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Jarrett Kraft

* Home of record: Fresno, Calif.

Jarrett Kraft was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and was a cadet in the Fresno Police Department's academy when his Navy Cross was approved and announced. He continues to serve in uniform as a Fresno Police Officer. Corporal Jeremiah Workman also received the Navy Cross for the battle for Al Fallujah on this date, and Sergeant Samuel Guardiola was awarded the Silver Star.

Awards and Citations

Navy Cross

Awarded for actions during the Global War on Terror

The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Sergeant Jarrett A. Kraft, United States Marine Corps, for extraordinary heroism while serving as Squad Leader, 81-millimeter Mortar Platoon, Weapons Company, Third Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 1, FIRST Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Central, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM on 23 December 2004. As numerically superior insurgent forces attacked Sergeant Kraft and the Marines in Al Fallujah, Iraq, he quickly organized and fearlessly led three assault forces on three separate attacks to repel the insurgents and ensure the successful advance of the battalion. With complete disregard for his own life, he placed himself between intense enemy fire and the men during each attack providing suppressive fire and leadership to sustain the fight and eliminate the enemy. Although grenades thrown by the insurgents rendered him momentarily unconscious during one assault, this did not dampen his spirit or determination. Undeterred, Sergeant Kraft continued to lead from the front, despite being wounded himself. On two more occasions, he was knocked down stairwells by enemy grenade blasts and finally while emplacing a sniper in a critical location, Sergeant Kraft was knocked down by the blast from a friendly M1A1 tank main gun. He demonstrated courageous leadership with a complete disregard for his own safety, during this desperate two-hour battle as he personally braved multiple enemy small arms kill zones to render assistance and guidance to his Marines. By his outstanding display of decisive leadership, unlimited courage in the face of heavy enemy fire, and utmost devotion to duty, Sergeant Kraft reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

Service: Marine Corps

Presented at the California 9/11 Memorial at Pelco, California, by Major General Richard Natonski, on May 11, 2006

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Sergeant Jarrett A. Kraft, U.S. Marine Corps: According to his citation, on the morning of December 23, 2004, Kraft was leading a group of Marines in a dense residential area of Fallujah when his group was attacked by "numerically superior insurgent forces." Sgt. Kraft engineered a counterattack, placing himself between his men and "intense enemy fire." Kraft received shrapnel wounds from an insurgent grenade that killed one of his men, but continued to lead his men. According to an account in the Fresno Bee, "When the gunfight ended, Kraft and his men had retrieved three fallen Marines, killed 28 insurgents and wounded many more. He had also personally saved the lives of several other Marines wounded during the firefight." Awarded the Navy Cross on May 11, 2006, Kraft said, "It is a great honor. But this medal means nothing to me because those Marines are gone....I’ll never forget them."

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I say he should have gotten the CMH for that.

Check out Lewis "Chesty" Puller.....5 Navy Crosses and one Army DSC.