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  1. F-22s in Spending Bill May Spur White House Veto
  2. MoD Allows Purchase of Foreign Armored Vehicles
  3. India to build 7 stealth frigates worth 9 billion
  4. Weapons you have used in country
  5. Lawmaker: Time to put Osprey out of its misery
  6. Yuma's VMA-211 first to fire missile from Harrier
  7. WW2 Poison Darts Revealed
  8. Frigate hosts latest trials for unmanned helo
  9. New M320 Grenade launcher
  10. AF missile test a success
  11. Warships to get remote-controlled deck guns
  12. Israel attempts to stop S-300 air defense supplies to Iran
  13. Russia may export up to 40 diesel submarines by 2015
  14. Afghan Air Corps Returns Mi-35 Helicopters to Flight
  15. Cost of U.K. Carriers Reported To Jump 25%
  16. Fleets turn to small ships for new conflicts
  17. Oshkosh to make new M-ATV, Pentagon says
  18. Commercial touts armed unmanned aircraft
  19. Turkey to buy German U-Boats
  20. ‘Zulu’ Cobras get new targeting system
  21. 82nd receives 1st batch of M320s
  22. Abrams to get M1A3 upgrade
  23. Littoral Combat ship 2
  24. Program Aims for Unprecedented Surveillance Capability
  25. Japan considers new missile defense system
  26. Army revives old concept for modern mission
  27. New artillery system set for fielding
  28. 5 things about the F-35 for Marines
  29. New gun system for MV-22
  30. Army acquires rights to M4 new Rifle now possible
  31. Littoral Combat Ships
  32. "Smart Skin" Su-30MKI
  33. Fort Bragg Soldiers first to field new grenade launcher
  34. F-22 versus F-18G growler
  35. Israel buys first f-35 squadron
  36. Chile to push for chopper deal with Russia despite U.S. pressure
  37. Royal Navy begins new Carriers
  38. Marines to get new optics for M240B
  39. What for handguns use the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan
  40. Iraqi's ready to take Airstrike missions over from U.S.
  41. Research begins on new anti-ship missile
  42. More spy planes give U.S. ‘edge’ in Afghan mission
  43. Canada to upgrade LAV III's
  44. Canada to make new armoured vehicle
  45. Russia Successfully testa nuke missles from subs
  46. C-RAM Soldiers scan Basra skies for hostile rockets
  47. Israel Tests Anti-Rocket System
  48. Russian subs slip behind US radar, fire missiles
  49. Russia ICBM Test Fails Again: Ministry
  50. Stopping threats cold
  51. Russia: Missile Malfunctions Again
  52. Former F-35 worker sues Lockheed, alleges software lapses
  53. Soldier's to look thru walls by 2011
  54. Congress, White House Showdown On F-22
  55. New, safer U.K. vehicles arrrive in Afghanistan
  56. SA delivering target binoculars to US Special Forces
  57. UH-72A MEDEVAC for National Guard.(cool pic's)
  58. Soldiers praise new .50-cal machine gun
  59. Money for Super Cobras in jeopardy
  60. Info on USMC replacement SAW
  61. House panel adds two ships to Navy budget
  62. Crack found in hull of submarine Toledo
  63. First Aussie Super Hornet Takes to the Air to replace F-111's
  64. NetFires Tests NLOS-LS Pam Missile on Moving Targets
  65. S. Korea to Develop Radar With Israel
  66. HMS Daring Royal Navy's newest and most advanced warship
  67. Special Forces get updated Land Warrior
  68. Eglin joint JSF training wing stands up Oct. 1
  69. Russia Launches 2nd Yasen Sub
  70. Russian missile with over 50% failure rate to continue
  71. New Improved body armor for Army troops weighs 3-6 pounds less
  72. Ship made of World trade center steel returns from trials
  73. New engineer Vehicle stands up to anti-tank mine
  74. France Launches Minehunting underwater UV
  75. Lockheed moves Navy’s JSF to test phase
  76. Ship named for MoH recipient to be christened
  77. GAO launches new investigation of EFV program
  78. Air Force Incinerates ground target using Laser
  79. Senate approves money for Hueys , Super Cobra's
  80. Rise of the robot warplanes U.K. MOD
  81. U.S.S. Hopper shoot's down missle during test
  82. Crew anti-IED device resposible for defeating IED's
  83. Secret Program to Field SEAL Plane
  84. New collapsible buttstocks for M-240B and M-249
  85. Marines Train With New Saber ITAS System
  86. Soviet Carrier Turns Into India's White Elephant
  87. Air Force requests 100 light-attack planes
  88. EA-6B retiring may cause lapse in jamming for ground forces
  89. Rep. Moves to Delay F-15 Drawdown
  90. Russian company develops heavy UAV for military use
  91. New French Artillery in Afghanistan
  92. Marines Train With New Saber ITAS System
  93. U.S. making huge bombs for North Korean or Iranian use should they be needed
  94. Jackal 2 makes its debut
  95. New CROWS II systems keeping soldiers safe
  96. Canada buy's new helo's
  97. Israeli tanks get anti- missle defense
  98. 10-ton cannon airdropped over Afghanistan
  99. Russia To Counter Space-Based Missile Systems
  100. Ground robots pass 1st test
  101. New U.K. Vehicle heading to Afghanistan
  102. Marine Commandant resists adopting collapsible M16 stock
  103. New reduced-signature Predator C avoids advanced air defenses
  104. Weapons cuts to pay for Army troop increase
  105. Enlisted sailors to fly Fire Scout
  106. Zumwalt-class destroyers main gun to fire over 63 miles
  107. Marines considering new 5.56 round
  108. RAF officer responds to criticism Helo's not being used
  109. New anti-personal tank round stops in the air and explodes into six charges
  110. F-35B marks another first
  111. Air Force to purchase more UAV's then manned aircraft in 2010
  112. Marines Struggle on High-Profile Programs
  113. New M1A3 Tank to be fielded, new ammo to be fired
  114. Task Force Puts U.S. Airship Program on Fast Track
  115. Crash highlights intense Night Stalker training
  116. USS New York with 71/2 tons of steel from the Twin Towers joins fleet
  117. Wars shape plans for new combat vehicles
  118. Female soldiers will be using the Tavor rifle for the first time
  119. Canada's LAV's to provide better IED protection
  120. Canada's UAV's achieve operational capability in Afganistan
  121. Spy planes diverted to Afghanistan war
  122. New Army helmet to replace kevlar with plastic can stop rifle rounds
  123. Corps to begin X-ray scanning all body armor
  124. Navy takes delivery of destroyer Dewey
  125. Corps to open competition for cargo-carrying UAVs
  126. DARPA seeks new jamming technology
  127. Next Generation UAV's, other DARPA projects
  128. New B-52 squadron to be activated at Minot
  129. S. Korea To Develop Airburst Machine Gun
  130. Missile Defense Moves from Testing to Fielding
  131. MOD Testing the latest armoured vehicles for Afghanistan
  132. Predator C would launch operate from carriers
  133. IDF UAV to Evacuate Injured During Combat
  134. Tube-launched UAVs could be in air in 2010
  135. Army boosts buy of new night-vision goggle
  136. Gates backs veto threat over JSF engine
  137. Corps researching new, lighter combat gear
  138. Strike Eagles Surpass 8,000 Combat Hours
  139. China to Unveil New Missiles At National Day Parade
  140. Iraq wants fighter Jets
  141. New bipod tested for shooting stability
  142. HMS Ark Royal returns to the fleet after a seven-month upgrade
  143. Royal Navy’s Most Powerful Warship joins the fleet
  144. Eye scan nabbed 400 High Value targets-snipers, bomb makers, insurgent leaders
  145. New MRAP All Terrain Vehicle to be in Afghanistan next month
  146. RAAF to begin using Heron in Afghanistan
  147. Marines prepare to take UH-1Y Yankess to Afghanistan
  148. Brits to get new targeting systems in Afghanistan
  149. New Israeli Mortar Shell to Be Used by US Military
  150. Soldiers testing unmanned vehicles, sensors at Bliss
  151. Marines Scale Back Vests in Afghan Fight
  152. Taliban is Pissed about Predators
  153. New infantry carrier vehicle in works for U.S.
  154. 33rd Fighter Wing says goodbye to last F-15
  155. C-5M get's world flight records at Dover
  156. New UH-1Ys get ready for tour in Afghanistan
  157. New camo to be tested in Afghanistan
  158. Pentagon Plans Patriot Missile Sale to Turkey
  159. Gates Gives Tanker Decision Back to USAF
  160. Row over Tory plans to axe £30bn defence projects
  161. Lynx Flies With New, More Powerful Engines
  162. U.K. to get's new Destroyer fleet, plus support
  163. Obama scraps Bush European missile defense plan
  164. Marines Take Next Step in Battlefield
  165. Army to Field New Uniforms for Afghanistan
  166. NATO chief proposes U.S.-Russia missile link
  167. Corps to reveal SAW replacement in October
  168. F-35C to be ready sooner then expected
  169. Move comes as Obama cancels land-based plans
  170. Navy repostions ships to take over missile defence
  171. V-22 Osprey may take on Carrier role for Navy
  172. Armed Tankers in Afghanistan by November
  173. Obama may Order Cuts in US Nuke Arsenal
  174. Officials ponder adding drones, not troops
  175. Groin armour 'would help British troops to survive'
  176. U.K. deploys surveillance helo's to Helmand for the first time
  177. U.K. send new improved body armour to Afghanistan
  178. New Army tank could mean changes for Corps’ M1A1 fleet
  179. C-5 flight sets 41 records
  180. New GPS guided 120mm Mortar round
  181. Royal Marines praise the designers of the Jackal
  182. Britain To Upgrade Chinooks in Afghanistan
  183. Women should serve on subs
  184. The ‘GI’ helmet that will help our troops to shoot straighter
  185. Army looking into lighter Abrams tank
  186. SOCom reportedly wins budget battle
  187. Small, Low-Signature, $5,000 Guided Missile Tested
  188. Army Focuses on Electronic Warfare
  189. Obama's nuclear-free fantasy
  190. Lightweight plate carriers due in early 2010
  191. Navy plans for a Continent Defense Mission
  192. Artillerymen return to core duties in Afghanistan
  193. B-1B crew stops base from being overrun
  194. First M-ATVs Deploy to Afghanistan
  195. Israel get's 2 new subs, may be used In attack on Iran
  196. Night Stalker hangar dedicated in honor of fallen Soldier
  197. Army adding 2 Stryker BCTs, losing 2 HBCTs
  198. Iraqi Air Force Assumes Control of C-130 Operations
  199. Merlins prepare to get hot and high in Afghanistan
  200. 120 Soldiers earn Green Berets
  201. Senate Rebuffs Obama, McCain on C-17s
  202. The blimp is back
  203. U.S. troops learn how to use RPGs
  204. Poland, Czech Republic May Get Roles in Missile Defense
  205. Test of laser from C-130H melts hood of car
  206. Growler Squadron 'Safe for Flight'
  207. Army knew ACU pattern was worst choice
  208. 171 helos needed for search and rescue, study says
  209. 5 inch "shot gun round " deployed on Navy ships to stop small boats
  210. ‘The Bone’ proves its worth
  211. Tanks out, Strykers in
  212. Plans in Works for Larger, Stronger Bradley
  213. Canadian choppers get workout in Afghanistan
  214. FNH upgrades SAW
  215. Target Iran? MOP Bomb Fast-tracked
  216. Army Pushes Precision Mortar
  217. 2 large infantry support robot vehicles on way to Afghanistan
  218. MRAPs: More blast protection, more concussions
  219. RAF 'Would Have Lost The Battle of Britain'
  220. UAV"s proving thier worth in wars
  221. New Missile Plan Would Link Allies' Radar, Other Systems
  222. New options displayed for Humvee cockpit
  223. New Machine Gun for U.S. troops in Afghanistan
  224. Guard retires UH-1 Huey after 50 years of service
  225. Saudis consider Russian air defense system so Iran won't get it
  226. France Closer To Buying U.S. Javelin Missile
  227. Contract finally issued For Armor Plate Carriers
  228. Ospreys tapped for Afghanistan
  229. 9 tools that could make you deadlier, faster, smarter
  230. More airplanes are flying today than at the start of the wars , a large feat
  231. In deadly ’08 Afghan battle, U.S. weapons failed
  232. Aegis pioneer honored at commissioning of DDG
  233. Lynx squadron recognised for efficiency in Afghanistan
  234. U-2's Still providing intel after more then 50 years
  235. The EA-18G ,behind the scenes
  236. Army orders more Strykers, M-ATV's
  237. Clinton: Pakistan's nukes under control
  238. ATV MRAPs are tested in Afghanistan
  239. Production of 15-ton bunker buster sped up
  240. Jackals Afghan Bound
  241. Navy Ship Built With WTC Steel Sails for NY
  242. Navy says Freedom will deploy 2 years early
  243. Russia To Adopt 1st Strike Nuke Policy: Official
  244. HMS Ocean Hosts Army's Apache Helicopters
  245. Luke AFB in running for the new F-35 home
  246. Lockheed Martin F-35 Successful In First Probe-And-Drogue Aerial Refueling
  247. C-130 laser successfully hits moving target
  248. Army 'Excited' About New Subcompact Gun
  249. AF Dedicates C-130 to Army's 82nd
  250. MoD Accused Of Risky Arms-Buying Spree