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  2. is this true? army ranger micheal behenna?
  3. Interesting Laser Video
  4. This Week in American Military History
  5. Thinking of joining the Canadian Forces
  6. Real Heroes-Book Army
  7. The A-10 - breakdown - must see
  8. How to attach images to your post
  9. Unanswered Questions About Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  10. IDF Flying Ambulance-Rescue without human touch
  11. USNA in uproar over player’s drug test
  12. how I made 150 bucks/day reading best home based business opportunity
  13. PR governor calls on Nat'l Guard to fight crime
  14. Wounded Warrior: Blind Soldier Becomes Company Commander
  15. Top officers in the firing line as MoD forced to face cuts
  16. Ex-POW in Iraq war recalls nightmares, depression
  17. U.S. military copter crash in Germany kills 3 crew members
  18. Govt Plan To Join Forces With France
  19. Fury At PM For Failing Our Boys
  20. Israeli Women Soldiers Break the Silence
  21. Fix Bayonets!!!!
  22. Good military trap - Picture included
  23. Iran and Iraq exchange bodies of soldiers killed in war
  24. BCT overhaul: Changes coming to Basic Combat Training
  25. The Forever War
  26. Top Canadian military official charged with murder
  27. Civilian questions I have
  28. Convoy Simulators
  29. Anti British sign ?
  30. Cutting out Burger king
  31. Mother who refused to deploy UPDATE
  32. New US Army 'UCP Delta' camo
  33. This Week in American Mil History
  34. Lynn Honors Australia’s War Dead
  35. Pinup girl makes helping veterans her mission
  36. Camp Lejeune's ex-residents, many ill, only now learning of toxic water
  37. Man who tested Agent Orange now lives with consequences
  38. The Missing Link In Arab Armies
  39. Army probes 5 soldiers on poison allegations
  40. Iranian Navy Good luck
  41. Face of Defense: ‘Snake Man’ Embodies Humor
  42. This Week in American Mil History
  43. Car thieves shot after ramming Luke AFB gate
  44. Keep The Noise Down And Stop Complaining
  45. Need some advice for becoming a pilot
  46. Combatives
  47. Has the last fighter pilot been born?
  48. No MiG-29s, Please
  49. Lions lead by donkeys- thank god for American Forces
  50. Cavemen Conquered
  51. Parents of Pentagon gunman warned authorities
  52. Fucking Spaniards of NATO
  53. Israeli Combat Collection Corps
  54. China Says It Is Slowing Down Military Spending
  55. This Week in American Military History
  56. These Boots are made for Patrolling
  57. Recession dries up job expectations for returning veterans
  58. A widow's story
  59. Friend: Suspected US al-Qaida member grew radical
  60. Ex-Marine sues Calif. city to get back police job
  61. Explosions kill 35 in southern Afghan province
  62. think someone i bullshiting me...
  63. Hero's each and every one
  64. XBox Saved My Ass
  65. General Calls Civilian Casualty Reports ‘Groundless’
  66. army with eczema?
  67. The Elite Asymmetric Warfare Group
  68. New Protocol to Provide Early Brain Injury Detection
  69. Freedom Achieves Third Caribbean Drug Seizure
  70. 'Abandoned Spouses Hotline' program may become a model
  71. Russian Army Rebuilding Stumbles
  72. Prince Harry hopes to join troops on Pole trek
  73. Dutch fuming at retired US general's gays comment
  74. Pretty Women Threatened Chinese Air Power
  75. Fucking Cunt
  76. Basic Gets Back To Basics
  77. Afghanistan Battle-plan Ready to "Ramp up" for next phase
  78. His Humans rights or firing squad
  79. GI killed in 1965 to be buried at Arlington
  80. Don't hear too much about these guy's.
  81. Soldiers Question Leaving Body Armor Off
  82. No ammo! surviving on raw courage a bayonet
  83. Statement of General James T. Conway Commandant of The Marine Corps
  84. Afghanistan Troop Level to Eclipse Iraq by Midyear
  85. NY judge: CIA can keep secrets despite ACLU demand
  86. Pain Killers
  87. Pentagon rebukes general for opposing repeal of 'don’t ask, don’t tell' law
  88. Disabled Veteran Trains for Inaugural Warrior Games
  89. Army changes basic training to deal with gamer generation
  90. Conway Concerned With Gays in Barracks
  91. Memory lane
  92. Obama Nominates NY Times Chief Accused of Leaking National Secrets for Army General C
  93. Russia Update
  94. 3 Para train in Kenya ahead of Afghan deployment
  95. Marine’s dad ordered to pay protesters who demonstrated at sons funeral court fees
  96. North Korea Update
  97. Russian Bombing Update
  98. US test-fires Trident missile in drill with Saudis
  99. Mumbai Trial Update
  100. US Navy plane crashes in Arabian Sea
  101. No formal reprimand for general who pushed gay ban
  102. Greeters...
  103. Time Waster: Junked Russian Military Items
  104. Guard Daughters Hold First ‘Sisterhood’ Conference
  105. Traitor Hasan Update
  106. New Mexico orders more guardsmen to border
  107. New DVD Helps Children Deal With Deployment
  108. Kandahar members run for charity
  109. Wives roll to Range 500 for “Jane Wayne Day”
  110. Army: Gays Can Be Booted if Speak Up
  111. a sad day in F-14 Tomcat history
  112. ROTC May Return to Stanford
  113. Hawaii traitor's selling China military secrets trial to begin
  114. Decided To Try And Apply To the Canadian Armored Division.
  115. Military aiding Mexico in fighting drug cartels
  116. Lying Charges Dropped Against 2 SEALs
  117. Troops question impact if gay ban is lifted
  118. Veterans' next battle: finding a new job
  119. Russia Sends Paratroopers to Air Base in Kyrgyzstan
  120. VA doc accused of sexually assaulting patient
  121. Blind Gilbert veteran is inspiration to many
  122. Up to 250,000 Gulf War vets complain of ‘unexplained symptoms’
  123. MP unit tarnished by Abu Ghraib scandal returning to Iraq
  124. Life Comes Full Circle for Soldier
  125. Army goes after birther officer who refused deployment
  126. Israeli officials say Syria gives Hezbollah Scuds
  127. Teen shoots for the big-time with air rifle
  128. Mom of US man charged with terrorism speaks out
  129. Soldier charged with making threats in rap song to be discharged
  130. Costs soar for compensating veterans with mental disorders
  131. VA laboring under surge of wounded veterans
  132. Once branded a coward, he fights for PTSD victims
  133. German prosecutors drop Afghan probe
  134. 18 veterans commit suicide each day
  135. Vet gets prison for faking paralysis to avoid Iraq
  136. Iran drops bid for UN Human Rights Council seat
  137. Mortuary Specialists Bring Angels Home
  138. Military could quell Chicago?!
  139. Navy to allow women to serve on submarines
  140. BP welcomes military help for larger Gulf oil leak
  141. Soldiers become first to receive German honor
  142. Navy Pilot's Last Act: Saving 3 Crew Mates
  143. Pirates Flee as Somali Militia Moves In
  144. High Court Says Memorial Cross Can Stay
  145. 38 years after dying in Bat 21 rescue vet returns home
  146. Mullen apologizes for comments on wounded care
  147. Death for man convicted of killing family of GI
  148. First female officers headed to subs feel blessed
  149. 27 months for phony SEAL, phony PTSD
  150. Former Marine protests Westboro funeral picketers
  151. USAF Activates New MC-12 Unit in Afghanistan
  152. Fighter’s Marine record exaggerated
  153. WWI memorial cross stolen from Mojave National Preserve By Leo Shane III, Stars and
  154. A Bullet, a Son's Need, a Mother's Love
  155. Hold fire, earn a medal
  156. Captain acquitted in deaths of 2 Iraqis
  157. Insanity defense includes false SEAL claim
  158. RKG-3 Efficacy
  159. 26 vets finally being laid to rest in Mich.
  160. On shooting the enemy wounded ( Do or Don't)
  161. Vietnam War Hero Recommended for MOH (recommended 40 years ago but it was lost)
  162. Dem Senate candidate may have lied about service in Vietnam
  163. Horrors of war drove VC holder to try to kill himself
  164. Hyper-Realistic Training-- Warning GRAPHIC
  165. Man faked his way into Army as an NCO
  166. Bogus Marine's Home Sold at Auction
  167. In blindness, soldiers find new niche in military
  168. C. Guardsmen become service’s 1st SEALs
  169. Why people lie about military service
  170. In Canada once more, U.S. troops fleeing war
  171. Tenn. Iraq vet’s statue vandalized again
  172. Interesting Novel "Apache"
  173. Poland welcomes U.S. troops, Patriot battery
  174. Supreme Court gets papers in Snyder lawsuit (Westboro Case)
  175. US Soldier Beaten After Reporting Crimes
  176. Couple may face eviction over flag display
  177. Army Vet, 80, Shoots And Kills Armed Burglar
  178. 3 accused of identity theft of dead troops
  179. How We Bury the War Dead
  180. What Happened Here?
  181. Countdown to Armed Forces Day - 26 June 2010
  182. a special thanks to these women at arlington natl cemetery
  183. WWII Navy vets share experiences every day
  184. Last continuously serving Army officer with Vietnam experience retires after 40 year
  185. Bundeswehr Might Be Cut By 100,000 Troops
  186. 3 German EOD techs killed
  187. Sen. candidate misstated Navy record
  188. Service for UK Armed forces' Personnel
  189. Dunkirk
  190. Dover castle and tunnels 70 years on
  191. The hero they never knew
  192. Is it possible to download Military Videos From Apache Clips?
  193. 2 Para's clothing for winter in Afghanistan
  194. DOD opposes Navy name change
  195. Specialist accused of providing Apache attack video to Wikileaks
  196. Soldier died doing what he loved
  197. Last surviving hero of the Great Escape dies aged 97
  198. Iranian troops building fort in Iraq
  199. UFC fighter helps train battlefield Airmen
  200. Top 10 battlefield tactics
  201. Col.'s Wife barred for undercutting morale
  202. Taliban try executing Afghan Government Leaders
  203. Bill would blunt bans on Blue, Gold Star flags
  204. Former E-5 fakes being a Col., Fighter Pilot, and recieving medals
  205. Specialist accused of providing Apache attack video to Wikileaks
  206. Lost WWII battlefield found -– war dead included
  207. Arlington Grave mix up
  208. Korea vets recall oft-ignored war 60 years later
  209. Air Force major get's 4 months in jail for using Pot
  210. Can I get some help
  211. Marine Released
  212. Man stopped on solo mission to kill bin Laden
  213. Report: 90% of youth in Philly cannot serve
  214. Royal Logistics Corps
  215. This took me by surprise
  216. Sangin
  217. aa
  218. Turkey builds up its muscle
  219. Special forces win hearts and minds
  220. British Forget how to do their Math, claim "Death Rates 4X Higher"
  221. Suppert our troops; Britians P.M.
  222. We must Root out these people
  223. Zac Brown Band USO tour Docu
  224. In a Nutshell Boys. UK AFGHAN WAR
  225. They lost 68 in this tour
  226. Germany, 2 bases close 1450 to leave
  227. Germany to streamline international military missions
  228. McCrystal Sacked - What if?
  229. Relief Greets Obama's Pick of Petraeus
  230. The Navy and Marine Corps Term "Bravo Zulu"s Meaning
  231. Petraeus can adjust war plan, tactics
  232. Soldier Loses Home While Deployed
  233. Ex-GI rebuilds life after taking war spoils
  234. Vet, facing deportation, says Army let him down
  235. USS Wasp LHD-1 in Halifax Canada For Centennial, with 30 ships from other Navys.
  236. Soldiers train-up for sniper school
  237. Outback Steakhouse Donates $1 Million for Troops
  238. Alleged faker makes first court appearance
  239. Marine accused in Iraqi war crimes is back on duty
  240. List of cuts U.S. lawmakers wants to make in defense including 2 Carriers
  241. Army let's McChrystal retire with 4 stars
  242. Texas Revokes Late Senator’s Hero Status
  243. Russia to Deliver Armored Vehicles to West Bank
  244. Finns Training Somali Troops in Uganda
  245. VA may have infected vet's with HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C
  246. Lawyer Accused of Stealing $2M From Vets
  247. Iran Moves Radar To Syria to give early warning of Israeli attack
  248. To the warfighter on July 4th
  249. happy 4th and god bless our troops
  250. Military benefits target in cost-cutting talks