62. U.S. troops testing British-style camo
  63. Military working to unleash laser weapons
  64. Brits to Field New ‘Sharpshooter’ Rifle
  65. Army Special Operations aviation needs faster helicopters
  66. Translation device eases communication problems
  67. Revolutionary Ship Readies for Commissioning
  68. Officials announce change to C-17 sustainment plan
  69. Apache Longbows sharpen arrows
  70. Russian Unveils Stealth Fighter Intended to Match U.S. F-22 Raptor
  71. Joint Iraqi-American Air Operations
  72. Next in military technology: Unmanned Black Hawk?
  73. US anti-missile test of 'Iran or N Korea' attack fails
  74. Gates Tries to Get F-35 Program Back on Course
  75. USN pushes UCAS Forward
  76. Israeli Anti-Missile System
  77. HIMARS Afghanistan
  78. Hellfire II on Army UAV
  79. Army adopts multicam as of 2-19-10
  80. Paki Arty Purchase
  81. Technology gives Apache block III more lift, capability, landing ability
  82. CROWS surge to Afghanistan along with troops
  83. Freedom Gets Underway for Maiden Deployment
  84. Germans have problems, don't Use The NH-90 In Combat
  85. The Mysterious Missing Missiles
  86. Lockheed to speed development of F-35
  87. U.S. Army 'Moving Rapidly' To Add V-Hull to Strykers
  88. M-ATVs hit the ground with sticky doors
  89. Mullen Declares USS Dewey a 'True Gem'
  90. British leader: New patrol vehicles for troops
  91. Life Saving Practices Legalized
  92. New gear protects air crews from weather
  93. Avoiding Another Pearl Harbor
  94. F-16s Losing Their Pilots
  95. 120mm Mortar gets Upgrade
  96. Arizona center gets $36.8M Army contract
  97. Saved By Satellite
  98. Osan squadron will fly upgraded Warthog
  99. Bayonet Drill Dies Of Boredom
  100. F-18s Aging Poorly
  101. F-35 Completes Vertical Landing
  102. Really, Really Heavily Armed
  103. Great pics from Micheal Yon of F-16's, Preadators and Reapers in Afghanistan
  104. Marksmen issued better rifles in Afghanistan
  105. Army makes moves toward new carbine
  106. Indian military to weaponize world's hottest chili
  107. Humvee moves over for hulking, tough MRAP
  108. U-2 spy plane escapes the scrap heap
  109. 120mm, Mortar, GPS, Make It Happen
  110. Socom Refines AC-130J Gunship Plans
  111. U-2 Pilot Achieves 100 Combat Missions
  112. More Lynx helicopters to be upgraded for use in Afghanistan
  113. IDF Develops Spy Robot Snake with 'Suicide' Capability
  114. B-2s And Boomers
  115. Some rapid-fielded items to be formal programs
  116. Chinooks essential to remote Afghan FOBs
  117. U-2 Forever
  118. GAO: Weapons face delays, cost hikes
  119. New working dog regiment to support Afghan operations
  120. Third Army CG details Iraq drawdown, Afghanistan buildup efforts
  121. Northrop Pushing Export of Spy Drones
  122. USS Freedom to Enter 3rd Fleet
  123. Israeli unveils tank-defense system of the future
  124. Air Force to launch robotic winged space plane
  125. Star Trek-style force-field armour being developed by military scientists
  126. Study of F-35s at Luke AFB continues
  127. State-of-the-art manikins help train Marines to save lives
  128. Germans in Afghanistan poorly equipped?
  129. U.S. hosts counter-IED conference in Hohenfels
  130. 4 dead in AFSOC Osprey crash
  131. Vietnam-era Huey helicopters giving way to German-made Lakotas
  132. Brits adopt their own version of multi cam
  133. Army asks to cancel NLOS-LS
  134. Army wants its helicopters to perform as UAVs
  135. U.S. military launch space plane on maiden voyage.
  136. Hyperfast missile to hit anywhere in an hour
  137. Tests of dirigibles to use drones, missiles
  138. New precision-guided mortar fo U.S. Army in Afghanistan.
  139. End of missile program may force LCS overhaul
  140. Faster, lighter, better equipment in war zone
  141. Gates: U.S. Must Rethink Expensive Warships, Carriers, EFV
  142. B-1 bomber may get airborne laser
  143. 'Painful' Road to Modernize National Guard
  144. U.S. Says It Has 5,113 Nukes In Its Arsenal
  145. Boeing unveils F/A-XX concept
  146. Pakistan tests nuclear-capable ballistic missiles
  147. Ground Combat Vehicle may be tracked
  148. Army to Test ‘Game Changing’ Gun in Combat
  149. Airbus demonstrates torpedo launch with C-295 By Stephen Trimble
  150. Afghan war allies want Iraq war-tested MRAPs
  151. Armed tankers about ready to deploy
  152. Special Forces exercise trains African armies
  153. Most senior British officer killed in Afghanistan had requested more helicopters week
  154. New weapons- XM153, M2E2, light weight M240L, M26
  155. Former Chief: Russia’s Air Defenses Weak
  156. Navy close to multiyear deal on new fighters
  157. Boeing source: We may not bid for KC-X
  158. Star Wars meets reality? Laser weapons tested
  159. Final class of F-15C pilots graduate
  160. Corps works to lengthen lives of old CH-53s
  161. First American flies Mi-35 HIND in combat
  162. Hollow-point bullets OK’d for post police
  163. New XM25 and M240 due to hit war zones soon
  164. Germany Deploys More Fighting Equipment to Afghanistan
  165. Taliban Fear 155mm Excalibur “Finger of Death”
  166. Army issues instructions for painting M16s, M4s
  167. M4 not suited to warfare in Afghan hills
  168. Future USS Jason Dunham Completes "Super Trials"
  169. Appeals court rules against Bagram detainees
  170. New camouflage arrives in Afghanistan
  171. Surveillance Suspected as Spacecraft’s (X-37B) Main Role
  172. U.S. sends missiles to train Polish military
  173. MRAPs Take Over for Humvees Off Base
  174. Navy: Extending old F-18s shrinks fighter gap
  175. New 5.56 ammo used sparingly in combat
  176. New Lynx helicopters boost air support in Afghanistan
  177. Canada's Special forces units to get 60 high-tech vehicles
  178. U.S. Air Force Tests Hypersonic Cruise Missile
  179. UN Urges US to Rethink Lethal Drone Use
  180. Marine Corps Tests New Fighting Vehicle
  181. Manned spy plane scores points in war effort
  182. Royal Navy get's new Destroyer
  183. Army's new robot can go 50 mph
  184. Germany Retires 6 Of Its 10 Submarines
  185. SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Reaches Orbit on First Flight (Update1)
  186. Laser system goes 2-for-2 in key test
  187. U.K. joins Army, Corps in hunt for new bullet
  188. Royal Marines are first to use new Sharpshooter rifle in Helmand
  189. Army tests Humvee replacement
  190. The mini flying robot drones that join forces before takeoff - all without human help
  191. Better armor, helmets expected soon
  192. New AKs Weapon System
  193. Army's radar can see thru camouflage, concealment, buildings and foilage
  194. MOD scientists develop upgraded body armour for troops in Afghanistan
  195. Latest BMP-3 for UAE
  196. F-35B STOVL fighter goes supersonic
  197. USS Jason Dunham Delivered
  198. New system can detect suicide bombers
  199. "Best ever" 5.56 round to be issued for Afghanistan
  200. British Troops In Afghanistan To Get New Armored Vehicles
  201. Sub Philadelphia set for decommissioning
  202. Latest counter-IED equipment showcased
  203. Spec Ops Command Cancels New Rifle
  204. Army turns to Huskies in fight against IEDs
  205. JSF tests begin to prepare for carrier landings
  206. Ospreys leave new belly gun in the dust
  207. New active protection for the IDF Namer APC
  208. Use of Humvees restricted in Afghanistan
  209. Missile successfully intercepted in BMD test
  210. U.S. Air Force considering early retirement of B-1 bomber
  211. Pentagon develops shape-shifting robot
  212. Corps Set to Field SAW Replacement
  213. U.K. to get new Scout Fighting Vehicle
  214. Overcoming taboo, Iraq turns to dogs to fight bombs
  215. Ukrainian Aircraft Builder wants to bid on new air refueler
  216. Countering IED's
  217. Aegis radar systems are in their worst shape ever
  218. £189m for new equipment in Afghanistan announced
  219. U.S.S. Chosin to get cruiser mid-life upgrade
  220. Examining the Complaints About M4/M16 reliability
  221. Boeing Anticipates Approval To Export F-15 Silent Eagle
  222. Bradley fighting vehicle loses $200 miliion in funding
  223. New Navy Missile Could Hit Global Targets
  224. Armour
  225. New Air Force bomber will need escorts, jamming and support Aircraft
  226. Advanced New Sub Finishes Test Run
  227. Army: MultiCam allowed only in Afghanistan
  228. U.K.'s New Unmanned combat air vehicle displayed
  229. GPS-guided parachute can deliver blood
  230. Marine Corps to purchase Army's new 5.56 round
  231. New Strykers to have double-V hull, be deployed to combat next year
  232. Boeing unveils Phantom Eye
  233. Sci-fi the future, almost today
  234. Army’s Self-Driving Trucks Let Humans Watch for Bombs
  235. Is this true v?
  236. Strategy emerges to prevent more C-17 funding
  237. Hot stuff
  238. F-35
  239. Protecting rotorcraft
  240. Army Eyes ‘Iron Man’ Wearable Robotics
  241. Canada to spend $9B on F-35 fighter jets
  242. Robot helps soldiers clear route of IED's
  243. Typical fucking British, tossers!
  244. U.S. Army Natick Soldier Center awarded US$1.1 million for the testing and evaluation
  245. Meet the Mk-20 Sniper Support Rifle
  246. Scaneagle supports SEALs in Combat, planning raids
  247. IDF's New Hovercraft Intelligence Collection Device
  248. U.S. Navy Successfully Uses Laser to Shoot Down Drones
  249. New MK9A Lynx helicopters help bring fight to Taliban
  250. Navy to inactivate 11 ships