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Gone but not forgotten

Art Levine B-1-1-1 1958 - 1962 passed 2002
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Added by: Apache Chief, 05-22-2014
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A great guy missed by all who sever with him

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Great video , not so great music
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Remember Memorial Day is not only for our men and women in the military It is for all Heros that we have in the world Firefighter extinquish all the fires after we roll through and take all of the People that make a living hell for the human race even the ones we fight and the police keep the calm. The police in this country have gotten a bad rap, because to the few that make it all seem like they are all bad apples Tell you what they will be the first one's to go in and take a bullet for a Man women and child in danger Not all of them are bad people, seems like people are forgetting the rest that give there lives in the line of duty just by stopping when some one has a flat tire on the side of the road I know I live in Florida it is common. When some one has trouble because some one is beating the hell out of someone etc etc Remember we have alot of firefighters and police that have fallen and have done amazing things with society and they should be remembered.
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Jake was born in Chicago,IL. He was a good friend and a great drinking partner. He died of diabetes after a long battle. He will be missed by all who served with him.
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