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  1. WWII commando finally gets his Bronze Star
  2. Ahmadinejad pushes new world order
  3. US general charged with adultery, other sex crimes
  4. Hezbollah commander killed in Syria
  5. Turkey shelling Syrian military sites
  6. Syrian civil war
  7. Long-missing Colo. Marine buried with full honors
  8. The syrian sunnis terrorist are losing
  9. U.S. sends troops to Jordan to monitor Syrian chemical weapons sites
  10. Russians caught sending troops/arms to Syria
  11. Role Model
  12. Russian Special Forces Arrive In Syria to Crush Rebels
  13. Blast in Afghanistan kills 19 en route to wedding
  14. U.S. Army Europe Returns to Force-on-Force Training
  15. Suspected USS Cole bomber faces military court
  16. U.S. Soldier Gives Life to Save Afghan Girl
  17. Reuters: CIA officials in Libya made key decisions during Benghazi attacks
  19. Soldier team wins world sniper competition
  20. US says Iran fired on US drone over Gulf
  21. Chinese Carrier Aviation Makes it to 1945
  22. *major site update*
  23. Parents of Marine jailed in Mexico recieves extortion phone calls
  24. Marine Jon Hammar back on US soil after release from Mexico prison
  25. Sad news, Gen Norman Schwarzkopf dead.
  26. Doctor Says Former Marine Jon Hammar May Have Died in Mexican Prison If He Had Stayed
  27. Military leaders lift ban on women in combat roles
  28. US fighter jet missing on training mission
  29. Soldier who lost 4 limbs has double-arm transplant
  30. Israel conducts airstrike inside Syria, government officials say
  31. Reports: Ex-SEAL Kyle fatally shot on gun range
  32. Chris Kyle, Former Navy SEAL, Shot and Killed at a Texas Shooting Range
  33. Mugshot of Chris Kyle’s Murderer Formally Charged – Bail Set At $3 million
  34. New mobile counter rocket artillery and mortar system (c-ram)
  35. Thousands are expected to attend memorial service today 2/11 for Navy Seal Chris Kyle
  36. Chris Kyle To Be Buried In Austin After 200-Mile Funeral Procession
  37. SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Blasts Government, Says He's Been Abandoned
  38. Bear Over Guam
  39. GOP Senator's Backing Gives Hagel Enough Support To Be Pentagon Chief
  40. Government Plans For Drastic Expansion of Domestic Mini-Drones
  41. F-35 Fleet Grounded After Engine Crack Found
  42. US Deploys Troops To Niger To Set Up Drone Base
  43. With Odds Of A Draft Remote, Lawmakers Say Millions Spent On Registration Is A Waste
  44. US Military's Mystery Space Plane Continues Classified Mission
  45. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead, VP says
  46. Hungarian SOF bid farewell, receive NATO medals
  47. USS Monitor sailors to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery 150 years later
  48. US WWII veteran who captured Japan's Tojo dies; keeping him alive to face trial
  49. Official says 5 US troops killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash
  50. Navy Prowler aircraft crashes in Eastern Washington; typically carries crew of 4
  51. Hagel unveils $1B plan to beef up missile defense, eyeing new sites on East Coast
  52. Commander encouraged by anti-Taliban uprising in heavily contested Kandahar Province
  53. Afghan police officer reportedly kills 2 US troops, 3 Afghans in 'insider' attack
  54. Senate committee approves assault weapons ban
  55. 7 Marines killed during explosion at Nevada's Hawthorne Army Depot
  56. At least 26 reportedly killed in alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack
  57. Attacks across Baghdad kill at least 56, wound more than 200, Iraqi officials say
  58. NATO soldier shot injured by Afghan
  59. 3 Marines, including gunman, dead in shooting at Marine Base Quantico
  60. Vet who saved many in Iraq couldn't escape demons
  61. CH- 46 Sea Knights Depart Bonhomme Richard One Last Time
  62. Bob Beckel calls on CBS, ‘Amazing Race’ to apologize for Hanoi episode
  63. Train the Crows Trainer, Turrent Gun Operators!
  64. The ultimate sacrifice: Texas Marine awarded Silver Star posthumously
  65. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dies after suffering stroke
  66. Navy cancels Blue Angels shows for 2013 due to sequester
  67. Drone crash in Nevada costs US Air Force nearly $10 million
  68. Chinese Troops 20 Kilometers Across Disputed Border: India
  69. Bill Ayers Equates Killings They Did and Attempted Bombings as Mere Property Damage
  70. Sign this petition now please.
  71. Message to All Department of Defense Personnel from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel
  72. hello
  73. US F-15 crashes in Japan; pilot ejects safely
  74. A-10 done?
  75. Blue angles to start up again next season
  76. Iranian Fleet Sailing Toward US?
  77. Militants accidentally set off own car bomb at training camp in Iraq
  78. Bergdahl, is released after five years
  79. Petition to free Marine from Mexico prison, Please sign so he can come home suffer n.
  80. Starting a Poll - Is Bergdahl a Deserter or a Traitor
  81. POLL: Should the West place Troops on the ground in Iraq, again.
  82. Isis alqaeda training camps once destroyed now reestablished on Obamas watch
  83. What Aircraft Would You Replace AC-130 with and What Armourment Should It Have
  84. Marines Turning KC-130 Refuelers Into AC-130 like attack aircraft
  85. Obsolete Hogs, not so obsolete