Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK. Lowell "Erectile" Hipsher, Penis Guy and Earl Littman WWII Phony SEAL.

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Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley BLASTS Lowell Hipsher who suffers from erectile dysfunction and flapping his shit pipe about being a SEAL.
Googling his name brings up ENDLESS pages about him being a SEAL and needing a penis implant.

Lowell served for almost three years. He was never a SEAL.

Earl Littman is a frequent flyer in fake circles for spewing his endless BULLSHIT of being a Secret Frogman in WWII. Earl did his time, but he was NEVER in UDT and NEVER served outside the United States.

To verify any SEAL claim please visit

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02-07-2015, 03:12 AM #88388
Skivvy Stacker

You can't help but notice all the long, tall, straight, hardwood trees in the background.

02-04-2015, 02:02 PM #88351

These two have so much fun together...I love it!


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Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley HOUNDED AJ Dicken for two-years and now AJ's run is OVER... Have fun in Prison, AJ... Phony SEAL of the Week is Arthur James Dicken. A total phony SEAL who scammed some good people out of untold $$$ with his bullshit SEAL background...Runs a combat shooting course ( out of a hangar at the Carson City Airport (Nevada). Can't believe an ex-felon would have access to automatic weapons or the .50 cal Barrett (used in this shooting course). Claims to have graduated a SEAL class in 1972 but won't give a class number. From: Oliver North [] Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 2:44 PM To: William Bailey Cc: Commander Barry; Dicky Marcinkos; Arthur Dicken Subject: Re: Offering you so many, many thanks!! Chief, In the 34 years I have known you...I have met none braver, more honorable and courageous! Thanks for your service to our Country old man! I look forward to spending time with you howling at the moon on your Birthday! Semper Fi Oli DICKEN, ARTHUR JAMES Riverside County Supreme Court Case CR49032 Defendant 16486 DICKEN, ARTHUR JAMES Arrest Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC 459 F Burglary 02/08/1993 Filed Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC 459 F Burglary 02/08/1993 GUILTY 2 PC 496 F Receiving Stolen Property 02/08/1993 3 PC 470 F Forgery Legal Instrument 02/08/1993 Case CR50707 Defendant 16486 DICKEN, ARTHUR JAMES Arrest Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC 496 F Receiving Stolen Property 06/02/1993 Filed Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC 496 F Receiving Stolen Property 06/02/1993 GUILTY 2 PC 484F(2) F FORGE NAME ON ACCESS CARD 06/02/1993 Case CR52815 Defendant 16486 DICKEN, ARTHUR JAMES Arrest Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC 277 F Conceal, Entice Child 11/17/1993 Filed Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 3 PC 278.5 F Child Concealing 11/17/1993 GUILTY 4 PC 278.5 F Child Concealing 11/17/1993 5 PC 278.5 F Child Concealing 11/17/1993
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Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS Phony Navy SEAL Robert "Robbie" Robinson from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Robbie has been listed as a fraud and resigned from the VFW. My letter to the VFW Post... I was just wondering why no one at the VFW Post has questioned Robbie "Robert" Robinson's military credentials? I just spoke to him after I was sent the pictures and he claimed his military records were "sealed" from the classified nature of his work in Vietnam as a Navy SEAL. He also claimed he changed his name which is NOT true when I began questioning why his name wasn't listed in the SEAL Database. And he could not give me a training class number first saying it was Class 48 and then changing it to Class 4. Not knowing your SEAL Training Class number is like not knowing your wife's name... It's very clear he was never a Navy SEAL because I'm a retired SEAL and I quickly checked and found NO LISTING of him ever being a SEAL. Claiming his records are classified is complete and total B%$%#$*T. And he finally admitted he was a fraud to me after I pulled the SEAL Rug out from under him... That SEAL Trident is worn on the wrong side of his uniform. His awards are ALL JACKED UP and I'm surprised that at a Memorial Day celebration there wasn't a single Purple Heart recipient present that would have asked him "Why do you have a Combat V Device on the Purple Heart you're wearing?" That's NOT correct... Or asked, since you have a Silver and Bronze Star "where is your Combat Action Ribbon?" Or asked, a Bronze Star awarded for combat, no matter what branch of service, is awarded with a "Combat V Device." If awarded meritoriously (non combat) it contains no "V." All subsequent awards are a Gold Star in lieu of second, third award, etc. Why does yours have a small bronze star on it? That is NOT correct. Or asked, why is the very senior Joint Service Commendation Medal behind the lowly Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation Ribbon and so far out of whack in the US Military Order of Awards Precedence? A close look at the Silver Star he's wearing shows a distinct "hole" in the center of it meaning at some point he was claiming "two" of them and the device was removed or fell off... Brian K Murphy was just removed as Post Commander of Post 8182 in Florida for his outrageous Navy SEAL claims I exposed... What's in the water in Florida that you VFW guys don't question a members credentials or claims? How do they get away with this for so long? At this point not a single word that comes from Robinson's mouth can be believed. 40+ years of service (he claims) and he wears 10 "RED" and not Gold Hash Marks as a Master Chief? Between that and the awards that looks like he put on in the dark I have my doubts he ever served a single day in the military. It wouldn't EVEN be close to the first time I discovered that's been the case... Robinson in this video at the 3-minute mark of your Memorial Day celebration is SHAMEFUL. Earl Littman has been outed as a scam artist running a fake charity. Robert Plummer of CARTHAGE NC claim's to have been the "First Black Frogman" and he was NOT. Robert Plummer served on the USS Rooks as an E-2 Engineman. He boarded the Rooks on 11 January 1952. He got off the Rook on 20 July 1953 and was discharged. The Korean War ended 7 days later. The Rook served in Korea with Plummer but Plummer was NEVER in UDT. Plummer's despicable claim is for political gain and delusions of grandeur trying to equate himself with Carl Brashear, the Navy's first Black Navy Master Diver and the inequality Master Chief Brashear faced and made famous in the movie "Men of Honor." The fact is that Naval Special Warfare has NEVER been segregated like much of the US Military during WWII and a number of Black Frogmen served in WWII. Naval Special Warfare, Underwater Demolition and modern day SEAL Teams, have always welcomed and man of any race into our ranks as long as that man could do the job... Anyone needing a Navy SEAL claim verified should send a good spelling of that person's name to
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