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  1. JDAM Test
  2. Video: Sirte Rocket Artillery
  3. Video: WWII Propaganda (test upload from youtube)
  4. Video: Marine Corps Gas Chamber
  5. Video: Detroit Entrepreneur Plans 200-Acre Zombie Theme Park
  6. Video: Virginia State Police chase and wreck
  7. Video: Chinese Shit In Their Pants Fighting Vietnamese - (China-Vietnam War 1979) - RAW FOOTAGE
  8. Video: China-Vietnam War.Вторжение Китая во Вьетнам.
  9. Video: (Chechnya) Spetsnaz operation
  10. Video: Iraq War footage (Graphic Content)
  11. Video: Road of Death in Iraq 2nd test
  12. Video: the big fuck!
  13. Video: Convoy PQ17 (Part 1/3)
  14. Video: Can Afghan Army Fight Taliban Alone?
  15. Jordanian MP Pulls A Gun On His Critic During Live TV debate
  16. Video: The sacrifices US Military Tribute WATCH!
  17. Graphic: Artillery collapses building
  18. French Troops in Intense Firefight in Kapisa
  19. Marines in Afghanistan HD : Real Combat
  20. Test MSR bronze outside Al Asad Iraq
  21. Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun!
  22. Video: explosive crossbow
  23. Video: twst
  24. Blacks love some walmart
  25. Video: testing
  26. Video: Daisy Cutter in Vietnam
  27. Video: Tsar Bomba - King of the Bombs - 57,000,000 Tonnes of TNT
  28. 1955 Creepy Nuclear Test! 1 of 2( 2 part test)
  29. Video: Test WMV marine speedload
  30. Testing
  31. Video: 1/23 SSP IRAQ VIDEO
  32. Helmet camera firefight in Afghanistan
  33. A-10 vs. Taliban Bikers
  34. Fierce Taliban Biker Warriors!
  35. Video: Intense Firefight in Korengal Valley, Afghanistan
  36. Video: Suicide Bomber Kills 22, Including Ahmad Khan Samangani, AFGANISTAN - EXCLUSIVE NEWS & PHOTOS
  37. Video: U.S. Soldiers Pose With Bodies Of Suicide Bombers In Afghanistan
  38. Video: Suspected Suicide Bomber caught with grenades in Abuja Nigeria
  39. Video: Breaking news -Suicide bomb' kills Syria Defence Minister Daoud Rajiha.
  40. 70 JDAM Strikes
  41. Video: No Title!
  43. Video: test
  44. Video: This is a test
  45. Test
  46. Video: Testing again.
  47. Video: same
  48. Video: test
  49. Video: 2-12 Infantry JDAM drop on Taliban Fighters
  50. Photo: Lets create a slideshow
  51. Photo: Lets make a slideshow
  52. Photo: Lets make a slideshow
  53. Video: Armed robbers get owned by Marine
  54. Video: Operation EL DORADO CANYON 1986 Libya
  55. Video: Air Force Shark Defense
  56. Video: dropping flares HD test ?
  57. Video: Mig-23 Flogger shoot down.
  58. Video: avi test
  59. Video: mpg test
  60. Video: CRAZY Helmet Camera footage Special Forces
  61. 9 JDAMSs vs Taliban compound
  62. Video: Testing AVI
  63. Video: Eurofighter Typhoon 2012
  64. testing
  65. Video: test
  66. Video: tasta
  67. Video: testing
  68. Video: Test 2
  69. MP4 File
  70. Video: WMV file
  71. 3gp File
  72. MPG file
  73. Video: AVI 2 Testing
  74. Video: air force test
  75. Photo: asfasdf
  76. Video: test wmv 3
  77. Video: test
  78. IED Blast in Damaskus
  79. NATO operative posing with dead Libyan rebels
  80. Absolutly Amazing taliban smackdown
  81. Cockpit View: Low flyby.
  82. Man jumps out of burning tank
  83. * HELMET CAM * - Marines Heavily Ambushed in Open Field
  84. GRAPHIC * Syria - man with large wound
  85. Direct attack on a UN Convoy
  86. GRAPHIC Suicide bombing with second aftermath bombing
  87. Video: U.S. Navy Seals Conduct Raid @ Coronado's Glorietta Bay, San Diego.
  88. Video: 155's taking out Talibans
  89. Ending a Firefight with Hellfire Missile
  90. Bunch of Taliban with Sniper scoping US Base
  91. Video: 3 MLRS missiles dropped on Sniper
  92. Video: *GRAPHIC* Suicide bomber aftermath
  93. Video: He has vest on aim for the head
  94. Video: cram
  95. Mortars hitting Taliban fighters
  96. Video: Hand granade in cave
  97. Missile launch against sniper
  98. 73rd Airborne Firefight
  99. BOOOM!!! Talban Compond
  100. FLIR Chinnok ths pilot is awesome
  101. FLIR IED color footage IED
  102. Direct hellfire hit on Taliban carrying Mortar
  103. Soldier hit by RPG - Ambushed him
  104. FSA drive-by shooting, take return fire
  105. Video: A-10 West Demo Pt1/3
  106. Video: A10 west demo pt 3/5
  107. Video: Two Syrian army SF soldiers killed
  108. Video: HD Border patrol demonstates the use of RPG
  109. Video: Bunch of people blown up in Damascus
  110. Video: HD US Marines hunt down Insurgence
  111. Video: Chinook pick up - Some pilot
  112. Video: US Soldiers Engage Insurgents in Iraq
  113. Video: Rebels in Aleppo battle Syrian army
  114. The stongest man in Afghanistan (LOL)
  115. Video: LOL russian pilot tries to land in afghanistan
  116. Video: IED after ambush - None got hurt
  117. Grenade fishing fail
  118. Video: Ambushed by Taliban
  119. Video: HMAS Farncomb sinking USS Kilauea
  120. Video: HMAS Farncomb sinking USS Kilauea
  121. Video: Pakistan army bring in their bounty
  122. Antitank missile missfire during firefight
  123. Video: Det. in BMG Boom!
  124. Big Airstrike on Taliban Hideout
  125. Marines in Fallujah - New Footages
  126. Shooting a rocket - oh how pretty it looks
  127. FPS fake russian guy is shooting some gun
  128. Video: A-10 Gila Bend Az (test)
  129. Video: My thank you for the AC 2.0!
  130. GRAPHC - Phantom Fury rare footage
  131. EXTREMLY GRAPHC - Iraq Operation Phantom Fury
  132. Video: Attacking an Taliban / Insurgent stronghold
  133. Video: Get High
  134. Video: 2 KIWI Soldiers KIA Afghanistan, 6 wounded
  135. Video: JTAC Hill A-10 Live munition drops
  136. Video: Jet drops bomb right infront of Camera
  137. Video: Syrian jet strafing Aleppo
  138. Video: Syrian soldier sniped through the heart
  139. Video: 48 Iranian Revolutionary Guard Captured in Damascus
  140. Video: USS John Burke - Destoyed in seconds by Kamikaze
  141. Video: Get off the fence
  142. Video: Thus perished in Chechnya. January 1995
  143. Firefight in Shahwali khan
  144. Great compilation 1 MEF K9
  145. Video: Afghan NDS kill 5 Taliban
  146. Video: Apache rescue
  147. Humor - Don't piss close to a war memorial
  148. Video: Epic Javelin missile Afghanistan
  149. Video: New Rail Gun
  150. Video: Phantom Eye
  151. 8 jdams
  152. Video: A-10 gun cam
  153. Video: hottie with derringer
  154. Video: First look at new HMAS Canberra LHD
  155. Video: WWII Japanese Kamikaze Attacks in Color
  156. Video: Afghanistan Firefight
  157. LZH Firefight in Afghanistan
  158. Video: Large artillery barrage in Aleppo
  159. Aftermath of large bombing run on Aleppo
  160. fsa executing people in syria
  161. Video: Vacations or russian beach
  162. Video: HUMOR - Getting in contact with the Taliban
  163. fsa are destroying christians cemetery
  164. Video: B-24 Liberator
  165. Video: Disgusting!!! popping a boil in the field
  166. Video: Unique videos of Second Grozny Assault. Permsky OMON 1996. 2
  167. Video: Starks Birthday Speech
  168. Video: STRONG WARNING Turn volume down - A10 close air support
  169. NEAR Death experience for trooper in Afghanistan
  170. Video: VOTD: HD Helmet Camera - Firefight in dark village
  171. Video: NEW Israeli air force takes out terrorists
  172. What happens when you wave your hand in Air
  173. Combat Outpost Chergotah
  174. Video: teeny tiny rifle
  175. Video: AK-47 field breakdown & reassembly
  176. Video: Rebels evacuate many wounded
  177. Video: Weapons Company In Hemland province
  178. RAW Rebels injured by Grenade during firefight
  179. Video: Rebels risk there ass to save a dead body
  180. Video: O.I.F. 2 Explosion
  181. Video: HUGE JDAM in Afghanistan
  182. Lets go poop Sgt Nickles
  183. Video: VOTD - Marines in Afghanistan
  184. Video: Greatest Guy ever - Wife tried to assasinate him but...
  185. Video: Syrian prime minister talking with rebels
  187. Video: A-10 gunrun on Taliban position
  188. Video: Firefight between 2-502 INF and Taliban
  189. Video: Inside cockpit footage Kiowa .50 cal amd rockets
  190. Video: HD Recon Unit in ambush
  191. Video: HUGE JDAM in Afghanisatan
  192. Video: VERY GRAPHIC - WW2 US vs Japanese soldiers
  193. Video: VOTD - Helmet Camera, very intense Close combat
  194. Video: Video Released of Fatal Ark. Officer Shooting
  195. HD Footage US Infantry in firefight
  196. Video: Australian Special Forces in heavy combat
  197. Video: VERY GRAPHIC - Officer Shooting Caught On Camera, El Cajon Shooting
  198. Video: HAHA This is what happens if you drive over a cops foot
  199. Video: Blackwater Aviation
  200. Video: Suicide bombers kill 4 in Grozny
  201. Video: Rebel sniped on cam
  202. Video: Graphic mustache execution
  203. GRAPHIC Jesus - These Guys got f**** up
  204. SNIPED - Syian soldier doesn't know how to take cover
  205. Video: Syrian soldier blown up by mine
  206. Video of Kim Dotcom Raid
  207. VERY GRAPHIC wounded man in Aleppo
  208. Video: RAW Rebel fighters take out Syrian army convoy
  209. Video: Rebels fighting with Syrian army close fire
  210. Intense Gunner hit by 2 RPGs
  211. Video Request
  212. Video: HD TOW missile
  213. Video: Targeting dug in enemy with Apache
  214. Video: HD getting reinforced
  215. Video: VOTD - Close Quarter Combat Taliban
  216. Video: Brutal Syrian sniper shoot from roof - weeeee look ma I can fly
  217. Video: Russian Review of F-15 with english subtitles
  218. Video: High Res. - 155 taliban punishment time
  219. Video: Rebels killed by explosion
  220. Gun truck attacking Syrian army outpost
  221. Video: RAW Rebels invading Syrian army outpost
  222. Video: RAW Rebels fight Syrian army in Urban combat
  223. Video: Syrian army sniper gets counter sniped
  224. Video: Allah Snackbar- The Ultamite Remix!!
  225. Video: Two jet fighters escort UFO
  226. Video: part 1
  227. Video: army homecomings
  228. OFF TOPIC - Mexican sports commentator at the olympics
  229. Video: HD - Low flying over carrier
  230. Video: HD Coordinating Apache Gun runs
  231. Video: HD - The things they carry
  232. Video: VOTD - Apache Gun run
  233. Video: Meanwhile in Russia
  234. Video: Protesters getting fucked up
  235. Video: A-10 Action ***Volume Warn***
  236. Video: Canadian Forces Combat Camera
  237. Video: B-52 Night Mission
  238. Video: F-35B First Aerial Weapons Release (2012)
  239. Video: US Marines Fighting Insurgents
  240. Video: Large airstrike in Homs
  241. Video: Swedish Soldiers vs Talibans (Afghanistan)
  242. Video: Sick and tired of being shot at
  243. Video: Angry Dog - This UK soldier gets the suprise of his life
  244. Video: BAAAM!!! IED disposal
  245. Video: JDAM destroys Talbian Position
  246. Video: VOTD - Insight look at Spooky - C130 Gunship
  247. Video: Make Peace or Die, Official 1st Battalion 5th Marines Part 1
  248. Video: Make Peace or Die, Official 1st Battalion 5th Marines Part 2
  249. Video: EFP Hits Millita van
  250. Video: USS KIDD DDG100 Launching a Tomahawk missile.