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  1. Russia-China War Games [Media]
  2. Stryker
  3. AK-47 Worlds greatest rifle?
  4. The Modern Day pirate
  5. fuck me big explosion
  6. Favorite Firefight Clip
  7. Sniped
  8. Afghanistan is picking up eh?
  9. HQ Military Aircraft Wallpaper
  10. 2 Apaches Take Out 9 Armed Insurgents With 2 Hellfire.
  11. Special Forces
  12. Was this an IED? WTF were they thinking?
  13. Striped Hyena
  14. Your favorite Apache clip?
  15. Chinese Navy Requires Supercruising Fighter
  16. Cutting off Taliban Bankroll (opium)
  17. Iraq's M1 Abrams.
  18. What we do in Iraq
  19. Real or Simulated A-10 video?
  20. DRS Super Map
  21. French Commandos Capturing Pirates (video)
  22. Privately owned Su-27 in U.S. ?
  23. BlackWater
  24. Lol they got away witht hat in te old days
  25. First Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) Being tested
  26. Cool M1A1 Video
  27. Fired up, Feel Good: Awesome song/cadence
  28. USMC Cadence: Momma can't you see
  29. China´s massacre in Spratly islands (real footage 1988)
  30. 11-year old sets record field stripping Ar-15
  31. Confessions of a Terrorist
  32. Indian and Black Wehrmacht Soldiers?
  33. Jump picture interesteding
  34. Cdn field engineers. First NATO troops into Kosovo. That must've worried the Kosovars
  35. A couple of minutes taken on video of my flight around Ft. rucker.
  36. Guess what No1
  37. Guess what No2
  38. Help uploading video
  39. Boeing F-15SE Marketing
  40. Iraqi Police Getting Chewed The Fuck Out
  41. Guess what No3
  42. Michael A. Monsoor Memorial Footage (Navy Seal)
  43. Guess what No4
  44. Funny Military Pictures
  45. U.S. Navy SEAL Cadence
  46. Navy SEAL recruitment photo
  47. Navy SEAL Paul Tharp trains in ocean
  48. SEAL Extraction Video
  49. Fallujah veterans discussing urban combat.
  50. Apacheclips.com|New Leopard Evolution
  51. Apacheclips.com|damage from AA gun - Afghanistan '80
  52. Guess what No5
  53. Special Forces on Horseback
  54. Guess what No6
  55. Wounded Warrior Diaries
  56. Guess what No7
  57. British Army Pathfinders - Afghanistan
  58. Have I found Satan's Daughter?
  59. MarSOC in Action
  60. Marine Escapes IED in Afghanistan
  61. I Won't forget
  62. Uk SAS
  63. India Pakistan Wagah Attari Border Closing Ceremony
  64. AC|U.S. Marines in Helmand.
  65. Some awesome Civil War Photos
  66. Civil War Photos I Have Taken
  67. UKC/Kosovo Liberation Army
  68. Military Dogs
  69. Army Cadences: Hail Oh Infantry
  70. U.S Army Cadences: Down By the River!
  71. Airborne Rangers-Army Heard You Callin'
  72. U.S Army Cadences: Pick Up Your Weapon!
  73. US Army Cadence Aint no use in looking down
  74. Women in the MIlitary
  75. Syrian Armed Forces
  76. World War I
  77. 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
  78. Tiger Attack Helicopter
  79. The Ka-50 Black Shark helicopter
  80. Army Special Forces
  81. Jordan World's Largest Special Ops Training Camp
  82. British Armed Forces
  83. EA-6b Prowler
  84. RAF Harriers
  85. Guy on right also a marine?
  86. Merkava 4
  87. What U.S. Troops are doing today
  88. Guess what? 10
  89. Pictures of U.K. soldiers in action
  90. Pictures of U.S. soldiers in action
  91. Today in Afghanistan
  92. F-16 Images
  93. Daily pics from Afghanistan
  94. Stryker
  95. Pak Army fighting the bad guys!
  96. Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA
  97. Invasion of Dagestan
  98. Toy Soldiers
  99. Combat Controllers
  100. Japanese War Art From The Pacific
  101. 8km U.K. supply convoy in Helmand
  102. Canadians in Action
  103. Pictures from the past and not too distant past
  104. How Was YOUR Summer?
  105. 2 Rifles in Helmand photo's by Michael Yon
  106. Terror attack on
  107. Pictures of SAS in iraq and SBS in afghanistan.
  108. The French are at it again!
  109. Nothern Ireland Operation Banner 1989-2007
  110. AH-64 Apache pictures & Videos
  111. Guess what 10
  112. Civilian Life During War
  113. Falklands War
  114. Finnish Defence Forces introduction vids
  115. Guess what 11
  116. Infidel Military Babe of the week
  117. Military of Chile
  118. apache shot down
  119. American soldiers discuss the attacks that made them amputees
  120. I love this woman, just see.-
  121. Australias Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan
  122. Community Poll: Should we post this Vol1?
  123. Yemen Conflict
  124. Watch all of it.......and, pass it on!!
  125. God among men
  126. Tiger Uppercut!!!! Vegas Metro Style!
  127. What kind a weapon would do that kinda damagae
  128. Apache Tailgater
  129. German Army In Afghaniatan
  130. Lucky Dust Off-Army’s 82nd Airborne Division Medivac team
  131. Suspected Suicide Bomber Surrounded and Shot Dead by Marines
  132. Transit bus fight i am a motherfucker
  133. IDF In Action
  134. Fresh Prince WIN
  135. I like this guy. A liberals worst nightmare
  136. Grate afgan pics!
  137. Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World
  138. high speed video of bullets in flight, in ballistic gel and on soft and hard targets
  139. creating my video upload
  140. Random Special Forces Pictures
  141. You Must Watch this video before the powers may be pull it
  142. HD infantry training video.
  143. Pics from Afghanistan...a must see for everyone
  144. Meet the heavy
  145. Hippy Killer
  146. Just for fun fuck yeah!
  147. Fighter Jets over the M5 in pursuit of ufo
  148. Paliwood Propaganda
  149. Iron man & ACDC vs Dirty dancing
  150. Star trek "lethal atmosphere"
  151. It's good to be the Mexican drug lord!
  152. Fool Your Neighbors faux war machine
  153. Pictures you will remember
  154. The enemy is at home‏
  155. German photos of Battle of France, 1940
  156. 74 more oil spills!!!!
  157. The Mi-28
  158. Eritrean and Ethiopian SU-27 combat vid
  159. Special Forces Raids
  160. Your are not a goat, Be gone Sir Elton.
  161. Fantastic
  162. II
  163. Now some of these are hilarious
  164. US Secret Raids
  165. WW2 Soviet pilot found in bog
  166. Stories of a now fairly silent war
  167. Big cheese
  168. Open close with the Enemy
  169. June 6th
  170. Voices of the past 6th June
  171. IED victims ANA
  172. My first video Voyager
  173. Ultimate Military Collection
  174. Firecracker Hell
  175. Partially ejected co-pilot B/N (he lived)
  176. Fabio Capello
  177. Vietnam war compilation
  178. Stryker Hat Cam
  179. More military decoys.
  180. Super Terrafugia Transition ‘Flying Car’
  181. PUT THIS VID ON MAIN PAGE! BRITISH soldier sprawls in the dust with his face bloodied
  182. UAV Madness
  183. Virgin Galactic's VSS Enterprise First "Captive Carry" Flight
  184. Darth Vader Bank Robber
  185. Perocity's Aircraft Hanger
  186. Instruction Center Jungle War (CIGS) of the Brazilian Army
  187. Looking for a FLIR video (REQ)
  188. Bad ass RC F-16
  189. Kick ass ten year old guitarist.
  190. Looking for a WW2 Picture
  191. Movie making software
  192. land sea and air (2 of 2)
  193. Land sea and air (1 of 2)
  194. Freaky FARC C-4 explosive collar bombs
  195. Best Videos On AC
  196. Chinook shoot down with rangers on moutain side vid?
  197. highway of death
  198. help identifying Marine pendant
  199. A new way to amputate your leg.
  200. Excellent War Surgery video . 8 parts.
  201. Stryker-Flight of Icarus
  202. Unknown Pic
  203. Shepherds of Helmand - the film
  204. June 2005 seal ambush
  205. PBS Frontline
  206. Nov. 26.-27.-28.,2010 - Afghan, coalition forces destroy tunnels in Helmand
  207. a Canadian-Hungarian in Afghanistan
  208. Christian woman faces death for blasphemy
  209. Operation "Bison Paly Off 2" - French operation - Nov. 21-24.,2010. Afghanistan
  210. Isaf sof
  211. Airbus - A 400 M
  212. Ak-47 Shot to head, the dude is alive and awake!!
  213. fresh pictures from dec. 16-21., 2010.
  214. Request-Pictures of Forward Operating Bases
  215. XM25 from today - Dec. 22., 2010.
  216. Tribute to PARARESCUE - great video!
  217. Rolling Into Baghdad On An Abrams Tank - requsted by Eris
  218. Ho-Ho-Ho-Hoooooo
  219. and another great new compiled XMAS video
  220. Christmas Messages from Camp Bastion, Kandahar
  221. Christmas in Iraq
  222. Christmas in Kuwait
  223. Afghanistan today...Dec. 25., 2010. - sudden attack
  224. First person shooter
  225. America's Next Super Hero
  226. Goddamn right
  227. Apache Graffiti
  228. Sabi (or Sobi) the lost and found dog....
  229. Tribute to Draken, old Finnish Airforce jetfighter
  230. Looking for pictures/clip
  231. Apache Graffiti II
  232. the FA Cup in Camp Bastion
  233. various Special Forces pictures, some old and new but they all are very good.
  234. Multinational Medical Unit in Kandahar, Afghanistan
  235. New US Marine Uniforms for Female Soldiers.....I WISH!!!
  236. Deadly battle at Ong Thanh, Vietnam War
  237. FLIR of happy hunting i call it "running of the mice"
  238. Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan - now available to ORDER!
  239. US patriotism....
  240. Shatto's One-Hour 2,000 foot Commute
  241. Vaughan Smith: Blood and Dust ---- a MEDEVAC documentary
  242. Tribute to Col. Robert L. Howard ("Bob")
  243. Craig Morgan uses military training to save two children
  244. Come A Little Bit Closer...
  245. female ANP
  246. Can't Give This War Away: Photojournalism from Iraq
  247. AH-6 Apache compilation
  248. Benjamin Tupper: Dudes of War
  249. 2011,March.08. - Picture Comment Contest
  250. The Kindergartener and her Marine Brother