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  1. on this day in WW2
  2. On this day in the Korean war
  3. On this day in the Vietnam war
  4. on this day in WW2 june 25th
  5. On this day in the Korean war june 25th
  6. On this day in the Vietnam war june 25th
  7. on this day in WW2 june 26th
  8. On this day in the Korean war june 26th
  9. On this day in the Vietnam war june 26th
  10. News from Afghanistan
  11. News from Iraq
  12. Pentagon Economic Wargame Study
  13. On this day in the Vietnam war june 27th
  14. on this day in WW2 june 27th
  15. On this day in the Korean war june 27th
  16. on this day in WW2 june 28th
  17. On this day in the Korean war june 28th
  18. On this day in the Vietnam war june 28th
  19. on this day in WW2 june 28th
  20. on this day in WW2 june 29th
  21. On this day in the Korean war june 29th
  22. On this day in the Vietnam war June 29th
  23. Iraqis rejoice as U.S. troops leave Baghdad
  24. on this day in WW2 june 30th
  25. On this day in the Korean war june 30th
  26. On this day in the Vietnam war June 30
  27. On this day in WW2 July 1st
  28. On this day in the Korean war July 1st
  29. On this day in the Vietnam war July 1st
  30. No more Troops to Afghanistan
  31. US Launches Major Afghan Operation
  32. On this day in ww2 July 2
  33. On this day in the Korean war July 2nd
  34. On this day in the Vietnam war July 2nd
  35. American soldier captured in Afghanistan
  36. Update:Marines launch major offensive in Afghanistan
  37. Battle that changed air strike rules
  38. On this day in WW2 July 3rd
  39. On this day in the Korean war July 3rd
  40. On this day in the Vietnam war July 3rd
  41. On this day in WW2 July 4th
  42. On this day in the Korean war July 4th
  43. On this day in the Vietnam war July 4th
  44. Petraeus acknowledges persistence of Taliban
  45. Marines Seek to Cut Taliban Supplies
  46. On this day in WW2 July 5th
  47. On this day in the Korean war July 5th
  48. On this day in the Vietnam war July 5th
  49. Why Obama's Afghan War is Different
  50. 16 deminers kidnapped in Afghanistan
  51. U.S. Won't stand in Israel's way on Iran
  52. Some Iraqi's find fortune from American projects
  53. 2 U.S. soldiers killed in Taliban Attack (not in Helmand)
  54. on this Date in WW2 July 6th
  55. Om this day in the Korean war July 6th
  56. On this day in the Vietnam War July 6th
  57. 7 U.S. troops killed as Afghan ops intensify
  58. 2/8 Marine dies in Afghanistan
  59. China's Unrest With Muslims
  60. 11 NATO troops killed in 2 days in Afghanistan
  61. Marines push militants out of Taliban region
  62. Exclusive: Robert McNamara deceived LBJ on Gulf of Tonkin, documents show
  63. Bombing kills 25 in Afghanistan
  64. As Death Toll Rises, Marines Stay Focused in Afghanistan
  65. America Searches for Means of Influence in Iraq
  66. MarSOC sergeant dies in Afghanistan
  67. 2nd MEB makes gains, expects more fighting
  68. 50% of Russian jet's downd by freindly fire in Georgian war newspaper claims
  69. 19 die in battle with coalition, Afghan forces
  70. Black Watch-Operation Tora Arwa
  71. Obama orders review of alleged slayings of Taliban in Bush era
  72. Crooked Afghan police challenge Marines
  73. 140 more British troops to go to Afghanistan
  74. No bombs over Iraq in June
  75. Next Iraq, Afghanistan rotations announced
  76. Obama hopes for new Afghan phase after election
  77. Iraq Bars US Troops From Baghdad
  78. F-15Es hit enemy positions
  79. Israel soldiers speak out on Gaza
  80. Taliban threatens to kill captured U.S. soldier
  81. Marines want more Afghan help to hold Helmand
  82. U.S. Strike Kills 5 Civilians, Afghans Say
  83. F-16s support warfighters
  84. F-15E down in Afghanistan; 2 crew dead
  85. U.S. soldier captured by Taliban: 'I'm afraid'
  86. American Marine Is Killed in Western Iraq
  87. 3 U.S. Soldiers Die in Attack at a Base in Southern Iraq
  88. Taliban insurgent commander killed by australian special forces
  89. Pakistan Objects to U.S. Plan for Afghan War
  90. Sources: U.S. debating payoffs to poppy growers
  91. Long Island Man Charged in Attack on U.S. Base in Afghanistan
  92. Marines conduct raid on Lakari Bazaar, face enemy
  93. B-1B Lancers Near Sangin provide Air Support
  94. Afghanistan--Something is Happening Down There
  95. Iraqi PM leaves door open to longer U.S. stay
  96. Life at FOB Baylough Afghanistan, plastic bags for latrines
  97. Militants storm Afghan city, target police, Brit Killed
  98. US commanders 'incompetent' over nine soldiers killed in Afghan battle of Wanat
  99. Iraqi PM says detaining U.S. soldiers was wrong move
  100. Deadly weekend for Marines in Afghanistan
  101. Britain claims success in Afghan operation
  102. Taliban Adopts a 'Code of Conduct'
  103. Gates: Some troops may be leaving Iraq early
  104. Afghans, NATO slam new Taliban code of conduct
  105. France Sends 3 Tiger Combat Helos to Afghanistan
  106. Life with the Brit's in Sangin
  107. Gen. may ask for more troops in Afghanistan
  108. F-16's,A-10's and F/A-18C provide support
  109. Taliban not following thier own rules
  110. 11 Light Brigade ready for Afghan deployment
  111. Remains of U.S. Pilot Missing 18 Years in Iraq Found
  112. GI to Get MoH for Valor in Afghanistan
  113. British Soldier from 2 MERCIAN shot in the face in Afghanistan
  114. Brit hero cheats death five times in a week
  115. Second soldier killed in Afghanistan identified
  116. Royal Gurkha Rifles train for Afghanistan
  117. Task force 82 captures 14 militants , bomb makers,snipers and emplacers
  118. New weight record set in airdrops
  119. U.K. Ends PANTHER"S CLAW in Helmand inflict heavy damage to Taliban
  120. Coast Guardsman Makes History
  121. Wife of Taliban chief killed by missile
  122. Private security contractors in Afghanistan
  123. Afghan Insurgent Training Camp Destroyed
  124. Report: Israel planned to strike Iran during riots
  125. Venezuela Still Aids Colombia Rebels, New Material Shows
  126. Taliban awaits response on captured soldier
  127. Airstrikes killing fewer Afghan civilians
  128. Fierce fighting-Marines attack DAHANEH Taliban strong hold
  129. Afghan pilots ready to fly missions
  130. Poland deploying more troops may buy Israeli UAV
  131. Taliban using civilians as bait in Dahaneh
  132. Army dog catches IED maker, Handler saves soldier
  133. israeli soldier kidnapped?
  134. Three UK soldiers die in Helmand
  135. Gates predicts years more of Afghan combat
  136. Air Force to adopt irregular warfare against Taliban
  137. Task Force Spartan nabs Bomb makers in Afghanistan
  138. WWII ‘pickets’ paid heavy price to Kamikazes
  139. losses in ww2,sad but true
  140. Taliban threatens polling stations in Afghanistan
  141. Afghan pilots flying MI-35,Mi-17 and will get C-27's
  142. UK Mil: # Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan. Deaths now at 204.
  143. Ft Campbell finally welcomes home Vietnam vets
  144. Taliban factions fighting after death of militant leader
  145. Iranian-made rockets seized by Iraqi forces
  146. Land warrior now in use in Afghanistan with the 5th Stryker Brigade
  147. McCain wants more troops , White House is skeptical
  148. Two days of hell, nine men of valor
  149. Female Marines Winning Afghan Hearts
  150. Predators,A-10's,F-15Es,F/A-18E support ground forces
  151. 10th Mountain maintains law in a distant insurgent haven
  152. A-10' silence enemy in Afghanistan
  153. Canadian infantry and helicopters execute first air-mobile mission
  154. Public Opinion in U.S. Turns Against Afghan War
  155. 3-star frustrated by Iraqi training pace
  156. Iraq army apologises for security failings that led to bomb blasts
  157. Warplanes set record over Afghanistan
  158. F-15E's ,F/A-18E, F/A-18F destroy enemy
  159. Pakistan Taliban commander vows Afghan fight, Says Pres. Obama #1 enemy
  160. Afghan resident catches IED emplacer 3rd time in 5 days they have stopped emplacers
  161. USS Thach Protects Iraqi Infrastructure
  162. F-18's destroy rockets, Strike eagles take out enemy positions
  163. U.S. out of a job in Iraq
  164. Record number of Close Air support missions flown
  165. British soldiers clear Helmand roads of IEDs
  166. Pure hell of the siege of Musa Qala
  167. Av-8B's , A10's destroy enemy postions
  168. DoD Steps up War Against Afghan IEDs
  169. A-10's, FA-18C's, F-15E's , MQ-9A,MQ-1B destroy enemy
  170. Taliban Commander Caught in Clinic Attack
  171. IED makers and facilitators targeted, cache recovered
  172. 11th ACR troop saves company surrounded by NVA battalion, finally get's award
  173. Marines: Afghanistan enemy deadly and cowardly
  174. F15E attack enemy rocket launch position in Afghanistan
  175. 2 Rifles had a mission: clear and hold Pharmacy Road.
  176. U.S. forces kill scores of Haqqani Network fighters in Afghanistan
  177. Canadians teaching Afghans to Fight
  178. Aussies kill insurgent commander,
  179. KIWI's capture Taliban leader
  180. Marine AV8B's strafe enemy, Super Hornets join in
  181. Pakistan forces kill 40 militants in Khyber raids
  182. Military helps eliminate opium in Afghanistan
  183. First MC-12Ws hit 300 combat missions in Iraq
  184. Afghan Swap: More Grunts, Fewer Clerks
  185. Hunting Taliban in Unexpected Ways
  186. F-16 Strfes enemy, JTAC calls in Super Hornets
  187. Badly injured Brit calls in A-10's, Apaches save commrades
  188. ASAF firing up Iraqi Firefighters
  189. 82nd, 3rd CAB extended in Afghanistan
  190. Wounded RAF corporal vows to return to Afghanistan
  191. US troops shocked by kit Brits have to use, praise them
  192. More fighting, fewer bombs dropped in Afghanistan
  193. MarSOC battalion to take joint command
  194. Australian Special Forces lead ANA in raiding major IED factory
  195. Australian SAS , Dutch commando's kill 300 Taliban
  196. Canadian officer was highest-ranking to die in combat
  197. One Hundred Days in Helmand
  198. Stryker units deploys to dangerous area in Afghanistan
  199. Clearance team ensures safe roads from Maysan to Basra
  200. A-10's, F-15E destroy postions
  201. Trapped in a Killing Zone
  202. British commandos free reporter in raid
  203. British bomb squad in Taliban ambush
  204. B-1B Lancer, F-16C, Destroy Enemy Postions
  205. Marines killed in ambush denied fire support
  206. Welsh Guards transform the 'badlands' of Afghanistan
  207. Wounded medic Sally Clarke stayed to treat injured soldiers in Afghan ambush
  208. As Taliban Threat to Hostages Grew, British Moved In
  209. Yemen launches fresh assault on Shiite rebels
  210. Pakistan envoy: No regrets over Taliban death
  211. More firefight's in Afghanisatan Less Air support
  212. 4 Weeks before Marines were refused Air Support, Army was denied Arty.
  213. Convoy fights thru 9 hour ambush in Afghanistan
  214. Taliban Faces Recruitment Shortage...US and Allies Face Ammo Surplus as a result.
  215. 50 Taliban killed after ambushing U.S. troops
  216. Afghan commandos' esprit de corps transcends tribe
  217. WW2 Dambusters history/ artifacts to go display
  218. Man killed after firing on U.S. helo in Iraq
  219. More ‘combat enablers’ Afghan-bound
  220. 4 killed in missile attack in Pakistan
  221. White House: No Bagram detainee court access
  222. A-10's destroy enemy in Kunduz
  223. Officials: Attack on Pakistan oil facility stopped
  224. Top U.S. adviser calls for more troops
  225. Female Marine Awarded Combat V
  226. F-15E destroys IED manufacturing facility
  227. US military closes largest detention camp in Iraq
  228. Al-Qaeda wants Taliban to kidnap more foreign civilians
  229. Iraqi Generals Say Their Soldiers Ready
  230. B-1B's Destroy rocket and Mortar postions
  231. F-15E's destroy sniper position
  232. Al Qaeda Operatives Arrested in Iraq
  233. Faster exit from Iraq ?
  234. Military Impatient With Afghan Strategy
  235. Afghan commandos making headway
  236. For the wounded, one last mission
  237. McChrystal: Bigger force a must for Afghan war
  238. Canadians on the "Western Front"
  239. Dirty war rages on Russia's doorstep
  240. Obama: Afghan troops decision can wait
  241. Wounded Paratrooper Returns to Fight vows to avenge IED attack and death of his iPod
  242. Raid on Afghans largest terrorist cell nets 2500 LBS of IED material
  243. F-15E's terminate enemy positions
  244. A-10's strafe positions, AV-8B and F15E Bomb positions
  245. Official: Al-Qaida ‘cannot sustain’ new Iraq attacks
  246. IED use growing rapidly in Afghanistan, New way's to defeat them
  247. Give us back-up or we lose war
  248. Marine Corps Mortars Shower IED Planters
  249. A Closer Look at Afghan Soldiers
  250. Wounded Warrior Diaries: Sergeant Motivates Himself to ‘Drive On’