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12-14-2012, 10:28 PM
Status:40% of website running. New page running except some videos. Old page unavailable at this time.
Server status: Currently running at 10% capacity (things may be slower for next couple week)

Announcement: Hello AC! My name is J.J. (Or Josh) I am going to be the new manager/owner of Apacheclips.com! The website has been down for the past week and a half. This was due to a few issues that we had to deal with regarding the transfer of the site. Good news is we are making a lot of progress! Functionality to the site is now being restored. At this point in time forums work, and some videos. Tomorrow we anticipate all videos to be working. In the next weeks we anticipate the old page will come back online also. I look forward to the future of AC, we have great things planned. In the meantime please support AC simply by doing what you usually do. Keep reading forums, and watching videos! Cheers.

*List of some of our plans in the near future*

1. We are hiring a team of coders to fix all the bugs/issues with the site.
2. We are eventually going to be porting the site to it's old and classic look.
3. Using servers that are 330% faster than old server.
4. We have plans to implement a new and better 'karma' system
5. Have ideas to direct traffic from online video networks
6. Plan to change mod privileges slightly
7. No more donations to AC required, instead going to put up links to charity donation sites.
8. Going to be running polls to see what the community wants, after all this is your site!
.....and much more!

12-15-2012, 11:58 PM
Hi Josh, Thank you so much for getting A.C back online. A HUGE thank you & utmost respect to all Mod's past & present...
Let's get this site rocking again... Semper Fidelis....