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  1. Iran put nuclear site near base in case of attack
  2. Musharraf: Troop debate shows U.S. weak
  3. Bolton: Foreign policy now big problem
  4. Arizona Christmas Tree Causeing Trouble
  5. Ukrainians Want to Follow US Bootprints
  6. Somalia's al Shabaab rebels declare war on rivals
  7. Growing number of China incursions into India lead to a strategy change
  8. McCain: Time is running short for Afghan decision
  9. Administration mulls next step in Afghanistan
  10. U.S. Could Send Army Patriot Missile Unit to Poland
  11. Council split complicates Obama's Afghan decision
  12. Why can't America be tough, like France?
  13. U.S. Congress puts pressure on Obama over Afghanistan
  14. Afghan review jeopardizing U.S. troops
  15. Revealed: millions spent by lobby firms fighting Obama health reforms
  16. Reform Opposition Is High but Easing
  17. Pakistan army readies for major offensive against Al-Qaida and Taliban
  18. Hillary Clinton dismisses Gen. McChrystal's assessment
  19. Nobody Likes Us? Who Cares?
  20. No cure for this Arab-Muslim sickness
  21. vp bidden opens his mouth
  22. Jones: Troop levels only part of Afghan policy
  23. Big, ominous win for Iran
  24. Obama’s Afghanistan Test – by Michael Reagan
  25. Obama’s Disarmament by Stealth – by Matt Gurney
  26. President Obama won’t walk away from war in Afghanistan
  27. Campaign vow meets Afghan reality
  28. American forces in afghanistan abandoned
  29. Prepare for the Iranian bomb
  30. Congress needs McChrystal's candid advice on Afghanistan
  31. The White House finds a four-star scapegoat for its Afghan jitters.
  32. Oef page - individuals us
  33. Russia Plans Shift in Nuclear Doctrine: Reports
  34. Obama has McChrystal's resource request
  35. The president fiddles, Afghanistan burns
  36. Source: Obama leans toward limited troop boost
  37. Iran to 'blow up the heart of Israel' if attacked
  38. Russia admits problems during large scale exercise
  39. Pointless Nobel prize reveals how President Obama is lost in his own mystique
  40. Iran supporting Taliban in Afghanistan
  41. McCain: Troop buildup needed in Afghanistan
  42. It's McChrystal clear
  43. N. Korea Fires 5 Short-Range Missiles: Official
  44. Iran Nuke ‘Conceivable’ This Year
  45. Israel mulls cutting arms sales to Turkey
  46. Obama Advisors Downplay Strategy Risks
  47. Palestinians say hopes in Obama 'evaporated'
  48. China and Russia sign missile notification pact
  49. Daughter Of Ahmadinejad Adviser Seeks Asylum In Germany
  50. 35 ACTIVE Terrorist Para-Military Camps in United States
  51. 'Russian NATO' Holds 1st Exercise
  52. Obama Cancels Plans to Attend Berlin Wall Anniversary
  53. White House casts doubt on Afghan reliability
  54. Gates: Afghanistan war strategy should come first
  55. Subject: Bush and Obama
  56. Pakistan's army makes deal to keep anti-U.S. militants from fight in Pakistan
  57. Obama cites higher hope for Afghanistan democracy
  58. Senate OKs transfer of Gitmo prisoners for trials
  59. Iranian-American academic gets 12 years in unrest
  60. U.S. Will Never Accept a Nuclear-Armed N. Korea: Gates
  61. Pakistan hits Taliban; urges NATO to seal border
  62. Iran has Issues
  63. NATO Chief Warns Against Inaction in Afghanistan
  64. China mulls military options over hijacked ship
  65. Is Obama pushing the wrong buttons?
  66. Russia Pledges To Continue Arms Supplies to Iran
  67. NATO ministers back McChrystal assessment
  68. Of climate control and one-world gov't
  69. Troop-Boost Plan Gains Backing
  70. Kerry: General's war plan goes too far
  71. Obama says he won’t rush Afghan decision
  72. KFC 'colonel' dupes UN security
  73. Afghan Strategy Emerges Ahead of Obama Decision
  74. French Officers Sued Over Casualties
  75. We're Waiting, Mr. President/Obama Must Provide Better Leadership on Afghanistan
  76. So much for that veto threat -- Obama to sign Defence bill
  77. Obama, Chiefs Meet Today on Afghanistan
  78. Gates may be Swing Vote on Afghanistan
  79. Italy convicts Air Force O-6 in CIA kidnap case
  80. Obama's Unrealistic Afghan Assumptions Before the surge, Iraq's Maliki also wasn't co
  81. Pakistan models defy Taliban with 1st fashion week
  82. NZ lawmaker sculpted in cow manure
  83. Iran charges three Americans with espionage
  84. Chávez tells Venezuela to get ready for war with Colombia.
  85. Anti-Terroist Investigator ordered to remove documents from web site
  86. Ft. Hood shooter Hasan May Have 9/11 Mosque Link
  87. Saudi navy blockades north Yemen coast
  88. Charles Taylor 'duped' by Nigeria
  89. FBI to investigate alleged threat against Baird
  90. U.S. forces struggle with Washington’s perceptions and reality in Afghanistan
  91. Gordon Brown confronted by grieving mother Jacqui Janes over Afghanistan
  92. Iran condemns Oxford for honoring slain protester
  93. Fort Hood was "act of terror"
  94. Obama, Ditherer-in-Chief
  95. US pursues 'Iran-linked' charity
  96. Iran issues tacit warning to Saudi Arabia over attacks on rebels
  97. Obama - To Bow or not to Bow
  98. Carter defends his handling of Iran hostage crisis
  99. Gadhafi hosts Italian women, tries to convert them
  100. Kabul buzzes with life, even under threat of attacks
  101. Covering up jihad
  102. Creating an image of weakness on Islamism
  103. Obama Web site claims stimulus jobs in non-existent places
  104. Afghan Attorney General to Indict Five Leading Politicians
  105. In N.Y. trial, a treasure trove for terror
  106. Russian Defense Funding Level Unprecedented: Putin
  107. Behind missed Gitmo deadline: No one wants jailees
  108. Pakistan Demands US Share Afghan Blueprint
  109. 200 English Sites Spread Al-Qaida Ideas
  110. Hillier to Obama: Listen to the commander
  111. Russia 'is now a criminal state'
  112. Chavez to Fidel Castro: Venezuela Awaits You
  113. Waiting on Obama's Plan
  114. LTC (Ret) on Fort Hood
  115. Obama's Date Nights
  116. Pelosi: Americans Would Accept More Red Ink in Exchange for Jobs
  117. LTC (R) Allen West
  118. The White House's unprecedented use of 'unprecedented'
  119. Karzai renews call for Taliban to lay down weapons
  120. Funny SNL skit
  121. Pak President Turns Over Nuke Authority
  122. Obama’s hopes of 10,000 more Nato troops to join Afghanistan surge ‘are unrealistic’
  123. Is imam a terror recruiter or just an incendiary preacher?
  124. We ain't seen nothing yet,( list of the unprecedents Presidents lack of any action)
  125. Dubai banks given extra liquidity
  126. John Kerry the Buffoon
  127. Somali Camps Eyed as Threat to US
  128. Rev. Guards Said To Take over Iran Forces in Gulf
  129. Obama Takes First Step in Banning All Firearms
  130. Liberal (Labour) vs. Conservative (Tory)
  131. Pakistan military moving to undercut Pakistans Pres.over his close U.S. ties
  132. Official: Obama ready to suggest Afghan endgame
  133. Afghan officials fear talk of exit strategy
  134. UN slams 'discriminatory' Swiss minaret ban
  135. Clues in Russian Train Bombing Point to Caucasus
  136. Euros Say No to More Afghan Troops
  137. Obama in handcuffs, Treaty could allow president to be tried for War crimes
  138. notable moments of the speech about the surge
  139. Where Are The EU?
  140. Searching in Vain for the Obama Magic
  141. Obama team now talking surge
  142. Gates Explains July 2011 Milestone at Senate Hearing
  143. Obama is headed for chaos in Asia
  144. Barack Obama’s plan is seriously flawed. We need more
  145. Matthews Apologizes for 'Enemy Camp' Remark
  146. Gordo Snubbed by Wounded Soldiers During Visit
  147. Gates: 2-4 years of big Afghan role for forces
  148. Thousands protest in Iran, battling police
  149. Putin talks of possible return to presidency
  150. Obama’s withdrawal announcement will encourage the Taleban
  151. FBI agent missing in Iran — 1,000 days and counting
  152. McCaffrey: Afghan commitment up to 10 years
  153. Repatriation ceremonies Keep away from our memorials, town tells MPs
  154. FBI takes US terror probe to India and Pakistan
  155. Video Request: Muslim Cleric/Imam Telling It Like It Is
  156. is this the new internal police force-rand group study
  157. Winchester to Deliver 200 Million 40-Cal. Rounds to Homeland Security
  158. Obama's citizenship case reaches the supreme court
  159. What a Leader Sounds Like
  160. United States drawn against Iran for basketball worlds
  161. Unashamed Blair confirms his critics' claims on Iraq
  162. Fire raining from above.. Graphic photos
  163. looks like health care will pass-please call your senaters
  164. Climategate and global warming
  165. these are type of guys running our goverment
  166. Pink Calls Prince William a redneck
  167. Pro-Iranian hackers hit Twitter and opposition websites
  168. Colombia says Chavez smokes crack
  169. gangs in the u.s. ,the real problem
  170. Iran opposition figures arrested after protests
  171. Government
  172. British Hostage Peter Moore Freed In Iraq
  173. your not going to beleive this
  174. guys what is NORTHCOM?
  175. White House Stops Arms Shipment
  176. maybe winning the lottery isn't a good thing
  177. Ahmadinejad: Iran and Syria will create a new world order
  178. Some video that I had not seen yet -Jap Whalers
  179. PzychoSixx,overloading the system-the real goal of this goverment
  180. islam4 uk banned
  181. Torture Tape Implicates UAE Royal Sheikh
  182. its ''google time'' funny or ?
  183. navy seal trial moved to iraq
  184. John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Inaugural Adress
  185. dmaxx, What's your take on this?
  186. Fuckwad ACLU Strikes
  187. Logic Question
  188. are there really islimic training camps in the u.s.?
  189. Story of The Star Spangled Banner
  190. The Incredible Shrinking Obama
  191. RAND corp-''obamas'' U.S.police force
  192. We need more heros
  193. Chemical Ali" Executed, Iraq Announces
  194. Italians and French on Haiti
  195. State of the Union Recap
  196. Syrian Al-Qaeda Wanker Whacked
  197. Time to Stop Ignoring Chavez
  198. Venezuelan Meltdown Has Consequences
  199. Horn of Africa Update
  200. Gates: Panel has one year to plan for end to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’
  201. Somali Pirates Feast On Gamblers
  202. No Rules for Radicals
  203. West 'pushing for new UN sanctions against Iran'
  204. Iran Update
  205. Iraq elections in disarray after court ruling
  206. Hilary Clinton rejects US-Iran prisoner swap proposal
  207. The Revolutionary Holocaust- Live Free.. or Die
  208. Pakistan Update
  209. North Korea Update
  210. More Like This Coming?
  211. Thailand Update
  212. Racist Dwarfs
  213. Chinese Defense Spending
  214. UK's Iraq inquiry turns focus to Bush officials
  215. Somalia Update
  216. South America Update
  217. Yemen Update
  218. Charlie Wilson Passes Away
  219. WTF Biden?
  220. Relief workers ate steak, Navajos scraped by
  221. Oldest US death row inmate dead in AZ
  222. Israel Update
  223. IAVA's aptly named "Storm the Hill" gains lawmakers' ears
  224. Interesting times indeed.
  225. Russia Update
  226. Algeria Update
  227. "jihad: The political third rail"
  228. China's Arrogance
  229. This Is Act for America
  230. N Korea and the Congo
  231. Democrats are fucking thieves
  232. Iran Update
  233. Russia, as back handed and dangerous as ever
  234. Oppressed or a breeding ground for terrorism- You tell me!
  235. Israel drones "could target Iran"
  236. Andrew Klavan, Liberalism Exposed: Beyond the Elitist, Preening America-Hating Stereo
  237. US plans 75pc increase in drone operations -03/02/2010
  238. AFGHANISTAN........ it is late show some respect!
  239. Sharp Congressional Critic of Blackwater Rescued
  240. Afghan mission and broader role for military divide Germany
  241. Jordaian in Al-Qaeda Terror plot
  242. Israel's Alleged new war on Islamic sites
  243. Somali has 43% living on less than $1.00 a day.
  244. A cool $60 milloin for somali pirates
  245. HAMID GUL warns over Afghan/US corruption
  246. South America Update
  247. Al-Qaeda influence grows in Arabian Peninsula
  248. Algeria Update
  249. Obama to trigger nuke option on healthcare
  250. Ethiopia famine aid 'spent on weapons'