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  1. Basrah SWAT arrests suspected terrorist in southern Iraq
  2. U.S.: Al-Qaida activity drops in Iraq
  3. Ugandan Soldiers Graduate from Counter Terrorism Course
  4. Portuguese Navy thwarts pirate attack
  5. Pakistan wants U.S. to end Missile attacks
  6. U.S. SouthCom Warns of Iranian Influence
  7. McChrystal: New view of Afghan war needed
  8. Talibans True side
  9. Police: Man said he would blow up Army display
  10. Iran accused of supporting terror in Iraq (again)
  11. Russian troops prepare for anti-terror drills with China
  12. Training the 'Daughters of Iraq'
  13. Bahrain Says Two Targeted US Ships
  14. Forces Capture Suspected Senior Terrorist, Others in Iraq
  15. 16 killed in Pakistan Drone Strike
  16. Pakistani Jets Kill 12 Militants After U.S. Strikes
  17. Detainee Prefers Gitmo to Homeland
  18. France to help Pakistan
  19. Afghan bomb kills 25, including schoolchildren
  20. Americans Release Iranian Detainees to Iraq
  21. Forces Detain Insurgents, Seize Weapons
  22. U.S. drone suspected of killing 5 militants in Pakistan
  23. Wanted Iraqi Terrorist Apprehended
  24. Coalition, Afghan Troops Raid Terrorist Compounds
  25. Iranian-backed militia arrested in death of 3 G.I.'s
  26. Al Qaeda 'Jihad' Call condemed by Muslims
  27. India and Pakistan Agree to Fight Terror Together
  28. German Forces take part in large offensive against Taliban
  29. German Tanks Roll in Afghan Offensive
  30. India expects Pakistan to fight all terrorists with 'same force'
  31. 200 boys being trained for suicide bombing recovered
  32. U.S. stops publicizing Taliban body count
  33. U.S. citizen charged plotting "violent jihad
  34. Insurgents attempting to finance their operations rob 7 million dollars.
  35. Nigerian troops kill 100 Islamic militants
  36. Officials: Al-Qaida forces in Pakistan battered
  37. Suspected Terrorist Commander arrested
  38. Iraqi girl gets 7½ years for bombing attempt
  39. Taliban chief is dead in missle strike
  40. German Suspect Admits Targeting US Troops
  41. Pakistan Taliban appear in disarray, Al-Qaida may Influence Taliban Succession
  42. al-Qaida-linked group Targeted U.S. base
  43. Kuwait terror suspects also involved in attack on Marines
  44. Blasts kill 14, including kids, in Afghanistan
  45. U.S., Pakistani develop counter-insurgency plans
  46. Captured crews overpower pirates kill at least 2
  47. Leader of al-Qaida-Inspired Group Dies
  48. Suicide truck bomb kills at least 20 in Russia
  49. Bomb explodes in Pakistan, triggering riots
  50. Taliban's top spokesman captured in Pakistan confirms leaders death
  51. 70 months in prison for terror plot defendant
  52. Police stormed bank in Kabul killed three insurgents
  53. AQI emerges as main suspect in Iraq bombings
  54. U.S. missile strike in Pakistan kills 12
  55. Detainees possibly shown photos of CIA agents
  56. Taliban Cut Off Fingers of Two Voters
  57. Attackers paid $10,000 to pass checkpoints to commit bombings
  58. New unit to interrogate terror detainees
  59. Pakistani Taliban admit Mehsud killed by US strike
  60. Judge: Lawyers Can't see CIA Prisons
  61. Drone attack in northwestern Pakistan kills 6
  62. Iraq al Qaeda militant says Syria trained him
  63. Afghan Intel Deputy Killed by suicide blast
  64. USA Corps Of Engineers School Project
  65. 25th ID "goes back to school"
  66. Chechen forces kill Moscow-bound suicide bomber suspects
  67. New Pakistan offensive in Khyber kill 33 Taliban on Sunday,153 since begining
  68. More Marines for Afghanistan ?
  69. Suspected US missile kills 5 in Pakistan
  70. Trio guilty of plotting Britain's 9/11
  71. Terrorists shift focus to soft targets
  72. Pirate-plagued Somalia trains 500 navy recruits
  73. Suspected IED at RAF Lyneham - False Alarm
  74. Nerve centre of search for bin Laden at Creech Air Force base outside Las Vegas
  75. British Army defuses massive bomb in Northern Ireland
  76. DoD lawyer hedges on closing Gitmo by January
  77. Waning war interest frustrates wounded troops
  78. Yemen:4 men with explosives caught near US embassy
  79. Pakistan arrests Swat Taliban leaders
  80. Al Qaeda 'determined' foe despite losses
  81. Task Force Born on 9/11 Still Guards New York
  82. List of Al queda leaders-Dead and Alive
  83. Air Ready School Supplies for Iraqi Kids
  84. U.S. SOF Kills Top Al Qaeda Leader in Southern Somalia Raid
  85. Bottle bombers are caged for life
  86. Ex-Gitmo detainee arrested on terror ties
  87. 2 top Hamas terror leaders arrested
  88. US Commandos in Covert Ops Worldwide
  89. FBI searches home of Colorado man in terror probe
  90. Four killed in Indonesian anti-terror raid
  91. Al Qaida leaders killed in U.S. strikes in Pakistan
  92. Al Qaeda plot to attack Dubai uncovered
  93. Targeted deaths curb al-Qaida's expansion
  94. Terrorist suspects charged formally for lying to Fed's
  95. Al-Qaida Posts Video, Threatens Germany
  96. Captured Pakistan Taliban commander dies in jail
  97. Somali crowds vow allegiance to bin Laden
  98. Is terrorist suspect maybe part of larger cell
  99. Invite Russia To The War
  100. US eyes more drone hits on terror havens
  101. Al-Qaida-linked inmates bust out of Iraq prison
  102. Al-Qaeda group threatened U.S.'s S.Africa embassy: report
  103. Indictment against Najibullah Zazi for conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction
  104. Suspected U.S. UAV strike kills 12 in Pakistan
  105. Feds Say Suspects Targeted Marines
  106. Bin Laden Warns Europe of Retaliation
  107. Forces Detain Insurgents, Seize Weapons in Iraq
  108. Navy ships lessen pirate attacks in Gulf of Aden
  109. Zazi "buys unusally large quantities" of hydrogen peroxide
  110. Zazi pleads not guilty to terrorist charges.
  111. Teamwork Against Terrorism
  112. Warships save vessels as Somali pirates persist
  113. US Strike Kills Six Militants in Pakistan
  114. Hezbollah Terrorist Financier, Others arrested in Iraq
  115. A Showdown In Waziristan Tackling a Taliban Haven With Guns and Money
  116. Terror suspect convicted in Austrian-Canadian plot
  117. Inside the SOF Somalia raid
  118. VBIED cell leader, ISI leader Arrested
  119. Somali pirates attack French navy ship
  120. Turkey Extends Mandate for PKK Raids in Iraq
  121. Canadians getting info by living with locals
  122. Shooting Attributed To Real IRA
  123. 2 Suspected militants shot dead in Indonesian raid
  124. CERN Physicist Arrested on Terror Link
  125. Pakistan vows offensive after bomb kills 49
  126. Gunmen hold up to 15 hostages in Pakistan army HQ
  127. French soldiers fire on pirates in Indian Ocean
  128. Captured insurgent in Iraq: `I will fight again'
  129. Bomb attack on Italian barracks
  130. US kills 'senior Baghdad bomber'
  131. Helicopter raid net's most wanted's aide in Iraq
  132. Shootout kills 2 al-Qaida members, 1 Saudi soldier
  133. Islamist fighters switch to Somali gov't side
  134. Al-Qaida's Afghan Head Contacted Zazi
  135. Gunmen, bombs hit 5 sites in Pakistan, 39 die
  136. Little-known Egyptian is key al-Qaida figure
  137. House Votes to Allow Gitmo Prisoners Into U.S. for Trial
  138. Forces in Afghanistan Kill, Detain Militants
  139. Iraqi SWAT arrests 2006 sniper suspect
  140. An Offensive Against the Taliban Under Pressure, Pakistani Army Pushes into South Waz
  141. Troop terror plot defendant says he was framed
  142. Alleged U.S. missile kills 3 in Pakistan
  143. Terror suspect appears defiant in Mass. court
  144. Police: 6 al-Qaida suspects arrested in Iraq
  145. Barracks Rocked By Explosion in North Belfast
  146. US drones protecting ships from Somali pirates
  147. Bomb hits outside suspected Pakistani nuclear-weapons site
  148. Rights group turns down offer to visit Gitmo
  149. Al Qaida in Iraq claims attacks against Iraqi government
  150. French vessel exchanges fire with Somali pirates
  151. 12 dead as gunmen target U.N. staff in Kabul
  152. Feds: Leader of radical Islam group killed in raid
  153. Passports linked to 9/11 found along Afghan border
  154. Al-Qaida agent sentenced to 8 years in prison
  155. Obama revives military trials at Guantanamo
  156. Police: Dozens dead in Pakistan explosion
  157. Officials: Alleged U.S. missiles kill 2 in Pakistan
  158. Israel:Seized Weapons would let Hezbollah fight a month
  159. New IDF Radar System to Improve Missile Detection
  160. New York Subway Terror Attack Foiled
  161. Somali Pirates Extend Attack Range
  162. Israel Stops another Ship Carrying Weapons for Hezbollah
  163. Deadly blast hits Pakistani town
  164. Pirate risk forges unlikely high seas alliances
  165. Soldiers Work to Sway Afghan Youth From Violence
  166. French Navy Storms Pirate Ship, Arrests 12
  167. Task Force to Focus on Afghan Roadside Bomb Threat
  168. Iraqi Police Make Strides Toward Independence
  169. Maersk Alabama repels 2nd pirate attack with guns
  170. Sweden expels Finnish citizen on suspicion of terrorist connections
  171. Suspected U.S. drone kills 4 in Pakistan
  172. FBI: Terror plot suspects had ties to Pakistan
  173. Iraq sentences militia leader to death
  174. M/V Maersk Alabama Captain Receives Valor Award
  175. 400lb car bomb goes off outside Northern Ireland's Policing Board
  176. Lawyer: 9/11 defendants want platform for views
  177. "Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan"
  178. Iraqis Kill Bomb Cell Member, Detain 6 Others
  179. Specialty unit trades bullets for stealth
  180. Wheelchairs change disabled Iraqis' lives
  181. Eastern Syria Becoming an al Qaeda Haven
  182. U.S. aids Philippines in battle against IEDs, al-Qaida-style warfare
  183. Pakistani army officer arrested for alleged link to U.S. terror plot
  184. Marines train with Israeli Special Forces
  185. Saudi Arabia 'clears' key area of Yemeni rebels
  186. Somali pirates hijack oil tanker going to US
  187. Iraqi Special Operations Forces arrest suspected al-Qaeda terrorists
  188. 14 dead after suicide bomber attack in Somalia
  189. Iraqi Police Arrest 8 Terror Suspects
  190. Taliban detainee 'met Bin Laden this year'
  191. In Afghan town cited as a success, still a long road ahead
  192. Suicide attackers kill 36 at Pakistan mosque
  193. The Get-Out-Of-Jail Card
  194. Chicago Man Charged in Mumbai Terror Attacks
  195. Combined Forces Arrest terror Suspects in Iraq
  196. Program Rewards Afghans in Anti-IED Effort
  197. Greek-owned cargo ship to be freed in Somalia
  198. Briton guilty of plotting 'deadly terror attack'
  199. new york times -trys starting a scandel -about blackwater
  200. Afghan Insurgency More Pervasive, Mullen Says
  201. Security Forces in Baghdad Crack Down on al-Qaida
  202. Yemen 'foils al-Qaeda plot' killing 34
  203. U.S. provided firepower and other aid to Yemen
  204. Pakistan court orders men's ears, noses hacked off
  205. Afghan District Governor Hails Rebuilding Projects
  206. Western counter-terrorism help 'not enough for Yemen'
  207. Pirates Seize UK-Flagged Tanker
  208. The U.S. and Yemen look for Targets
  209. Britain, US to fund Yemen anti-terror police unit
  210. Yemen sends more troops to al-Qaida strongholds
  211. Counterterrorism official: No troops to Yemen
  212. U.S. Army Africa Focuses on Long-term Threat Reduction
  213. Heathrow to use full-body scanners
  214. Soldiers Bring Electronic Banking to Iraq
  215. Yemen’s president open to dialogue with al-Qaida
  216. Dairy Centers Debut in Afghan Province
  217. Operation Targets Explosives Operator in Afghanistan
  218. Poultry Plant Reopens Near Baghdad
  219. Taliban refuse to prove leader survived strike
  220. Pakistan blast kills US soldiers
  221. Terrorizing Terrorists
  222. Egypt arrests 3 top Muslim Brotherhood leaders
  223. Somali forces 'kill al-Qaeda man'
  224. Philippines Update
  225. FARC Goes Global
  226. Medical Teams Render Aid After Afghanistan Avalanches
  227. TSA to Clear 10,000 Workers for Access to Classified Intelligence
  228. Military medics try to keep Afghan boy alive
  229. 3 men charged in Miami with financing Hezbollah
  230. Iraqis Detain Weapons Dealer, Bomb Maker
  231. Filipino militant's killing cripples Abu Sayyaf
  232. Reports: Another Taliban leader caught in Pakistan
  233. U.S., Philippine Troops Fight Insurgent Bomb Threat
  234. Najibullah Zazi Update (NYC subway bombing plot case)
  235. Somalia update
  236. Navy holding 8 suspected pirates
  237. Iraqis Arrest 3 Terrorism Suspects
  238. Iraqis Arrest 9 Terrorism Suspects
  239. US hunts for citizens training with terror groups
  240. Afghan militants battle Taliban, defect to gov't
  241. Was Gadahn Captured??? let's hope so.
  242. Coalition Troops Capture Militant Commanders
  243. Pennsylvania Woman Charged With Recruiting Violent Jihadist Fighters
  244. US Customs: Mexican cartels corrupt border agents
  245. Jihad Jane's Boyfriend
  246. Jihad Janes Friend
  247. Iraqi Police Arrest 5 Suspected Terrorists
  248. Police commandos deployed at 100 sensitive places in Karachi
  249. Corpsman Helps Marja’s Elderly
  250. Thugs Will Be Thugs