View Full Version : Spy planes take on Taliban fighters speaking in Brummie and Yorkshire accents

12-03-2008, 08:24 AM
RAF experts eavesdropped on radio traffic in Afghanistan — and heard Taliban fighters speaking in Brummie and Yorkshire accents.

The voices were detected during top secret spy-in-the-sky surveillance missions over lawless Helmand province.

The revelation proves that growing numbers of British-born Muslims are moving to Afghanistan to fight along side the Taliban.

The conversations were overheard and recorded recently by RAF radio operator linguists on board Nimrod planes in the region, it was revealed yesterday.

The Taliban spoke mainly in Afghan Persian or Pashto — but occasionally lapsed into their home language.

Senior RAF sources said that at those points they spoke in “plain English” with distinctive “Bradford and West Bromwich accents”.

A source said: “The mission specialists could easily jam the Taliban transmissions — but the RAF believes listening in to their plans is much more productive.

“It was quite startling to hear English being spoken with clear Bradford and West Brom accents.

“They reverted to English when they couldn’t remember the Afghan Persian or Pashto — the two local languages — for certain words.”

Three specially-converted Nimrods normally based at RAF Waddington, Lincs, with 51 Squadron, are being used as radio snoopers.

The unit is manned by hand-picked specialists who speak numerous languages and fly in the planes at more than 40,000ft.

They are also trained to operate the highly sensitive electronic surveillance kit, known as “The Package”.

The Nimrods can not only detect and record radio messages, but often listen in to other conversations too.

General Sir Antony Walker, former deputy chief of the defence staff, said: “We seem to have confirmation that fanatical jihadists from Britain are working on the frontline of the war in Afghanistan.

“Eavesdropping seldom has a good image.

“But let’s hope the perseverance and dedication of our listeners-in-the-sky continues to save the lives of our men and women.”

The Ministry of Defence said in a statement: “The Nimrod R1 operated by No 51 Squadron has a highly sophisticated and sensitive suite of systems used for reconnaissance and gathering electronic intelligence.

“However, due to operational security, we are unable to discuss its operations.”

12-03-2008, 07:39 PM
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12-03-2008, 08:38 PM
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