View Full Version : Instructions for slideshow

12-02-2013, 11:05 PM
Frist step, go to the upload tab at the top under upload video you will see, Upload Audio, Upload Photo, Embed.
Click on upload Photo next,
Fill in the info and then in the boxes and click on browse, in the files you have on your computer, click on you pictures file and add the photo you want to add next click submit.
It will bring you to add next part, add new media, upload audio to this photo, media.
You will click on add next part.
hit browse again, then submit
Follow the steps again from add next part.
When you are finished with uploading all the photos that you want to add to the slideshow. If you want you can add audio People usally add music to there slide shows.
When you click on add audio to this photo, it will bring you to the browse button hit that, WARNING THE AUDIO FILE MUST BE MP3 FILE
After you upload the music file, it will go to the slideshow and play for you
I hope this helps let me know if you dont understand anything I will try to Help