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08-13-2011, 01:38 PM

Welcome to the fascinating secret world of weapons development. Join ex-Navy SEAL Richard ""Mack"" Machowicz on a wild ride around the globe in search of the ultimate weapon. The series explores the amazing science and technology that goes into making the most deadly weapons yet devised, and you'll meet the bizarre characters who spend their lives inventing new ways to obliterate the enemy. Mack gets "hands on" with the groundbreaking hardware, firing everything from smart missiles to futuristic lasers in demonstrations that will shock and amaze you.

Part 1: No Place To Hide
No Place to Hide: From guns that shoot around corners to the world's most advanced supersonic jet fighter, these innovative weapons leave the enemy with no place to hide and with no clue where the attack is coming from.

Part 2: Stealth
Stealth: Modern warfare is about creeping up on your target unseen. In fact, the enemy of the future probably will be invisible because of the dark and secretive world of stealth technology.Maximum

Part 3: Impact
Impact: These weapons guarantee complete destruction of their extensive targets. They include Metal Storm, the most destructive automatic gun ever created; the cave-crushing thermobaric bomb; and the beatable Multiple Rocket Launch System.

Part 4: Future Shock
Future Shock: Peer into the future with weapons more subtle and sinister than anything ever seen before. From powerful lasers to bombs that destroy through electromagnetics, the dynamics of warfare are about to change.

Part 5: Smart Weapons
Smart Weapons: Just how smart are the weapons of tomorrow? We go in search of the latest, cleverest and most terrifying technology - weapons that actually seek out and destroy targets by themselves, nearly unaided by humans.

Part 6: The Power of Fear
The Power of Fear: The mere thought of these future weapons can inflict terror in our everyday lives. Weapons like the Sensor Fuzed Weapon, which can reduce a line of tanks to dust, and the Massive Ordnance Air Burst (MOAB), which can take out two city blocks.


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