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  1. U.S. Silver Star Spc. Monica Brown
  2. Australia Victoria cross Mark Gregor Donaldson
  3. U.S. Distinguished Service Cross Erich Phillips
  4. Let us know who your Hero is!
  5. Canada Star of Military Valour Corporal Sean Teal
  6. U.K. Victoria Cross Corporal Bryan Budd
  7. U.S. Medal of Honor Randall David Shughart
  8. U.S. Navy Cross Marcus Luttrell
  9. U.K. George Cross Mark William Wright
  10. U.S. Medal of Honor Gary Ivan Gordon
  11. Canada Medal of Military Valour Chad Gerald Chevrefils
  12. Canada Star of Military Valour Jess Randall Larochelle
  13. Germany Honour Cross 4 recipients
  14. U.K. Victoria Cross Private Beharry
  15. German Offficer dies saving wounded American in WW2
  16. U.S. Distinguished Service Cross Erich Phillips
  17. U.S. Navy Cross Danny Dietz
  18. U.S. Navy Cross Todd Corbin
  19. U.S. Navy Cross Rafael Peralta
  20. U.S. Distinguished Service Cross Jarion Halbisengibbs
  21. U.K. Andrew McNulty No award yet
  22. Australia Commenation for Gallantry Private Trent Ollis
  23. U.S. Bronze Star Anthony J. Schober
  24. U.S. Navy Cross Brady Gustafson
  25. U.S. Air Force Cross Zachary Rhyner
  26. U.K.Conspicuous Gallantry Cross Jonathan Hollingsworth (SAS)
  27. U.K. Conspicuous Gallantry Cross Andrew Radford
  28. Australia Commendation for Distinguished Service Steven Andrew Hall
  29. U.S. Distinguished Service Cross Charles Wyckoff
  30. Father & Son Silver Star Presented the same day
  31. U.K. George Cross Matthew Croucher
  32. U.S. Navy Cross Jordan Haerter
  33. Canada Medal of Military Valour Joseph Jason Lee
  34. N.Z Bill Henry Apiata (SAS),Victoria Cross, Afghaistan
  35. U.S. Navy Cross Mark Donald
  36. First award to Foreign soldier in Germany's history Jonathon Zapien U.S.
  37. Medal Of Honor Marvin Glenn Shields
  38. Medal of Honor Michael Edwin Thornton
  39. Medal of Honor Thomas Rolland Norris
  40. young soldeirs last 4 letters 2 his family before his death
  41. Private Andrew Thomas Troup
  42. U.S. Navy cross Matthew Axelson
  43. New Zealand Gallantry Decoration Phillip Cheater
  44. Australia Sergeant Michael Lyddiard
  45. U.K. Private Paul Willmott Conspicuous Gallantry Cross Afghanistan
  46. U.S. Erik Oropeza Distinguished Service Cross Iraq
  47. U.S. Jason Cunningham Air Force Cross Afghanistan
  48. U.S. Moses Cardenas Silver Star Iraq
  49. U.K. Special Boat Service Secret name Afghanistan
  50. U.S. Jarrett Kraft Navy Cross U.S.M.C. Iraq
  51. U.S. Bradley Kasal Navy Cross U.S.M.C. Iraq
  52. U.S. Jeremiah Workman Navy Cross U.S.M.C. Iraq
  53. U.S. LEWIS "CHESTY" B. PULLER Navy Cross USMC WW2 Korea
  54. N.Z. Neville John REILLY New Zealand Gallantry Star East Timor
  55. Canada Joseph Ruffolo Medal of Military Valour Afghanistan
  56. U.K. Jokini Sivo Military Cross Iraq
  57. U.S. Audie Murphy Medal of Honor 32 other citations WW2
  58. U.S. Stephen Simmons Silver Star Army Afghanistan
  59. U.S. Christopher Waiters Distinguished Service Cross Army Iraq
  60. U.S. Gregory Williams Jr. Distinguished Service Cross Army Iraq
  61. U.S. Brendan O'Connor Distinguished Service Cross Army Afghanistan
  62. U.S. Alvin York Medal of Honor WW1
  63. U.S. Robert Howard Medal of Honor , Nominated 3 different times for differnet actions
  64. Canada William Barker Victoria Cross WW1
  65. U.K. James Harkess Conspicuous Gallantry Cross Iraq
  66. Australia Commando Sergeant “A”, (special forces) Star of Gallantry,Afghanistan
  67. U.S. Timothy Wilkinson Air Force Cross Somalia
  68. U.S. Stephen Bass ,Navy Cross ,(SEAL,SBS) Afghanistan
  69. U.S. Mark Mitchell , Distinguished Service Cross (S.F.),Afghanistan
  70. U.K. Pete Humphreys,Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, Bosnia
  71. Australia Commando Corporal “B”, (special forces) Medal for Gallantry,Afghanistan
  72. U.K. Noel Chavasse, Victoria Cross x2 WW1
  73. U.S. Steven Bennett, Medal of Honor, Vietnam
  74. U.K. Herbert Jones , Victoria Cross, Falklands
  75. U.S. Andre Lucas , Medal of Honor, Vietnam
  76. U.S. Matt Louis Urban, Medal of Honor,WW2
  77. U.K Ian McKay , Victoria Cross, Falklands
  78. U.K. The Mercian Regiment, Afghanistan
  79. U.S. Loren Douglas Hagen ,Medal of Honor, Vietnam
  80. U.S.Michael D. Trapp,Distinguished Flying Cross with "V" device,Afghanistan
  81. U.S. Walter Jackson , Distinguished Service Cross ,Iraq
  82. Canada Sean Hubert Niefer,Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  83. U.S. Willie Copeland , Navy Cross, Iraq
  84. U.S. William Tomlin , Silver Star , Afghanistan
  85. U.K. Shaun Jardine , Conspicuous Gallantry Cross,Iraq
  86. Canada Patrick Tower, Star of Military Valour,Afghanistan
  87. U.S. Andrew Small, Silver Star,Afghanistan
  88. U.S. James L. Day, Medal of Honor,WW2
  89. U.S. Stephen Sanford,Distinguished Service Cross , Iraq
  90. Hero Stuff--Unbelievable
  91. U.S. Neil Sparks , Jr., Navy Cross, Vietnam
  92. U.S. Marco Martinez , Navy Cross, Iraq
  93. U.S. Timothy Nein , Distinguished Service Cross, Iraq
  94. U.S. Scott Montoya, Navy Cross, Iraq
  95. U.K. Jone Toge , Conspicuous Gallantry Cross ,Afghanistan
  96. U.S. James Coffman , Distinguished Service Cross, Iraq
  97. Canada Michael Reekie, Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  98. U.S. Joseph Perez , Navy Cross , Iraq
  99. U.S. Robert Leisy , Medal of Honor , Vietnam
  100. Florida Funeral Honors Navy Pilot 18 Years After Gulf War Death
  101. Enlisted Marine first to receive full honors funeral under new policy
  102. U.S. Daniel Briggs, Distinguished Service Cross .IRAQ
  103. U.S. Donald Hollenbaugh , Distinguished Service Cross,Iraq
  104. U.S. Justin LeHew, Navy Cross IRAQ
  105. U.S. Andrew Lipina , Distinguished Flying Cross, Afghanistan
  106. U.K. Richard Withers, Military Cross, Afghanistan
  107. Canada Michael Denine,Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  108. U.S. Britt Slabinski, Navy Cross, Afghanistan
  109. U.K. Craig Brelsford, Military Cross, Afghanistan
  110. U.S. Dominic Esquibel, Navy Cross, Iraq
  111. Canada Jason Funnell,Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  112. Canada Derek Fawcett, Medal of Military Valour,Afghanistan
  113. U.S. Frederick Ledfors,Distinguished Service Cross, Vietnam
  114. Hero's- ‘Outnumbered and outgunned’
  115. Hero's-Normal humans wouldn’t do that
  116. U.S. Robert Blanton ,Silver Star , Iraq
  117. Canada Collin Fitzgerald ,Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  118. U.K. Wayne Mills ,Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, Bosnia
  119. U.S. Kimberly Hampton , Air Medal, Bronze Star,Afganistan, Iraq
  120. U.S. Pvt. Abel Flores Ortega, WW2 Bataan death march
  121. IDF, Yonatan "Yoni" Netanyahu, Entebbe Raid
  122. U.S. Richard Weinmaster, Navy Cross , Afghanistan
  123. U.S. Nicholas Eslinger ,Silver Star , Iraq
  124. U.K. Hugo Farmer , Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, Afghanistan
  125. Canada John Makela, Medal of Military Valour;Afghanistan
  126. U.S. Andrew Martin, Silver Star,4 Bronze stars w/V,Afghanistan(w/Seal team) Kuwait
  127. Australia Rohan Pugh,Bravery Medal ,At sea
  128. U.K. Timothy Illingworth,Conspicuous Gallantry Cross,Afghanistan
  129. Canada Jay Renaud,Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  130. U.K. Mathew Carter,Military Cross, Afghanistan
  131. Marcus Luttrell
  132. U.S. Jason Jones , Silver Star , Afghanistan
  133. U.S. Brent Morel, Navy Cross , Iraq
  134. Canada Michel Beaulieu,Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  135. U.K. Michelle Norris, Military Cross, Iraq
  136. Canada Derek Prohar, Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  137. U.K. Mark Hammond,Distinguished Flying Cross, Afghanistan
  138. U.S. Anthony Viggiani , Navy Cross ,Afghanistan
  139. U.S. David Hutchinson, Silver Star, Afghanistan
  140. U.K. Simon Cupples ,Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, Afghanistan
  141. U.S. Ray Plasterer,Silver Star , Afghanistan
  142. Canada Yan Dodier , Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  143. U.K. Gary O'Donnell, George Cross X2 Iraq, Afghanistan
  144. Canada Jason Lamont ,Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  145. U.S. Louis E. Fonseca, Navy Cross ,Iraq
  146. U.S. Unnamed SEAL Officer, Navy Cross, Silver Star ,Afghanistan
  147. U.K. Peter Norton , George Gross , Iraq
  148. U.S. John Earl Warren Jr. , Medal of Honor, Vietnam
  149. U.S. Javier Alvarez, Silver Star, Iraq
  150. U.K. Chris Hunter, EOD Tech, Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland
  151. U.S. Peter Charles Lemon, Medal of Honor, Vietnam
  152. Canada Lance Hooper,Meritorious Service Medal,Afghanistan
  153. U.S. Seth Howard, Silver Star , Afghanistan
  154. Why Reporter should not be allowed to be enbeded
  155. U.K. Matthew Tomlinson, Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, Iraq
  156. U.S. Richard Arsenault, Distinguished Service Cross,Silver Star, Vietnam
  157. U.S. Elliot Ackerman, Silver Star, Iraq
  158. IDF,7 soldiers recieve Honor Citations, Operation Cast Lead
  159. U.S. Bruce P. Crandall, Medal of Honor, Vietnam
  160. U.S. Joshua M Bernard, Afghanistan
  161. Canada Matthew Sprague, Meritorious Service Medal , Afghanistan
  162. Netherlands Marco Kroon,Military William Order, Afghanistan
  163. U.S. Tray "Tonto" Ardese, Bronze Star. Iraq
  164. U.S. Tibor Rubin, Medal of Honor, Korea
  165. U.S. Larry Underwood , Silver Star , Iraq
  166. U.S. Mauricio Guevara , Bronze Star w/V , Iraq
  167. U.S. Sholah Yi, Bronze Star w/V , Iraq
  168. Canada Jean-Paul Somerset, Meritorious Service Medal, Afghanistan
  169. U.K. Jason Williams , Afghanistan
  170. U.K. John Harrison,The Parachute Regiment, Afghanistan
  171. U.S. Scott C. Fales, Siver Star, Somalia
  172. U.S. Brian Chontosh, Navy Cross , Iraq
  173. U.K. Samuel ALEXANDER, Military Cross, Afghanistan
  174. U.S. Philip Buswell , Bronze Satr W/V, Afghanistan
  175. U.S. Donovan Camplell , Bronzw Star W/v, Iraq
  176. U.S. Thomas Case , Silver Star, Iraq
  177. U.K. Benjamin Kelly, Miliatry Cross, Afghanistan
  178. U.S. Charles Claude, Bronze Star w/V, Iraq
  179. U.K. Mark Powis, Military Cross, Afghanistan
  180. U.K. Grant Guy ,Military Cross, Afghanistan
  181. U.S. David Sanders, Silver Star, Afghanistan
  182. U.S. Jared Monti , Medal of Honor ,Afghanistan
  183. U.K. Kate Nesbitt , Military Cross, Afghanistan
  184. U.K. James 'Jim' Adamson, Military Cross, Afghanistan
  185. U.S. Jared A. Laurin, Bronze Star w/V ,Iraq
  186. U.S. Paul Archie , Bronze Star w/V , Iraq
  187. U.S. Colin Cremin, Silver Star, Iraq
  188. U.S. Seward Matwick , Distinguished Flying Cross. Iraq
  189. Canada David Quick, Star of Military Valor, Afganistan
  190. Canada ,Shane Bradley,Medal of Military Valour , Afghanistan
  191. Canada Dave Gionet,Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  192. U.K. Steven Nethery,Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, Afghanistan
  193. U.S. Jolly Harper, Distinguished Flying Cross, Afghanistan
  194. U.S. Jason Harrington, Silver star , Iraq
  195. U.S. Jason Jones , Silver Star, Afghanistan
  196. U.S. Michael Keehan, Silver Star, Iraq
  197. U.K. James Malone,Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, Afghanistan
  198. U.S. Joshua Mooi, Navy Cross , Iraq
  199. U.S. Kelly Murray, 4 Bronze Stars W/ V
  200. U.S. Kevin Purtee,Allen Crist ,Distinguished Flying Cross, Iraq
  201. U.S. Mark Quigley, Silver Star, Iraq
  202. U.S. Andrew Roe. Iraq
  203. U.K. Gavin Simmonite, Afghanistan
  204. U.S. Greg Ruske , Afghanistan
  205. Canada Joseph Sylvain,Medal of Military Valour, Afganistan
  206. U.K. John Ballance, Military Cross ,Afghanistan
  207. U.S. John Vanlandingham’, Silver Star, Iraq
  208. U.S. Jonaathan Yale,Jordan Haerter,Navy Crosses, Iraq
  209. Canada Gerald Killam,Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  210. U.K. Richard Cantrill, Miliatry Cross, Afghanistan
  211. SFC William Woods and Sheriff Glenn Boyer
  212. MG Robert Scales Speech
  213. U.K. John Lester, Queen’s Gallantry Medal, Afghanistan
  214. U.S. Matthew Ritenour , Silver Star, Afghanistan
  215. U.S. Ken Thomas, Silver Star, Iraq
  216. U.S. Jose Rodriguez, Silver Star, Iraq
  217. U.K. Andrew Leaver, Military cross, Afghanistan
  218. Canada Érik Dubois,Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  219. Australia Matthew Locke, Medal for Gallantry, Afghanistan
  220. Australia Trooper X , Iraq
  221. Canada Joseph Bordeleau, Medal Of Military Valour, Afghansitan
  222. U.K. Noel Connolly, Miliatry Cross, Afganistan
  223. U.S. Gary Littrell, Medal of Honor, Vietnam
  224. U.S. Winston Cover ,Distinguished Service Cross, Vietnam
  225. U.S. Brian Stann, Silver Star , Iraq
  226. U.S. Larry Thorne, Bronze Star,5 Purple Hearts, Vietnam
  227. U.K. Kate Nesbitt , Military Cross,Afghanistan
  228. Canada Michel Beaulieu ,Medal of Military Valour,Afghanistan
  229. U.S. Jon Hilliard, Silver Star, Iraq
  230. U.S. Norman Inch II, Silver Star, Iraq
  231. U.S. Brendan McGuire, corpsman , Iraq
  232. U.S. Ross Pixler , Silver Star, Iraq
  233. U.S. Rodney Evans, Medal of Honor , Vietnam
  234. U.S. Sean Bennet, Silver Star , Iraq
  235. U.K. Gajendra RAI, Military Cross, Afghanistan
  236. Canada Joseph Gonneville, Medal of Military Valour , Afghanistan
  237. U.S. Christopher Dean , Silver Star, Iraq
  238. U.K. Torben Sorensen Military Cross, Afghanistan,
  239. Canada Stéphane Girard, Medal of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  240. U.S. Ralph Ettinger , Navy Cross , WW2
  241. Canada Joseph Grenier, Medal of Military Valour ,Afghanistan
  242. U.K. James Spooner , Military Cross , Afghanistan
  243. U.S. Luis Fonseca , Navy Cross, Iraq
  244. U.S. John Johnson, Distinguished Service Cross ,Vietnam
  245. 'Taking fire the whole night'
  246. U.S. Brian Cillessen, Sivar Star, Afganistan
  247. Australia Harry Riddell, World War 1
  248. Canada David Shultz, Star of Military Valour, Afghanistan
  249. U.S. Travis Atkins ,Distinguished Service Cross, Iraq
  250. U.S. Steve Reichert (sniper) Bronze Star W/v Iraq