View Full Version : Secret US military data was disclosed thanks to porn images

12-21-2008, 06:37 PM
Secret information on US combat system was accidentally exposed by Japanese officer after he exchanged porn files with another officer at work.

The naval officer intended to copy adult images that came along with the data on Aegis military system taken by accident from another officer's computer. Thus when he swapped the files with the petty officer of the lower rank, the latter was carelessly given the access to top secret information.

As it was reported by Defence Ministry the petty officer, whose name is undisclosed, is being inquired on charges of accessing secret data on US combat system. The officer claims he was unaware of the confidential information that came along with the pornographic files. Kanagawa prefectural police doubts the reasoning of the officer as he may not have an access to such kind of information.

Japan now has five military vessels equipped with this combat system. The Aegis military system has advanced radar with ability to trace more than 10 targets at once and is also one of the most modern missile systems. It is not known that Japanese officer is a member of destroyer team at the mouth of Tokyo Bay.

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