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11-08-2008, 04:02 AM
Las Vegas, NV • December 8-9, 2008 About the Conference (http://www.ttcus.com/view-about.cfm?id=89) Conference Logistics and Details (http://www.ttcus.com/view-logistics.cfm?id=89) Participants (http://www.ttcus.com/view-participants.cfm?id=89) Keynote Presetation By:
BG Susan Mashiko - Vice Commander, Space & Missile Systems Center, AFSPC
Plus over 20 experts from government and industry tell you the ABSOLUTE LATEST on:

National Space Policies and Strategies: Needs, Missions & Opportunities

OSD and the Services’ Plans & Programs

Threats and Challenges to U.S. & Allied Space Operations

Operationally Responsive Space & Situational Awareness

Space Control: Protection, Prevention & Negation

Defensive and Offensive Space Systems & Capabilities

All I gotta say is I had no idea shit like this existed, look at the ENTREE FEES. I WISH I could go.

Standard Fee: $1,945 / per registrant AIE/NMIA/NAF Members (Individuals Only): $1,645 Teams of 3 of more: $1,395 / each Government Personal Early: $1,545 Government Personal Late: $1,645