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  1. This cunt isn't worth it
  2. Barrack Obama Winning so far!
  3. Why Obama's Presidency matters - Cheers world wide!
  4. Since Obama is president now...
  5. How will America change now tha Obama is Presiden
  6. Obama assasination? Will it happen?
  7. Rahm Emanuel's History Gives Us a Glimpse Into Our Future
  8. America still No.1
  9. India & Israel Military Cooperation/Collaberation.
  10. Do you buy Chinese goods?
  11. Should Obama?
  12. Should the United States?
  13. China arms sales scientist guilty
  14. U.S. to help China with food safety? WHAT THE FUCK?
  15. Global Response to Oil and Opec
  16. U.S. power, influence will decline in future, report says
  17. China fears job riots
  18. Gas prices sink below $2
  19. U.S. Global Dominance "set to wane"
  20. Russian Ships to Venezuela in Show of power!
  21. Does preaching democracy actually hurt the U.S.?
  22. Clinton accepts secretary of state position?
  23. Ringed by Foes, Pakistanis Fear the U.S., Too
  24. Chinas growing latin american influence
  25. Russia pushes Ukraine on gas debt
  26. Do you feel better about Obama yet?
  27. Your spare change will feed the hungry, why the hell would I care?
  28. Taiwan spy executed
  29. North Dakota tops analysis of corruption
  30. Baghdad celebrates first public christmas!
  31. Chinese sailors fight off Somali pirates with beer bottles and Molotov cocktails
  32. Israeli forces pulling out of Gaza
  33. Obama speech censored in China
  34. Obama went to Iraq?
  35. Israel Launches Air Strike into Gaza
  36. Obama Ponders outreach to Taliban
  37. China and Europe Space conflict
  38. Pakistani Intelligence Service ISI funds the taliban
  39. China Scenario question
  40. Who here still believe the US stands for everything right in the world
  41. North Korea PEACEFUL sat launch
  42. World would be better WITHOUT U.S.
  43. Would the U.S. be better off if it did not promote democracy?
  44. Aussie Military
  45. American vs Somali Pirate saga
  46. US Captains Rescue Raises Stakes in Piracy OPs
  47. Another pirate attack on American ship
  48. American weapon sales fuels the mexican drug trade
  49. Should Obama give it a rest?
  50. Ron Paul: On Secession of TEXAS? Are they mad?
  51. Who is paying for his legal fees??????
  52. Congress woman spy?
  53. Japan pays foreign workers to go home permanently
  54. Taliban taking over Pakistan
  55. Hilary says U.S. partly responsible for crisis in Pakistan
  56. Should there be an assault weapon ban?
  57. Lebanon Arrests suspected Israeli spys
  58. Bomb kills 12 children in Pakistan
  59. 747 fly by New York buildings
  60. China becoming friendly with Taiwan, why?
  61. The United States a Republic or Democracy?
  62. Russia insists it won't militarise arctic
  63. Liberal Taliban Issues Fatwa Against Miss California
  64. Prosecuting Jihadist Intent
  65. 5 Miami men convicted of Sears Tower attack plot
  66. Islamism's Campus Club: The Muslim Students' Association
  67. Pres. Obama to restart Tribunals
  68. N. Korea does it again...
  69. Qur'an Verses I Know I am going to piss someone off.
  70. Contractor with ties to Murtha suspended
  71. Mandatory Census
  72. Pakistani army retakes largest town in Swat Valley
  73. US and Russian warships line up in dispute over Georgia
  74. Order extending detainee rights on hold
  75. Obama’s grandfather trailed D-Day wave
  76. Marine vets want to put flags along busy road But California bans it
  77. Problems and prospects for russian military reform
  78. Trolling on YOUTUBE
  79. Gates: U.S. can fend off North Korean missile
  80. chinese web filter stolen from US company
  81. S. Korea Prepares to Counter Attacks
  82. Funny Glenn Beck made Theme
  83. Iran protests getting hectic
  84. Dems vote down missle defense funding
  85. Twitter
  86. Gun rulings on way to supreme court
  87. U.S. Shoots for moon stay
  88. Judge tosses Calif. cities’ recruiter ban
  89. Iranian women march against discrimination?
  90. Iran's leader: End protests or risk 'bloodshed'
  91. Three German Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
  92. Rheinmetall C-RAM Scores Bundeswehr Order
  93. U.S., Venezuela to restore envoys
  94. U.S., Lebanon mull expansion of bilateral relationship
  95. Chinese Unfair Trade Practices (video)
  96. Obama threatens veto of Defense bill
  97. Chavez says U.S. CIA is behind Iranian Unrest
  98. New Clashes erupt in Iran
  99. Iran Blaming Foreigners
  100. Honduras Tense as World Calls for Reverse of Coup
  101. Honduras coup U.S. fault according to Chavez!
  102. Obama's strategies failing in Iran Al Jazeera
  103. Palin stepping down
  104. Signs of Normalcy in Iraq
  105. Iraq's Unsold Oil Fields
  106. Riots in China
  107. Young Afghans leaving afghanistan
  108. 'global warming' fight targets rich; each person's emissions
  109. Family Upset over Michael, I love little boys, Jackson news coverage
  110. Taliban "buying and selling children" for use as suicide bombers
  111. Mass Arrests in China
  112. Iran protests still going
  113. F.B.I Agent arrested over firearms trafficking (Mexico)
  114. Cheney kept CIA program from Congress
  115. A Call to Jihad, Answered in America
  116. Mexico Posts Are Blitzed After Arrest in Drug War
  117. Minnesota men charged in Somali recruiting
  118. Michigan Congressman thinks Obama could cause a 20% jobless rate.
  119. EX-CEO with ties to Rep.Murtha guilty to defrauding Air Force
  120. Iranians held in Iraq by U.S. return home
  121. Ocean's Last frontier?
  122. The CIA Is Keeping Secrets. Hello?
  123. France considers burka ban
  124. Hezbollah caught red handed
  125. Police say Jakarta hotel bombers were guests
  126. Iraqis Cheer for a Team That Again Is at Home
  127. Eastern Europe Is Uneasy Over U.S. Ties With Russia
  128. Still ‘Ugly’ After All These Years
  129. U.S. not to blame for global economic crisis - Obama
  130. Moon landings faked?
  131. ‘Death to China’ and Russia heard in Iran
  132. China boycotts opening of World Games in Taiwan
  133. My American Rant of the Week
  134. More U.S. troops in Colombia irks Chavez
  135. Biden Reassures Ukraine and Georgia of U.S. Support
  136. Protesters lose Court case against West Point
  137. Hillary called a schoolgirl, pensioner going shopping by North Korea
  138. Chavez will send troops to the Colombian border
  139. Iran Plane Crash Leaves 17 Dead, 19 Hurt in Mashhad, AFP Says
  140. Iraq: U.S. Talking to Insurgents?
  141. DoD lawyer: Some Gitmo detainees may come here
  142. Sarkozy hospitalized after jogging scare
  143. Russia will not allow Georgia to rearm
  144. What do you guys think of Obama?
  145. Obama: U.S.-China Ties Shape 21st Century
  146. What happens to Embassies in wartime?
  147. Chavez freezes ties with Colombia
  148. Odierno says Iran changing tactics in Iraq
  149. Soldier Demands Apology from Sen.
  150. Senator Boxer at her finest
  151. Iran state TV confirms arrest of 3 American
  152. Russia To Station More Troops in Kyrgyzstan
  153. obamas kenyan birth cert?
  154. NATO Chief Seeks Russia ‘Partnership’, support Afghan as long as It takes
  155. Shiite group renounces violence in Iraq
  156. Bill Clinton Meets With Kim Jong Il
  157. An very detailed video clip which again explains what Hamas really are.
  158. Letter to Senator Boxer
  159. Ahmadinejad sworn in as president, while protesters swarm the streets
  160. MOD waste £2.5 billion pounds
  161. Venezuela to buy Russian arms, tanks: Chavez
  162. Drug Cartel Grenade Tossed in US Bar
  163. Chavez Urges Military to Prepare for War
  164. India Searches N. Korean Ship for Nuclear Materials
  165. China starts Unprecedented Military Exercise
  166. Russian Navy leads hunt for missing cargo ship
  167. Mich. prison considered to replace Guantanamo
  168. History of Guantanamo
  169. u.s. new civil war ?
  170. Rise in Militia Groups Seen Across the US
  171. Marines to help train Georgian troops
  172. 40% of Key Pentagon jobs vacant critics say a failing grade for National Security
  173. well there goes the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878
  174. Colombia, U.S. Finalize Deal ,Venezuela says winds of war are blowing
  175. Alleged bin Laden Guard Ordered Freed
  176. Russia May Review Air Defense Sale to Iran
  177. China army boss rips U.S. policy on Taiwan
  178. Afghan Vote Declared a Success
  179. China Sends 4 Divisions on Long-Range Exercise
  180. Dam disaster shows Russia 'very far behind': Medvedev
  181. U.S., Japan Agree: Sanctions Affecting N. Korea
  182. Canada Fights Gitmo Detainee's Return
  183. French agent kills captors, escapes in Somalia
  184. Concerned With N. Korea Tests, Russia Moves Air Defenses
  185. Russia Shakes up Problem Missile, half of defense budget spent on it
  186. Lebanese Villagers Force Out Hezbollah Operatives
  187. Bolivia wants vote on U.S.-Columbia base deal
  188. China wants U.S. to stop surveillance missions
  189. Saudi prince vows to fight terrorism after attack
  190. Women's Rights and the Sharia
  191. NJ mayor in court to keep Gadhafi out
  192. Iran - stonewalling the U.N. nuclear watchdog on "possible military dimensions"
  193. N. Korean Arms Headed to Iran Seized
  194. Sweep Em!
  195. Are we going to be attacked again?,by terrorists on u.s. soil
  196. Hamas condemns Holocaust lessons
  197. Was Russia's 'Arctic Sea' Carrying Missiles to Iran?
  198. U.S., Australia want joint exercises with China
  199. Dems resistance to Afghan troop increase.
  200. Welcome to Camp Hamas
  201. Chinese flag NOT to fly at White House during China's visit
  202. Crisis looms in Russia's armed forces
  203. Ahmadinejad: Iran won't halt nuclear work
  204. Sudanese woman convicted of wearing trousers freed
  205. Russian Neo-Nazis
  206. The Warlord in His Castle
  207. Aeromexico jet carrying 104 hijacked in Mexico
  208. Weapons plane' detained in Indi
  209. Black Sea Port Is Flash Point for Georgia and Russia
  210. Pelosi questions Afghanistan troop surge
  211. Kyrgyz president endorses mission at Manas
  212. Putin Calls an Attack on Iran 'Unacceptable'
  213. Vladimir Putin hints that he could return to lead Russia until 2024
  214. Militant attacks and gunbattles in Caucasus violence
  215. Afghan Detainees Can Question Detention
  216. Israel "will not hold back" when attacked, holds Lebanese government responsible
  217. Now That Russia Is Losing...
  218. Russia to Detain Georgian Ships Off Abkhazia
  219. W.H. collects Web users' data without notice
  220. West faces a proxy war in distant deserts of Yemen
  221. Tory: Our £30bn of war cuts
  222. Obama Wants to Extend Patriot Act Provisions
  223. Independent investigation of ACORN
  224. Agency says Iran can produce nuclear bomb
  225. Venezuela Gets $2.2B Loan for Russian Arms
  226. Thousands protest march in Iran
  227. Analysis: Advantage to Russia in US missile move
  228. Obama: Health care anger not motivated by his race
  229. The mad adventures of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez
  230. Russias offical response to missle defence cancellation
  231. Pres. Obama to avoid Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad at UN
  232. Israel's army chief: All options on table vs. Iran
  233. President Barack Obama's confusion over Afghanistan
  234. Ahmadinejad Warns Iran Will Confront Any Attack
  235. Al-Qaida predicts Obama's fall by Muslim nation
  236. Obama to world: Don't expect America to fix it all
  237. Taliban/al-qaeda pissed--must read
  238. Dubious Afghan Vote Drove U.S. to Revisit Strategy
  239. Obama: Iran has secret nuclear facility
  240. White House Again Threatens Veto Over F-22, F-35 Engine, VH-71
  241. Opposition candidate wants more troops in Afghanistan
  242. fla governor and swine flu
  243. Iran test-fires short-range missiles
  244. Longer School Says Obama
  245. Photos Of G20 Summit
  246. Gates urges no timeline for leaving Afghanistan
  247. Iran test it's most advanced missiles
  248. A War President?
  249. Leader of the Free World no more
  250. Marine widow needs act of Congress to let her, son stay in States