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  1. Coping with the fear of death?
  2. Joining the Military...
  3. Military Quotes
  4. 7 Unusual Military Animals
  5. Marine and Wife killed in own home
  6. Historic Civil War fort finds itself needed again
  7. A quick 5 facts about the apache helicopter !
  8. Great insight into Army Special Forces
  9. Matt Axelson
  10. James Suh - Memoriam
  11. INS Plans to Deport Wife of GI in Iraq
  12. N. Korea missile launch toward U.S. feared
  13. Hitler's stealth fighter
  14. Are fallen soldiers not getting enough media attention?
  15. Sailor gunned down on sentry duty, Navy says
  16. Medal of Honor Recipients July 4th
  17. Soldiers boxers going to museum
  18. Where's the U.S. Army during the recent Helmand Marine offensive?
  19. Who said ACU's don't work?
  20. This guy is badass end of story
  21. Special Forces final exam
  22. U.S. Navy's new uniform
  23. Robert S. McNamara Dead
  24. Army: Standards of Medical Fitness
  25. Study: No best way to deal with stress
  26. Navy SEAL recruiting
  27. 9 years of wrongful imprisonment Marine still struggles
  28. Heroes
  29. Pentagon will not examine Taliban deaths from 2001
  30. Parliament thanks 3 Commando Brigade for Afghanistan tour
  31. French army falling apart, documents show
  32. Iranian general: troops ready to ’sacrifice our lives’
  33. Canadian Spec. Ops. In Jamacia
  34. Another faker
  35. U.S. Service members of the year
  36. Wealthy arm their yachts with military-level security
  37. Childhood friends reunite in the Army
  38. Nuke Missile crew discharged after falling asleep
  39. Some questions about being a helicopter pilot
  40. Tour de France path to carry Armstrong, others near some U.S. bases in Germany
  41. Green Beret to get Soldier's Medal
  42. Training the FBI’s tactical elite [HRT]
  43. India: Russian Ammunition Duds
  44. UK Soldiers Fly In 'Cut And Shut' Helicopter
  45. DEA in Afghanistan
  46. Motorcyclists' thundering salute to our soldiers
  47. US-Cuba Exercise held
  48. Few dare win
  49. Hero SEAL breaks his silence
  50. U.S., 11 countries create airlift wing to handle Afghanistan trips
  51. Two lives blurred together by a photo
  52. SEAL Completes His First Space Walk is there anything they can't do
  53. USCG, Brits Make $55 Million Cocaine Seizure
  54. Another Colorada Faker claiming POW ?
  55. U.S. debating private guards for Afghan bases
  56. The Making of an Agent
  57. US: Fight for us, you may need us
  58. IG: Military, KBR at fault in electrocution
  59. Airman fights for job after surgery mistake cost's him his legs
  60. Col. tries to eat 40-year-old C-ration pound cake
  61. Extreme sports used to help war veterans
  62. Troops get free movie screenings
  63. 3-war vet from Ohio killed in home invasion
  64. Marine vet. group urged to purge fakers
  65. 2 Vietnam vets return from Iraq deployment
  66. Hero Thread (They deserve more respect)
  67. Does TBI merit a Purple Heart?
  68. Generous in life and death MOH recipient remembered
  69. Active-duty Ranger, 63,honored for career spanning 45 years
  70. Sister's Incident with a Vet
  71. Airmen Save Girl's Life After IED Blast
  72. Last Australian MIAs From Vietnam War Found
  73. Russia:will be the reliable guarantors of peace and stability in region and all over
  74. 58 years later recieves Distinguished Service Cross
  75. Afghanistan-bound soldiers honour Falklands comrade
  76. Woman receives heart from fallen Ranger
  77. Russian general confirms sub patrols near U.S.
  78. CIA Special Activities Staff
  79. Johnny Micheal "Mike" Spann
  80. The Battle of Qala-i-Jangi
  81. General Grapples With Loss of Two Sons in the Army
  82. Fun in iraq videos thread
  83. West Point ranked No. 1 by Forbes magazine
  84. 2 Coastguardsmen on track to become SEALS
  85. Last British WWI infantryman buried, lauded
  86. Want to be an ATF agent?
  87. NY Church Bars Flags on Vets' Coffins
  88. Russian Railway Troops 158 years old
  89. Mixed martial arts fighter wins battle to stay in Army
  90. Army Ranger catches DUI driver who hit him and his familiy
  91. Gen. wants faster deployment of unmanned robots
  92. Army Employee Marks 55 Years of Service
  93. Dad, son prep for yearlong Guard deployment
  94. rockford airshow ,aug 22-23 2009
  95. Identical twins retire after 100 years of service
  96. Another Soldier who refused to deploy gets jail time
  97. New Coast Guard National Security Cutter
  98. Women in Combat
  99. Marine Mountain warfare training
  100. RAF Helicopter News, updates
  101. Snipers
  102. Russia Firing 200k Military Officers
  103. Coast Guard sends 19 cubans home after catching them in a go fast boat
  104. Polish Gen. Quits Over Afghan Policy
  105. Language differences, crowded radio channel impede air support
  106. Ballistic missile sub rescues mariners
  107. Friday Mornings at the Pentagon
  108. A French Soldier about Americans
  109. "Army 360 "live-action video game appeal to the Army’s game-loving foot soldiers.
  110. Old GM plant to repair Air Force Jet Engines
  111. 29 Palms Marine receives Navy Cross
  112. Another P.O.W. faker?
  113. RAF team detonates massive WWII bomb
  114. Canadian guns support U.S. forces in Afghanistan
  115. Malmedy question
  116. Calley apologizes for role in My Lai massacre
  117. R. Lee Ermey isn't buying anyone's political objector status.
  118. Destroyer Stout drills with Turkey, Israel
  119. Guardsmen rescue man trapped in burning truck
  120. Severe War burns aside 7 years later he gives wife dream wedding
  121. Top US General praises British troops
  122. Remains of missing Korean War soldier returning
  123. Soldiers jumped into action after D.C. crash
  124. Robot Makes Rounds at Army Hospital
  125. Canadians troops in Haiti (hellhole trust me)
  126. Top prosecutor orders probe into interrogations; Obama shifts onus
  127. Marines in Iraq Await Afghan War Call
  128. RAF Merlin crews prepare for Afghanistan
  129. Combat controllers teach Estonian and Swedes for deployment
  130. Vietnam vet to receive forgotten Silver Stars
  131. Soldiers Train for Hybrid Warfare
  132. Copy cats-MarPat-like cammies show up on Iraqi troops
  133. Army to get rid of paper money in Iraq, Afghanistan
  134. Vietnam vet re-enlists, deploys with wife
  135. The dogs were believed to have been living on the streets for about three weeks.
  136. SOCom announces major changes
  137. Camaraderie,The Brotherhood of Combat
  138. EOD tech overcomes massive injuries to retire, picture says it all
  139. Pakistan destroys suicide bomber training camp
  140. Brown pledges extra troop support
  141. For the Fallen
  142. Medevac units fly in thick of battle
  143. MoD Cuts Rule Out Using 'live' Ammo
  144. British Army Hero Sells Medals To Buy Home
  145. Aussie soldier leads the way out of minefields for poor Afghans
  146. Ceremony notes anniversary of start of WWII
  147. Turkey Pledges More Noncombat Soldiers for Afghanistan
  148. Updated Tommy Atkins Poem
  149. Smugglers Dump Drugs, Set Boat on Fire
  150. Lewd Guards Fired
  151. N. Korea says uranium program near completion
  152. Corps: No new charges against Hadithah O-5
  153. Airbus Subsidies Ruled Illegal,affect tanker deal
  154. Forced to shrink, Army National Guard gets pickier
  155. 'Malingerer' Gets 90 Days Hard Labor
  156. Dogs help with PTSD
  157. Gay former sailor says hazing led to PTSD
  158. WWII pilot to search German farm for lost wings
  159. Faker impersonates Marine to get money
  160. Man fires cannon, hits neighbour's house
  161. Purple Heart
  162. Marines Enhance Warfighting Skills
  163. U.S. Coast Guard interdictes suspected illegal migrants
  164. Look at this junk mail I got
  165. ''hurt locker'' the movie
  166. Adoption Program Lets Working Dogs Become Pets
  167. SBS lead raid to rescue journalist
  168. Wrecked WWII patrol boat found off NC coast
  169. CG Makes High Wind Cliff Rescue
  170. WW1 site at Fromelles excavation ends after 250 bodies recovered
  171. Canadian Armoured truckers: Taking care of business
  172. University of Georgia football team will honor Ga. Guard unit
  173. Rockets hit Israel from Lebanon, no casualties
  174. Disabled vets plan ‘virtual march’
  175. CNN looks like fools Ha ha
  176. Look Who is Ranked #1 College
  177. Tu-95 MS's intercepted by F15's
  178. Future of tac-air integration unclear
  179. 13 Afghan women training to be police officers by MOD making history
  180. A Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Presidency?
  181. White House Postponing Hard Calls on War
  182. Afghanistan's 'civilian surge' fizzles
  183. Ambushed Marines' Aid Call 'Rejected'
  184. Army's uniform fares poorly in Army camo test
  185. Third Army partners with Kazakhstan Army during Steppe Eagle
  186. World War II POW, now 75, feels urgency to share story
  187. The life and death of Sgt. 1st Class Jared Monti
  188. Aussies may allow females in front line combat roles
  189. Arctic Sea ‘arms ship’ at it again
  190. Obama: No Quick Decision on Troops to Afghanistan
  191. Adimeral Mike Mullen Upset At Vetrans Affairs of Handling "Unseen" Wounds
  192. Mother of a Wounded Warrior Speaks Out Against VA's Treatment of Son
  193. Water Projects In Afghanistan Have Created New Problems
  194. Law Says Marine Widow Can't Stay in US
  195. US family told their son died in Afghanistan combat, later learned he's ALIVE
  196. Living MoH recipient possible, Gates says
  197. Submariner Awarded Bronze Star for duty in Iraq
  198. One-time enemies become brothers in Iraq
  199. Pilot gets medal 57 years after attack
  200. Remains of Civil War GI Returned Home
  201. China says its weapons comparable with West
  202. The last post: Inside a military morgue in Helmand
  203. Army's top inventions of 2008 including EFP defeating Armor
  204. Air Force combat search and rescue needs to grow, not shrink
  205. Sherman tank found during Philippines dredging
  206. Iranian Military Planes Crashes in Annual Parade
  207. US-Iraqi Partnership Growing
  208. Officials Worry US to Fight Wrong Fight
  209. S.F. soldier makes MMA T.V. debut tonight
  210. Officers more likely to receive combat medal
  211. WWII pilot gets wish for final B-24 flight
  212. Latest Russian Army media releases
  213. S.F. soldier wins by Submission in MMA
  214. Reaction to women on subs mixed
  215. Flag burner duct taped to flag pole by Vet's
  216. Memorial wall to fallen Royal Marines unveiled
  217. Gen. McChrystal talked to Obama once
  218. US Air Force's class of 2009: pilots who won't fly
  219. Army Honors Gold Star Mothers
  220. Archeologists Unearth Roman Artifacts
  221. Canadian medics on U.S. Medevac helo's
  222. Coast Guard medevacs crewman from submarine
  223. More offical Russian Military press releases
  224. Rangers win Chilean Army patrolling Competition
  225. Still no charges for accused Colo. faker
  226. The no-nookie rule in Afghanistan
  227. Flight Lieutenant Victoria Anderton adds to Gordon Brown's woes
  228. House Votes No Gitmo Detainees in US
  229. Yobs Abuse Bomb Blast Hero
  230. Defense bill has 2nd round of bailouts,2.7 Billion in non defense spending
  231. Authorities: Activist claimed false medals
  232. Memorial caretaker faces Stolen Valor charges
  233. Iraqi forces seize 140 insurgent suspects in Mosul
  234. Give heroes their due
  235. Defense review could decide future of Corps programs
  236. Man turns in 105mm shell at police station
  237. UAV pilots, operators qualify for flight pay
  238. Coast Guard cutter seizes $1.6M in marijuana
  239. McHugh: 'Failure is not an option'
  240. Patrolling for the enemy
  241. Army vet donates $1.5m to VA hospital
  242. Obama, GOP at odds over Afghan troop increase
  243. AF wife nabs robbers via Webcam
  244. The Viper Strikes Again
  245. Bob Barker Donates $3 Million for Brain Injury Center
  246. Families exiled by Saddam return to Iraq
  247. Women in Navy are bubble heads?
  248. NCIS debunk Deserter's War Stories to get disability for PTSD
  249. N. Korea Swiftly Expanding Its Special Forces
  250. Authorization Bill Kills Big U.S. Defense Programs