YouTube Removes Awlaki’s Video Sermons
November 04, 2010
Associated Press

NEW YORK -- YouTube has removed from its site videos featuring calls to holy war by an al-Qaida-linked Muslim cleric after pressure from British and U.S. officials.

The New York Times reported on its website Wednesday that YouTube spokeswoman Victoria Grand said the videos by Anwar al-Awlaki violated the site's guidelines prohibiting "incitement to commit violent acts."

The newspaper says YouTube made the move after a British official urged the videos be removed.

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Democratic New York Rep. Anthony Weiner also sent letters to the Google-owned company listing hundreds of videos featuring the U.S.-born Yemeni cleric. Weiner says the company took his request more seriously after last week's attempted mail bombings from Yemen.

YouTube says it doesn't comment on specific videos on its site.

The fugitive cleric has inspired a string of attempted attacks against the West.