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07-28-2009, 03:38 PM
Rifleman Jokini Sivo 3rd Battalion The Rifles, receives the Military Cross for gallantry after helping colleagues while under fire during a tour of duty in Iraq earlier this year.

He displayed conspicuous gallantry and leadership beyond the call of duty after coming to the rescue of colleagues who were being fired on with rocket-propelled grenades while he was wounded. His citation reads:

"During a joint security operation lasting for three hours, Sivo and his team were ordered to occupy an isolated and very prominent single-storey check-point building, and engage gunmen. This made them an easy target for enemy marksmen.

"In this exposed position he spotted a rocket-propelled grenade team, with gunmen in support, engaging a Warrior vehicle. He immediately engaged the firers. Sivo led his colleagues with distinction and complete disregard for his own safety in spite of being wounded."

Rifleman Sivo said:

"When I heard from my Commanding Officer I had been given this award I felt extremely humble and proud of my achievements. I feel that every person on operations deserves to get a medal. I was just doing my job - this is what I was trained to do."

07-31-2009, 01:29 AM
"I was just doing my job - this is what I was trained to do."Thats all that anyone can ask for.