The USS Ronald Reagan: the world's most powerful aircraft carrier. A floating piece of American territory. And a powerful weapon, swarming with planes, explosives, and thousands of the Navy's best crew. This intimidating marine monster is the world's largest combat airport, perfectly designed for one task: to launch and retrieve legions of strike fighter jets anywhere in the world, on extremely short notice. And the 5000 men and women onboard have to perform this task to perfection. Surrounded by roaring jet engines, explosive jet fuel, and dangerous weapons, any mistake would spell disaster. Join the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan and see how their training prepares them for the myriad of deadly situations that could occur on this massive vessel of war. Witness the powerful offense and defense that this supercarrier wields. Explore the more than 60 aircraft - from strike fighters to radar jamming jets to early warning intelligence aircraft - that make up the carrier's air wing that are ready to take on any threat. Discover the powerful phalanx of ships that form the Carrier Strike Group - protecting the Reagan from harm. Despite the billions of dollars of technology built into this Supercarrier, the Reagan is still run by human hands. We'll meet F/A 18 pilots like George DeGennaro as they prepare for launch, and take to the skies. We'll watch the 'G3 Division' as they assemble a 500 pound bomb, by hand. From combat aircraft and weaponry to the safety drills that simulate everything from mass casualties to explosive leaks, this is Super Carrier: Airport At Sea.

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