• I wanted to see what ACer's think should the US government let this private company take for profit a time capsule of a war relic, one of the best preserved WWII aircraft ever found, more fit for the Smithsonian, rather then take the proper steps to preserve this wonder for as long as is humanly possible? Even the pilots that survived this crash in 1947 said it would be like desecrating an indian burial ground to let someone take this plane.
    After this B29 "KEE BIRD" that made an emergency landing during a top secret reconnaissance flight in 1947 was rediscovered in Greenland soon a team of aircraft restorers in July 1994 operating as Kee Bird Limited Liability Co. which was led by Darryl Greenamyer decided to try and fly the B29 from its 50 year resting spot after only replacing the damaged 4 engines on the B29, fabric wing parts, tires and a few other small parts so they could earn a tidy profit from flying it to and from air shows and museums.