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03-10-2010, 04:51 AM
Coalition Troops Capture Militant Commanders

KABUL, March 9, 2010 – Coalition forces in Afghanistan captured two militant commanders along with several other insurgents in separate raids yesterday.

In Khost province, a combined Afghan-international force arrested a commander linked to the Haqqani terrorist network, as well as several suspected associates and some automatic rifles. In Helmand province, a second combined force captured a Taliban commander and an unspecified number of additional suspects.

Each commander is believed to lead large units of enemy fighters responsible for attacks against coalition forces and Afghan civilians, officials said.

In other operations in Afghanistan, several suspected insurgents were arrested in Helmand and Kandahar, and a combined security force found a weapons cache in an abandoned compound in the Nad-e Ali district of Helmand.

The cache contained 15 rocket-propelled grenade warheads and 1,100 rounds of ammunition. Another patrol in the same district searched a suspected insurgent site and found 25 bags of ammonium chloride, a compound commonly found in explosives. The units destroyed the cache and ammonium chloride.

(From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command news release.)