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  1. Which countries DO have WMD's?
  2. First B2 Bomber Crash!
  3. Because they can't do it themselves
  4. Trident Missile
  5. Patriot Missile
  6. US has a UFO
  7. Incredible image
  8. Look at this military ship
  9. SU-27 Test videos
  10. Bionic Vision!
  11. First "Force Field"
  12. Future Weapons M.O.A.B.
  13. Go inside China's military; the world's fastest-growing
  14. Pentagon faults China military secrecy
  15. Shoulder Missile [VIDEO]
  16. F-18 Take off video
  17. China to raise military spending
  18. [Document Link] Pentagon Report on Chinese Military 2008
  19. 'Humans will make contact with aliens within two decades,' say astronomers
  20. U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba
  21. Feature: 5 Future Military Technologies
  22. French Shoulder Fire Missile [Video]
  23. Human Exoskeleton (AWESOME)
  24. F-22 Raptor VS SU-37 VS SU-30 VS Eurofighter Typhoon
  25. Who would win war U.S. or China?
  26. Who has better space technology, the U.S. or Russia?
  27. U.S. Military Strategy
  28. Why are China, Russia and Iran in bed together?
  29. BigDog Quadruped - Future of military warfare robotics
  30. Nikola Tesla
  31. ockheed's Orlando training unit wins 3-year Saudi military contract
  32. Examples of Military HUMANITARIAN efforts
  33. Pentagon Heavy Airlift Chopper Designs
  34. Air Force Plans to Switch Fuel for Coal
  35. 6 killed by U.S. copter may have been allies
  36. Endeavour heads home after fond farewells
  37. Interesting M1 Abrams and Iraq facts?
  38. Most amazing MILITARY ROBOT illustrations!
  40. Mig-35
  41. US Mistakenly Ships ICBM Parts to Taiwan
  42. Pilot hurt in jet breakup sues Boeing
  43. Report: Petraeus Won't Request Troop Cuts
  44. Eurofighter typoon
  45. U.S. jets escort Russian bombers off Alaska coast
  46. US Warplanes Attack Militia Strongholds in Iraq
  47. US receives ticket for spacejunk
  48. Flat out awesome picture
  49. SR-71, awesome story
  50. SR-71 Blackbird VIDEO
  51. Russia shoots down Georgian UAV/Spy Plane
  52. New GRIPEN aircraft
  53. Mission to prove Europe's sat-nav
  54. Iran Expelled from Military fair
  55. Turkey Launches Raids in North Iraq
  56. India EMERGING in space? Multi-satellite launch!
  57. Misplaced 5billion in Pakistan?
  58. Japan warship begins China visit
  59. Chavez calls for Venezuela-Russia Alliance
  60. Russian bomber flights to Cuba
  61. Iraq oil surplus 80billion+
  62. Life on MARS? Maybe not :(
  63. Shuttle Replacement 2014
  64. Russian Military conquering GEORGIA
  65. "PLASMA" stealth technology?
  66. India teaming with Russia for 5th generation fighter?
  67. Invisibility cloak
  68. Poland and U.S. Missile deal
  69. Robot Wars!
  70. Fly faster than light!
  71. Bad news; Russia threatens U.S. space program
  72. Israel's Red Line: The S-300 Missile System
  73. Military: Mind-reading
  74. Iran launches satellite?
  75. Seductress Spy
  76. Will the U.S. and Russia go to war?
  77. Russia continues to be stupid
  78. M4 jamming issues?
  79. Will the U.S. win the war?
  80. F-35 Helmet Display System! CRAZY
  81. No Aircraft carrier is safe from the "Sizzler"
  82. Robotic Suits!
  83. "hard-headed engagement" with Russia
  84. $1bn to rebuild Georgia?
  85. New CIA 'FACEBOOK'
  86. Russian Bombers land in Venezuela
  87. The Arctic War
  88. Virtual Training
  89. Robo Warfare Begins
  90. The new cold war?
  91. U.S. losing superpower status?
  92. U.S. and TAIWAN ARMS DEAL!
  93. Eurofighter vs F-22 Raptor
  94. China Copies Russian Ship Technology For Use and Profit
  95. Iraq,Afghanistan.
  96. Army warns of TWITTER DANGERS?
  97. U.S. considers implications of NUKE DECLINE
  98. Marine returns to combat after near death experience
  99. Special Forces, stories from behind enemy lines
  100. Why are some people so afraid of Barrack Obama?
  101. Iraqis preparing to take control! Good Sign
  102. Venezuela buys 24 Su-35 "Flanker-E" ,100 T90 tanks to boost power
  103. Next Generation Japanese Aircraft
  104. Russian Missles in Baltic
  105. Rafale sattelite Launcher!
  106. Green Force Tracking : Army Chat software
  107. China Copycat Nation at it again!
  108. new A160T Hummingbird UAVs
  109. Wall Street Pain Coming to Military
  110. Long Live U.S. Imperialism
  111. Iraq Plans to Expand Airforce
  112. Aurora: Going Hypersonic
  113. Russian Military Thread
  114. Space Security and Defense Conference Dec 8-9 2008
  115. Book Reveals Failed Delta Hunt for bin Laden
  116. Military Events & Shows
  117. John Jay on the biblical view of war
  118. 3 Bali Bombers were executed today
  119. Obama denies Poland missile vow
  120. Twenty Die on Russian Submarine
  121. Screw you Iran, the end.
  122. China asks world to give them all their technology!
  123. new military version of youtube?
  124. Israel soldier gets 21 days in prison ... for yawning
  125. Soldier blogging from iraq, "I'm going to die."
  126. PAF F-16s to participate in Exercises in Turkey
  127. Pentagon launches its own version of YouTube
  128. Drone armies
  129. Alliances between India and Quatar
  130. How long until a full unmanned airforce?
  131. U.S. Army Orders 17 Shadow 200 UAV Systems
  132. China wants aircraft carrier!
  133. Poland gets patriot missile in 2009
  134. F15e Radar modernization by Raytheon
  135. Time to replace M4?
  136. Ship to be named after Michael Monsoor, HERO
  137. Russian Aircraft Carrier
  138. NASA hosting competitions for college and high school students
  139. Touching WWII Story
  140. More reason to 'hate' the chinese.
  141. US Navy Launches New High Speed Vessel Program (JHSV)
  142. Islamic fighters vow to rescue hijacked Saudi tanker
  143. Jihadi Killer Hour Tonight Guest Michael Yon
  144. U.S. wants to develop and launch cheaper sattelites
  145. Interplanetary Internet? NASA has the ideas.
  146. Best sniper in history?
  147. India shot thai trawler not pirate ship
  148. Network Security Breaches Plague Nasa
  149. U.S. Marines in Iraq - News We're Not Getting
  150. Pastor Manning On Tonight’s “Jihadi Killer Hour” - New Vids: “This Imposter, This Fel
  151. USS Nautilus
  152. Picture of russian Special Forces
  153. Spy planes take on Taliban fighters speaking in Brummie and Yorkshire accents
  154. Searchers Say 139 Marine Graves Found
  155. Russian Warship Using Panama Canal
  156. Thanksgiving day, the Marine Corps way
  157. About that 500 tons of yellow cake uranium in Iraq
  158. The Third Jihad
  159. Sunday Night Jihadi Killer Hour … Michael Yon is tonights guest
  160. The War Grows (Afghanistan)
  161. San diego Jet crash
  162. "Kill Bin Laden"
  163. Marines & the CHP
  164. F35 Inferior to Russian & Chinese planes?
  165. Family members coming home
  166. John Ashcroft at the Hudson Union Society
  167. Iraqi Spokesman Thanks U.S. for Sacrifices, Details Way Ahead
  168. 'Glad he's finally coming home'
  169. Reserves etc?
  170. Special Event: Christmas With The Troops
  171. Russia gives Lebanon 10 mig fighter jets for free
  172. British troops to leave by may 31st
  173. Great War Movies?
  174. Secret US military data was disclosed thanks to porn images
  175. PBS: FrontLine
  176. Afghanistan: British Troops Wear Santa Hats to Fight the Taliban After Being Attacked
  177. Phosphorus Charges Rebuked
  178. Something the regular media won't print or report
  179. Hamas and Israel Cease-fire
  180. North Korea issues warning to Seoul?
  181. Phosphorous in Gaza?
  182. Should Guantanamo really be closed?
  183. Military Books
  184. China building military bases in Iran!
  185. Afghanistan War
  186. Video
  187. Medal of Honor Recipients Snubbed by Commander
  188. LRRP/ ranger /recondo school footage circa vietnam era
  189. DDG-1000 Zumwalt
  190. Ross Kemp Return to Afghanistan ISSUE!
  191. Video of modern ranger /special forces training
  192. Soldier refuses return to Iraq
  193. War in Iran
  194. Anybody thinks these guys were extreme reckless?
  195. Marine 1 blueprints found on file sharing network
  196. Shell shock - what do you guys think of this clip?
  197. Ross Kemp - Part 3
  198. Movie embedding now 100% working - well apart from ...
  199. What happend here? Your thoughts
  200. A-10 Compilation
  201. Indian Stealth Warship halted by US Ban
  202. New Reaper Sensors Offers a Bigger picture
  203. Chinese harass U.S. ship
  204. China & U.S. Confrontation on high seas
  205. China & U.S. Sea incident
  206. Army or Marines?
  207. A Marine, a Navy SEAL, and an Army Ranger get captured
  208. What's an Army/Marine officers life like?
  209. What exactly do Army Special Forces/Green Berets do?
  210. Meaning behind U.S.-China Standoff
  211. How strong is the Chinese Military?
  212. Japan sets sail on anti-piracy
  213. British SAS vs Navy Seals
  214. Delta and British SAS
  215. Virginia class vs diesel powered subs
  216. What do Army Rangers do?
  217. U.S. Reconsiders "2-war" readiness strategy
  218. Iraq Gun Porn: Which Guns Suck, Which Guns Rock
  219. New f15!
  220. Corny or cool?
  221. Drones Weapon of Choice!
  222. Underground Russian Submarine base
  223. 100bil for U.S. Global Bases
  224. 4 New Destroyers for India
  225. Navy Unmanned Fighter X-47B
  226. U.S. may widen strikes into pakistan
  227. Israeli f-35 electronics
  228. Shot through skull, seal loses eye
  229. 2009 Russia and China War Games
  230. Russian Arms stopped from being smuggled to china
  231. What kind of men become navy seals?
  232. Man vs Machine
  233. F-22 Crashes in California
  234. British Marines shatter 'illusion of enemy safe haven'
  235. Russia building 6 nuclear subs
  236. Bush hit squad
  237. Where the hell is Bin Laden?
  238. Character and the special forces soldier
  239. Three Graphic Stories
  240. Americans kill children
  241. North Korea SUCKS at missile launching
  242. 48 Cylinders
  243. Goodbye F-22
  244. Marcus Luttrell Dog shot?
  245. M65 Nuclear Rifle
  246. Banned Substances sold to Iran by Chinese
  247. 500+ US Military Field Manuals
  248. F-35 can beat S-300 SAM
  249. Air Force agrees to Obama cutback
  250. USS Liberty atacked by Isreal